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Episode 21 - Act 2 - Action!

QuotationM1 Get your costumes on, the play is going to start soon! But, before the curtains can go up, you need to complete the final preparations... Rehearsals, costume fittings, stage design... Will everything go smoothly? QuotationM2

Act 2 - Action! is the 21st episode of My Candy Love. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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The episode begins with ChiNoMimi breaking the fourth wall by explaining to you, the player, how you will have the option to go through the other plays after your first play through of this episode. For the first run through, however, you have to go through the play that was decided in Episode 20.

Still in the gym after the audition, your Candy waits anxiously to find out what part she got in the play. Boris explains to the class how they have a lot of work to do for the play before getting to announce who got which part for the play. Depending on which play was chosen in the last episode, the parts for the play will be different. The characters who get to be on stage don't change, however, and will have parts in every play even if they aren't main characters. Out of the girls, Kim, Peggy, and Li get chosen to play various side characters. As for the boys, their roles change considerably depending on which play is chosen. Certain plays allow each boy to be the main lead, where in the other plays they would be side characters.  In the play "Sleeping Beauty" Nathaniel is the prince while the other boys are side characters. In "Little Red Riding Hood" Castiel plays the wolf and Kentin plays the hunter while the other boys are side characters. In "Alice in Wonderland" Lysander plays the white rabbit and Armin plays the Mad Hatter. As for your Candy, she gets the part of her dreams: the main female lead!

In "Sleeping Beauty", Amber was chosen to play the princess, but due to her brother getting the role as prince, she complained about it. After a small debate, the role of princess was given to your Candy, leaving Amber to bitterly play a flower. In the other plays, she was automatically given the role of a flower.

With Rosalya and Alexy making the costumes and Iris and Violette making the backgrounds for the play, the countdown to the play is coming up fast. Many of the characters still seem unsure about the play, even though your Candy has a good feeling about it.

After talking to several of the boys, your Candy ends up in the middle of an argument between Amber and Nathaniel, where Amber is angry Nathaniel can't help her get the role in the play that she wanted. After Amber leaves, your Candy and Nathaniel go to get their measurements taken in the science room by Rosalya for the play costumes. Several other characters are also getting their measurements taken, some taking it better than others.

Before heading home, your Candy runs into Iris, whom feels she has forgotten something, but can't remember. Shrugging it off, the two part ways and your Candy arrives home. At home, your Candy announces her role as the main character in the play to her mother, who finds it sentimental. Her mother wonders how to make a costume for the play, and seems put off when told that Rosalya is making all the costumes. She then mentions how she'll take many pictures, which makes your Candy nervous.

The next day, back at school, your Candy is confused as to why several students are laughing. Turns out Iris did forget something: to put away some cans of paint, which ended up covering Amber. Nathaniel helps reassure a distraught Iris, who was worried she would get detention for her mistake. Amber's hair is now multicolored and she has to go to a specialist to have it removed.

When everyone goes to the gym, it's time to look at the script. Several of the script parts can be changed, but your Candy has to remember these changes. Once changes have been done to the script, your Candy leaves the school. She's met outside by Rosalya, who asks if she can help carry some fabric from Leigh's shop. Your Candy agrees and, on her way home, she sees Amber with a woman she doesn't recognize. Unsure of what to think, she goes home for the day.

With the promise to help Rosalya, your Candy starts the next day by helping deliver fabric from Leigh's shop to the science room. Once done, your Candy runs into Amber, and when asked about the woman she was with, reveals that it was her mother.

With the open house right around the corner, word gets out that Castiel's parents will be attending and it wasn't the principle who asked them to come; it was Nathaniel. Castiel is ready to beat up Nathaniel, but the fight is broken up by your Candy before it can escalate. After talking more with other students, it's finally time to see the sets. Iris and Violette show the class the sets they made, each different for every play. Things seem to be looking good, until your Candy finds out Rosalya went over the budget for the costumes. Now your Candy has to pay $400 for the costume, no matter which play was chosen.

