Gender Male Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Likes Theater, acting
Professional statistics
Occupation Gym Teacher
Relatives Dake (Nephew)
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 0
Episode 10

Boris is the gym teacher at Sweet Amoris and Dake's uncle. Originally, he was there to welcome you in the introduction episode, but he was replaced by Dimitry in late-June 2014.


Boris is the gym teacher at your Candy's school. In Episode 20 he helps Mr. Faraize with the school play.


Boris is the current professor of sports. He has semi-long blond hair with bangs, pulled back in a low ponytail, and blue eyes. His chest and arms are muscular and he has tanned skin. He is seen wearing a blue vest top and brown pants.


He is very romantic and is always in a good mood. Boris has attitude when you have to decide something or solve a problem in school, and is friendly.



Dake is Boris' nephew from Australia. It is unknown how close they are as they have not been seen together in the game.




  • Boris used to be the guy you meet in the Demo. This changed in late June 2014.

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