Audrey is Kim's mother, and Denis' wife. She first appears in Episode 21.


Audrey had recently continued her studies.

She first appears in Episode 21, talking to Kim together with Denis. She asks her if she learned her lines well, to which Kim reassures her she did.

She appears again in Episode 29, as she is there to help for the Art Day. She gives instructions to the sewing workshop, even though she says she's horrible at sewing, and also comes to check on some other workshops.

In Episode 30, after she finds out your Candy motivated Kim to study and helped her by organizing studying sessions with Nathaniel for her, Audrey thanks your Candy and gives her a big hug.


Audrey has blonde hair tied back into a thick ponytail. Her eyes are green.

She is wearing round red earrings, an orange shirt with a yellow collar, and magenta-colored bottoms.


Audrey is very energetic and temperamental, which can sometimes be hard for her husband and daughter.

Candy notes that she is funny, but also overflowing with enthusiasm.



  • Kim's parents are based off of the couple Cédric and Marion from a popular French TV show called Scènes de ménages. Audrey is based off the character Marion.[citation needed]