The next day, it's time for the open house and play. Your Candy's parents praise the costume before setting off for school. At the school, your Candy runs into a wide variety of parents, most of whom she has never seen and doesn't know whose parents they are. Even Dakota and Nina show up for the open house. Most of the boys are nervous about their parents being at the school, though mainly Castiel and Nathaniel.

Soon, it's time for the play to begin. Each play will be different.

For "Sleeping Beauty", it starts off with your Candy finding out Armin dressed up Kiki to play the role of the dragon. Your Candy's not sure the principle would approve, but she lets it go. The class rehearses before the play begins. It starts off with the introduction scenes including where Maleficent places a spell on the baby and where the kings decide to marry off their children. With Charlotte as the narrator, it leads into the scene where your Candy is introduced as Aurora, the princess, who is celebrating her birthday. Nathaniel soon enters the scene, as well, playing the role of the prince. Nathaniel stutters through his lines, earning a laugh from Castiel. After a moment, it leads into a part where your Candy has to remember the lines she chose. The prince and princess part ways and your Candy returns to the home set. There waiting are Kim, Peggy, and Li, all of whom play the roles of the fairy godmothers. They reveal to the princess that she had to be hidden away, but now must return to her parents tonight. The princess is sad since she has fallen in love and fake cries, in which your Candy admits she's terrible at. As the four women arrive in front of the castle set to bring the princess home, they sneak in discreetly to avoid Maleficent. When the fairy godmothers go on ahead, not realizing Maleficent already knew of their arrival, the princess "pricks" her finger on a spindle by choice of what your Candy had decided on earlier. The princess "falls asleep" and remains this way while others act out their scenes. The battle scene between Armin, as Maleficent, and the prince is ready to occur, until Kiki wonders up on stage in his dragon costume. Kiki then runs away and Amber, in her flower costume, has to catch him because of Mrs. Shermansky. Once gone, Armin brings out the real dragon costume and continue their scene until the last scene. Your Candy lays down on a bed on stage and pretends to still be asleep. Nathaniel says his lines, and your Candy does the action of choice of what she had decided on earlier. Nathaniel puts his hat in front of your Candy and himself, and the two share a moment before the curtain closes. After a role call, Rosalya chews out Armin and Kentin for messing up before everyone changes out of their costumes.

For "Little Red Riding Hood", your Candy gets into her costume and goes to the locker room to check on the other girls. Melody reminds Peggy to take the cake they had baked for the play before everyone does a last minute practice. The play starts with Charlotte introducing the first scene, where Little Red Riding hood leaves her home to visit her grandmother. Peggy, playing the part of Little Red's mother, stops your Candy to give her the cake, but she can't remember where it is. Not being part of the script, both your Candy and Peggy get worried. Suddenly, Kiki runs out from the gym with the cake in his mouth, and Amber is forced to go catch the dog. Your Candy and Peggy, both unsure of what to do about the cake, ignore it and keep the show going normally. As Little Red goes on her journey, she meets up with a random woman played by Li who has lost her pot of honey. Your Candy has to remember one of the lines she chose earlier. Li explains how she lost the honey pot and Little Red agrees to go find it. In the forest, Little Red meets up with a rabbit, who is played by Nathaniel. The rabbit warns Little Red about a bad wolf who lurks in the woods, and your Candy must answer with one of the replies she picked earlier. The rabbit and Little Red part ways, and once off stage, Nathaniel sighs in relief that his part is over. Next, Little Red runs into a bear who is eating some honey, and is played by Armin. Little Red asks if the honey is his, and he says it is because all the honey in the forest is his. Little Red asks for the pot back, and the bear replies that he wants to take his time. Little Red then mentions that he should be careful since there's a bad wolf in the woods, and Armin laughs, finding the line lame. As the bear, he speaks of how the wolf wouldn't stand a chance against him and neither would the hunter. Little Red questions it, but gets no true answer and parts ways with the bear with the hope of getting the pot back later, once he's done eating. In the next scene, Little Red runs into the wolf, who is played by Castiel. The wolf engages in conversation with Little Red, and even mentions the rabbit being stupid to annoy Nathaniel. The wolf tells Little Red about a shortcut to her grandmother's house, and she happily takes his word for it. On her way through the shortcut, Little Red runs into a deer played by Lysander. The deer seems to be lost and confused. The deer explains how the wolf is nice and helped him, just as he had Little Red. Still forgetful, the deer and Little Red part ways. Your Candy then stays offstage while the scene where the wolf switches places with Little Red's grandmother occurs. With Charlotte narrating, your Candy gets back on stage as Little Red and arrives at her grandmother's house at last. She enters the house, and is met with the wolf posing as her grandmother. Castiel, now also dressed with some of the grandmother's clothes, is not amused and speaks less than what he is suppose to and in his normal voice instead of more feminine. After a little dialogue, your Candy has to remember another one of the lines she chose earlier. Once spoken, the finale of the play is at hand. Out of no where, Kentin leaps on stage as the hunter, although not when he was suppose to, and is ready to protect your Candy (if your Candy is closer to Kentin, they share a moment here). The wolf will mention how he already ate Little Red, in which he will reply that they need to open him up to get her out. The end needed to be improvised due to Kentin's intervention, but it works out and the play is successful. At the end, your Candy questions Kentin's actions, and he admits he felt uncomfortable with the idea of Castiel "attacking" her. After getting off stage (if your Candy is closer to Castiel), her and Castiel share a small moment together before Peggy interrupts them and they part ways to change out of their costumes.

