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Alexy Photo
Gender Male Male
Height 5'8"
Weight 160 lbs
Blood Type O+
Birthday June 7th
Sign Gemini
Hair Color Possibly Black (Died Blue)
Eye Color Possibly Blue (Purple Contacts)
Likes Shopping, walking in town, techno music, guys
Dislikes Sad movies, rain, breaking his headphones
Professional statistics
Occupation High School Student
Relatives Armin (Twin brother) Mother, Father
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 10

Alexy is a student attending Sweet Amoris High. He is the twin brother of Armin.


Alexy and his brother Armin are the two new transfer students who appear in Episode 10. He is the younger of the two siblings and shows great interest in fashion and music.

He is also homosexual and has a crush on Kentin.


Alexy is a boy full of life and happiness, sometimes childish with his joking antics and playful with Candy. He is a sweet and creative guy who enjoys shopping.


Few of the outfits Alexy buys you.

He is also sometimes self-centered and terribly jealous of his close friends and his brother, Armin. Despite this, Alexy is a kind boy, shown when he willingly buys you any one dress of your choice, as well as other hints. Alexy is also the only known homosexual character in My Candy Love and possibly represents the "gay best friend of Candy", the kind of duo people assume are dating but are not.


Alexy has blue hair and violet eyes and he is usually seen wearing an orange sweater, green headphones, a blue shirt, purple belt, and green pants with a few patches on them. Alexy is revealed to like "strange" clothing, usually with a vast color scheme and the color scheme being on the light spectrum (on the bottom left). If you choose the correct answers for Alexy’s dialogue at the end of episode 10 you will be able to go on a date with him and he will buy you one of three outfits show below (on the top left).



Alexy and Armin have a good relationship, they share a sense of humor and trust each other. His few discussions usually start with the differences in the tastes of each other. While Alexy does not understand his brothers passion for games, Armin does not like being surrounded by shopping by Alexy, even if he is the one who buys his clothes.


Alexy, like Armin, befriended Kentin since his return from military school. Although at the beginning Kentin bothered with the implication of the twins, they are already close friends. The three are often seen together and seem to have a good relationship. It is revealed that Alexy romantically likes Kentin.


Violette was one of the first people to talk to Alexy when he transferred to Sweet Amoris. After some time she began to have feelings for him. Although he likes Violette, Alexy rejected her because of his sexuality, but they continue to speak as friends.


  • Twins' mother
  • Twins' father

in episode 21, Your Candy finally meets the twins' parents. At this point they are currently nameless.



  • Alexy enjoys watching the French animated series Totally Spies! (translated to Kim Possible for My Candy Love), Known in Brazil as Spies. 
  • He likes sweets. 
  • His favorite colors are orange and green. 
  • Alexy is the younger of the twins. 
  • Alexy and Armin were originally Libras. This only changed because of a typo in the artbook, so they kept it canon.

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