Your apartment is where you can find all the things you need pertaining to Candy. By hovering over each thing in your room, you can find different areas for different types of storage.


​Your Closet

  • Within your closet, you can change your clothes as well as your facial appearance.

Your Door

  • By clicking the door, it will take you to The City, where you can roam around town.

Your Illustrations

  • Clicking this will lead you to a page where you can look at all of the illustrations you've gathered.

Your Profile

  • Let's you access your profile.

Your Objects

  • Leads you to a page where you can look at a list of objects you've found throughout the game.

Your Objectives

  • Each episode you play gives you objectives to complete. You can find them by clicking here.

Your Messages

  • Your phone will link you to all friend requests, mortal pillow requests, as well as personal messages.

Your Games

  • Here you will find all the games you can play as you advance. Playing these games can win you Money and/or AP. As of now there are 5 mini-games: Flower Pawer, CA$H, Insect Rush (For those in the Gardening Club), Break Basketball (For those in the Basketball Club) and Mortal Pillow (Available after Episode 7).


  • Apartment (2017)
  • Apartment (2011 - 2016)
  • Outside your apartment (2015 - Present)
  • Outside your Apartment (2011 - 2014)

2017 Update

In 2017, the Apartment received a major overhaul in design to reflect current trends and the newer art styling/graphics. Such changes include:

  • Less wall pictures
  • The hanging mirror now rests on the dresser and has lights on it.
  • The desk lamp from the dresser is gone.
  • The chair is now a rolling computer chair.
  • The cellphone went from a flip to a touch screen.
  • The led pencil is a normal pencil.
  • The jewelry box is gone, replaced by the Handheld game system that used to be on the bed.
  • The papers are changed, as is the design on the book.
  • The closet design is more simplistic and features a similar design on the dresser.
  • The shelves on the dressert and closet are colorized different and have new knobs.
  • The bed has a new frame and a laptop rests on it.