For "Alice in Wonderland", it begins with your Candy going to the locker room to check up on the other girls, who have now changed into their costumes. Melody reminds Peggy to turn on the smoke machine when the time comes, and they rehearse their lines before the play starts. The play begins with Charlotte narrating how Alice and her sister are sitting under a tree reading a story. Kim, playing the role of Alice's sister, wonders if Alice is paying attention. Your Candy, who is playing Alice, replies how the story is boring, which causes her sister to leave. Once Kim leaves the set, Lysander is suppose to go on stage, but he doesn't appear immediately, which worries your Candy. Lysander, playing the March Hare, comes onto the stage late, and it's at this time your Candy has to speak one of the lines she chose earlier. Alice follows the rabbit, which causes her to "fall down a hole" and finds herself in an unusual room that has a very small door. Alice wonders how she'll get out of the room, and the door tells her she has to shrink to get through. Unsure how to do that, Alice is puzzled until she spots a bottle on the table and drinks it. The drink causes Alice to "become tiny" and the scene changes. The new scene is one that is has a mushroom decor and Alice finds them to be huge. Peggy, playing the caterpillar, mentions how they're normal size and it's Alice who is small. Alice asks the caterpillar how to get back to her normal size, but the smoke machine is making it difficult for both your Candy and Peggy to talk. Your Candy now has to remember another one of the lines she chose earlier. The smoke becomes even worse and even Amber, who is playing a flower, can't stand it. Since no one can see the stage due to the smoke, your Candy mentions to Peggy how they have to stop the smoke machine. Amber doesn't wait to hear anyone else's ideas; she kicks the machine and sends it flying across to the other side of the gym. Peggy then mentions if the principal makes them reimburse her for the damages machine, that Amber will be paying for it. The scene ends and leads into the next scene, where the caterpillar leaves and the Cheshire Cat appears, who is played by an unamused Castiel. The Cheshire Cat introduces himself and plays minds games with Alice. This leads into another answer that your Candy has to remember from earlier. After a few lines of banter, the scene ends with the Cheshire Cat leaving. Alice then meets up with the Mat Hatter and March Hare, who are played by Armin and Kentin, correspondingly. The Mad Hatter asks Alice if she wants to join them for tea and she explains how she followed the white rabbit down the hole. The March Hare wonders if she meant him, but he's brown and not white. The Mad Hatter then explains that they're celebrating Alice's un-birthday, which is just a reason to have a party 364 days of the year. Next, the Mad Hatter throws a cup at the March Hare, which makes the rabbit angry. For "ruining" Alice's un-birthday, they duo invite her to join them for some tea. If your Candy is closer to Armin, he will kiss your Candy's hand at this point. The scene finishes and leads into the scene where Alice meets the white rabbit she had been following. She asks the rabbit why he was running away, and he asks her about telling time. If your Candy is closer with Lysander, they will share a moment while he is showing your Candy his pocket watch. The white rabbit then tells Alice how he's very late and takes off, leaving Alice to go after him. Charlotte narrates how Alice learns she's in the Queen of Heart's garden and cards take Alice to the castle because she thinks Alice ruined her flowers. A small scene with Li, as the Queen of Hearts, and Nathaniel, as a guard, plays out before the court scene unfolds. The play ends with Alice's awakening, and the class takes a bow before the curtain falls. Nathaniel approaches your Candy and mentions how the play wasn't so bad and even Li found it to be fun. Armin comments how he liked throwing cups at Kentin before Melody tells everyone to change out of their costumes.

Everyone changes out of their costumes so that they can go see their parents for the next part of the event: the open house. Your Candy thinks about her parents and wonders something that most of the students wonder, as well.

"I wonder what they thought of the play..."

Quest Items

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Date Outfits

Screenshot 149
Screenshot 147
Screenshot 148
For Nathaniel For Castiel/Kentin For Lysander/Armin
Dollars $400 Dollars $400 Dollars $400

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Garden
• Gift: Rose Needle
Choose the "Sleeping Beauty" play
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Garden
• Gift: Basket
Choose the "Red Riding Hood" play
• Objective: TBA
• Found in: Garden
• Gift: Flamingo Cane
Choose the "Alice in Wonderland" play


Episode Exclusive Backgrounds

Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 21!

(Attention: it doesn’t provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1: A star is born

PART 2: A crazy day

PART 3: Three hours to play


Note: These titles were inspired by the following works:

A Star is born , Frank Pierson (1976)

Three hours to kill , Alfred L. Werker (1954)

P A R T 1: 

A star is born

In this episode, you can unlock five illustration. You can receive one illustration at a time depending on the play you chose and/or your LOM.

After long practices and almost missing the auditions thanks to your “best friend” Amber, you are about to discover the role you got in the play. Will you be Alice, Aurora, Little Red or just a plant in the scenery?

The episode begins with Chinomimi who explains that after you finish the episode once, you can choose to change plays for the next replay. It will cost you 100 AP to change plays, but you will be able to live a new story with new decorations, costumes, illustrations, etc…

Otherwise, you will pick up in the story exactly where you left off: Mr. Boris and Mr. Faraize are about to announce the distribution of the roles that should be quite… special. ;)

Once the roles are announced, you can finally leave the gym.

            Objective:  Talk to everyone about the distribution of the roles.

You have to talk with all your classmates. Once you have found them all, go to the student council room or a classroom to catch a conversation between Amber and her brother. At the end of your conversation, you will remember that you have to go see Rosalya to get your measurements taken for your costume. You decide to go with Nathaniel.

✔ Go see Rosalya to get your measurements taken.

On your way, you will meet Melody twice before unlocking the dialogue with Rosa in the Science room. You have the choice to refuse or accept that she joins you… In any case, she will go with you because Nathaniel invites her! Once you get your measurements taken, you can go home.


What will the costumes look like?

            Objective: Go home to tell your parents about the role you got!

Go to the courtyard, you will hear a noise coming from the hallway, but you don’t pay attention to it. Then you leave the school. Go to your room to complete the objective. The next day, you will automatically return to school.

            Objective:  Something happened! Return to the high school and talk to the students!

As you meet your classmates, they all seem to be laughing… Iris did something to Amber. You find amber and understand why.

Once you meet amber, you see that the objective isn’t yet validated. Don’t worry! Find Kenting so he can give you a new objective and validate your current one.

✔ Go to the Gym.

Head towards the gym. Once you get there, you will have the possibility to talk with several groups of people.

Lysander and Castiel

Armin, Kentin and Alexy

Kim, Violette and Peggy

Depending on your choice, you can discover new dialogues that depend on your affinity with the boys you talk to.

The play read-through soon begins. You suggest three changes to the script in each play. Mr. Faraize reminds you to write them down to avoid forgetting your lines on the day of the play! Once you finish the dialogue, you can leave the gym and unlock a new objective.

P A R T 2:

A crazy day

            Objective:  Look for Rosalya.

While leaving the gym, you automatically meet Melody and Capucine before leaving the school. Rosa catches up to you to ask you a favor: To help her go buy fabric for the play tomorrow. You can’t refuse.

✔ Go home to be well rested for tomorrow.

Go back home to have a good night’s rest. You wake up then go meet Rosa.

            Objective:  Find Rosalya at the Clothes Shop.

In front of the store, you will find Lysander, Alexy, Violette and Kim… They all gave into Rosa too, and agreed to carry the fabric with her to school!

✔ Bring the fabric to the school!

/!\ You can’t take the bus because you are carrying too many things. /!\

When you arrive at school, Rosa & Co. lose you. Nice… Well, you go in alone.

En route, you meet a boy that saves you from near catastrophe.

Then go to the Science room to give the fabric to your friend.

            Objective:  Finally, some rest! Take a walk around the school.

After you leave, you are intercepted by the Principal who asks you where Castiel is. It’s as if she was waiting for you… Well, the truth is… She wants to see him, and that doesn’t mean anything good for him.

            Objective: Try to find Castiel before the principal!

You find him in the courtyard… It’s too late. He is more than angry.

You learn the “terrible” news… What a day?!

            Objective:  Finish the day.

The week goes by and you start practicing the play. However, practicing isn’t always easy alone.

✔ Go practice your lines.

To do this, you just need to go back to the Gym to find everyone. After last week’s news, you see Nathaniel Castiel butting heads. You have the choice between defending rocker or the president. After their dispute, the practice is canceled and you can leave the gym.

            Objective:  Talk with the other students about the practices.

You talk with several of your friend before meeting Rosa, who doesn’t seem very well. She gives you a sewing kit (not visible in your inventory) and asks you to give it to Alexy.

Once you finish your day, the objective will be validated.

P A R T 3:

Three hours to play

            Objective:  Find out what Rosalya's problem is.

Find Alexy in the Science room and ask him about Rosa. He doesn’t tell you anything, unfortunately. You want to know more, and leave to look for her.

The day ends and the week goes by, and you don’t figure out what is up with Rosa…

At school, Mr. Faraize gives you the final schedule for the open house. After that, he suggest that you go visit the sets that Iris and Violette made.

            Objective:  Go see the sets!

While heading towards the gym, you decide that it may be a good idea to go with one of the boys.

You are playing this game to spend time with them, right?

You have to choice to go see the sets with Nathaniel, Castiel, Lysander, Armin or Kentin.

If you go to the gym without finding the boy of your choice, Iris appears and asks you when he will arrive.

/!\ The chance of seeing each boy is the same /!\

After you’ve seen the sets go to the courtyard to validate your objective.


More than 15 sets!

      Objective:  Join Rosalya in the Science Room.

On your way, you meet one or more students who seem to know what Rosa did. Some will be affected by it, and others not… But, what did she do? When you get to the Science room, there are lots of people there… There is a problem with the costumes.

Good thing (or not), there is a solution to the problem. Leave the room to go home and tell your parents about your day.

The night goes by and it’s now the big day!

      Objective:  Meet your classmates' parents!

You are at school, without your parents who will come later, and head off to discover your classmates’ parents. Some will be more surprising than others. After having met several people, you find your parents. You continue talking with some parents before hearing the announcement on the intercom.

✔ Go to Classroom B.

Leave your parents here and go to the locker rooms to get ready for the play!

      Objective:  It's time for the play to start!

You speak briefly with Rosa and then run to the locker room to join your other classmates. Once the last preparations are complete, its time to start the play.

/!\ If you forget your lines during the play, you can say another line or ask Melody or Capucine for help /!\

The play ends and you should go to the courtyard to unlock a final dialogue (you are brought to the locker rooms).

That’s the end of this guide!

See you for episode 22!


Illustration Requirement

The class will have a rehearsing session in the gym. At that time you will have three chances to change the dialogue that is part of the play. It doesn’t matter what choices you pick, just make sure you remember your choices. During the play you will once again have to pick the answers you chose during the rehearsal. If you do not pick the answers during the play that you picked during the rehearsal you will not get the illustration. If you correctly repick your choices, you will the illustration. In regards to the Alice and Wonderland and Red Riding Hood plays, the boy that has the higher L'o'M will be the one you get an illustration with.

Alice in Wonderland

  • A. Hey, little rabbit! Come back!
  • B. Oh, you’re so cute!
  • C. Nothing actually... You’re right.

  • A. I’ve had enough of being as small as you!
  • B. I felt much better when I was taller!
  • C. No! I want to be tall again, that way I can squash you!

  • A. Stop talking nonsense and give me at least the direction I need to take to get home!
  • B. If you don’t want to lose one of your nine lives, talk!
  • C. Please... At least tell me how to get home.

Red Riding Hood

  • A. Hello Ma’am! What’s wrong?
  • B. Hi! Why are you making that face?
  • C. Yo mama, you ain’t lookin’ too fly?

  • A. Oh yeah? Thanks for telling me!
  • B. Oh yeah? But I don’t like wolves!
  • C. Oh yeah? And are wolves mean?

  • A. What big teeth you have!
  • B. What bad breath you have!
  • C. What a beautiful dress you have!

Sleeping Beauty

  • A. My heart is pounding.
  • B. I’ve never felt this way about anyone...
  • C. I think I’m in love with you!

  • A. (Catch her feet in her dress and fall.)
  • B. (Hear a noise, back up and prick herself.)
  • C. (Be attacked by the spindle.)

  • A. (Move slightly.)
  • B. (Take his hand in her sleep.)
  • C. (Not move at all.)



  • During the Sleeping Beauty play, Armin says "You shall not pass!!!" with Candy pointing out that that wasn't in the text. This is a reference to a popular line from the film adaptation of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.


  • At the end of the play "Little Red Riding Hood", if your Candy is closest to Castiel, he will talk to your Candy after the play, still dressed in the wolf costume with accessories from the grandmother's outfit. He will then playfully grab her from behind and you will get an illustration. In the illustration, the grandmother's accessories are suddenly absent, even though he never took them off, and they reappear once the illustration is closed.
  • When you see Rosalya and Castiel trying to find Lysander's parents, Castiel is wearing his old outfit, even though he's changed it in episode 18. This remains only for that scene, and he wears his new/current outfit for the rest of the episode (not counting the costumes).

Censored Content

  • During the route for Little Red Riding Hood, when Armin talks about getting the role of a bear, he says: "I have to play Winnie the Pooh!" to your Candy. Originally, he says "I have to play Pedobear!"

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


  • A. (Go towards Kim, Violette and Peggy.)
  • B. (Go towards Lysander and Castiel.)
  • C. (Go towards Armin, Kentin and Alexy.)


(Amber Talking)

Don’t get involved! Let me talk to my brother alone!

  • A. Your friends are looking for you Amber, you should go see them... (more discussion) =
  • B. I want to talk to Nathaniel too... =
  • C. Chill out... I’ll leave you alone... +

(Amber Talking)

You are all against me... I hate you! I won’t even come the day of the play, and you’ll have to get along without me!

  • A. No, don’t say that... We need everyone. =
  • B. As if that would bother us... =

Instead of laughing, come help me!

  • A. You don’t need me, you are doing just fine on your own! =
  • B. How much will you pay me? -
  • C. Ha ha, I’m coming! +


Sleeping Beauty

Do I have to answer?

  • A. I’m sure you love it... +
  • B. I can’t imagine you as a king... =

Red Riding Hood

That, I noticed!

  • A. Uh... Don’t bother him, alright? -
  • B. You’ve never done anything to him, though. -
  • C. I wonder why... +

Oh yeah? It doesn’t bother you to call me a creep?

  • A. Well... He isn't all wrong... -
  • B. I just really want to finish this! =

Oh yeah? It doesn’t bother you to call me a creep?

  • A. Hey! I stick up for you all the time! =
  • B. ...even if Nathaniel is right. -

Common Dialogue

Do you have more STUPID questions like that?

  • A. Hey! Calm down! I didn’t do anything to you that I know of! -
  • B. Talk to me like that again and you’ll get what’s coming to you! -
  • C. No, I don’t have anymore in stock! =

Let’s just say that mother nature was kinder with your mother than with you.

  • A. I still have time to "grow", I’ll have you know... +
  • B. Creep... -

  • A. (Make a joke about Castiel.) (if A) + (- if B)
  • B. (Don't take the risk) =

  • A. (Make a joke about Castiel.) (high L'o'M) + (- low L'o'M)
  • B. (Don't take the risk) =


Alice in Wonderland

I don’t wear them at school, but I have several. I really like tall top hats.

  • A. I would like to see you wear one someday! +
  • B. Oh.. Isn’t that a little to, uh... uptight? -
  • C. What is that? +

Less important things. I lose it all the time, it’s best not to put any vital information in it.

  • A. On the contrary, that would be horrible. =
  • B. Oh, but I thought you cared about that notebook.

Red Riding Hood

Why would that be the case?

  • A. It’s a bit.. childish. -
  • B. It’s a bit.. weird. +

Common Dialogue

No, they got lost on their own...

  • A. Oh man, what a family... -
  • B. Wait, maybe I can help you! +
  • C. Ha ha! It’s for the best, right? They won’t have to see the play! -

I never exaggerate.

  • A. But, were you adopted? =
  • B. They look a little weird though... -
  • C. They are funny, anyhow! +


Sleeping Beauty

...You think?

  • A. Yeah! You’ll be great! It’ll be a great change! -
  • B. I’m sure! =

Red Riding Hood

S-So, I was thinking of an attack plan to make sure that I win in cause of resistance.

  • A. Psh... Whatever, he’ll swallow you in one bite! -
  • B. We are letting our imagination run wild, Castiel is a little responsible. =
  • C. At worst, you can just give him a well placed kick, if you know what I mean... +

Common Dialogue

I-I don’t like to see Castiel mad...

  • A. ...That’s it? =
  • B. ...That’s heartbreaking... -
  • C. Ha ha ha!! +

Ha ha! Don’t listen to her, she’s just talking nonsense.

  • A. You are going to suffocate her... -
  • B. Leave her, I would like to hear the rest. (high L'o'M) + (- low L'o'M)
  • C. (I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear anything...) =


Sleeping Beauty


  • A. Ha ha! You are funny when you get upset! -
  • B. Come on, you’ll look great in a dress! +

Alice in Wonderland

You, {$Pseudo}, you know about Madness Returns, right?

  • A. No, not at all... -
  • B. I think so, yeah.. =
  • C. Of course! (more discussion) =

Oh yeah... And what did you think about the Mad Hatter?

  • A. He is really hot! -
  • B. He is really ugly! +

Red Riding Hood

Never mind... I need to think about something else, otherwise it’s going to ruin my day. In any case, I can’t wait until this stupid play is over.

  • A. You don’t like your role as a bear? (more discussion) -
  • B. Me too, the concert was much more fun! +
  • C. It takes more than that to ruin your day! =

Does he yell at you often...?

  • A. Often... Yes. =
  • B. No, not at all, I was exaggerating a bit!

Common Dialogue

I don’t see what is so funny!

  • A. That you are worried about what Mr. Faraize will say. =
  • B. That you have bad grades. -
  • C. That you are scared of your parents! =

  • A. Your parents seem cool! +
  • B. Well now... They don’t look like you at all! =
  • C. Your mom is pretty! -


Ha ha, you’ll see!

  • A. C’mon, tell me! =
  • B. You’ve already said too much, c’mon! +
  • C. Okay... -


So, what’s up? It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.

  • A. Nothing. -
  • B. I’m so nervous! +
  • C. I don’t really want to talk... =


Or... I could play the role of the Princess...

  • A. Sure, why not...? =
  • B. Oh, no way! I would prefer for Amber to do it! =

N-No not at all... I wanted to go see Rosalya too! Can I go with you?

  • A. Yes, of course! =
  • B. No. =


Have you ever seen me make a mistake when it comes to clothes?

  • A. Well... The group’s outfits for the concert were a little weird... =
  • B. True! You are a fashion expert! =


Go ahead... Laugh, I know you are dying to.

  • A. HAHAHAHAH!! =
  • B. That look suits you well! =