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High School Life

Candy Full 4
Candy Portrait 4

January 22, 2016 - current
On My Candy Love's 5th Birthday, Candy's fourth look was completely revamped along with the website's UI and appearance. (Link to the French official announcement)

  • Default skin gets lighter again.
  • After high demands from the fandom, new skin colors are officially implemented (only on Fully Body and Portrait. As of now, alternate skin colors other than white skin don't appear in the illustrations.)
  • Cleavage is back due to high demand.
  • Portrait is now an inverted view of Full Body.

Candy Full 3

Early Mid 2012-January 21 2016

  • The third look updated the base of the character.
  • Cleavage is gone.
  • Skin color is lighter.
  • The make-up kit and other first skins were created during this look.

Candy Full 2
Candy Portrait 2

Early 2012-Early Mid 2012

  • The second look seems to adorn the previous base but has updated the hair;
  • Added different facial expressions, and maybe different eyes.
  • Nose is a little different;
  • Skin color appears to be a bit darker (possibly due to past layering issues with items).
  • Portrait is a still front view of Full Body.

Candy Full 1
Candy Portrait 1


  • The first ever look of the Candy when the game was first released on the original French server Amour Sucré.
  • Lacks any facial expressions.
  • Portrait is a front view of Full Body.

University Life

Candy Uni Sprite 1

Along with Episode 40 marking the end of the Highschool period, Candy has a completely new look.

  • A more mature appearance.
  • Skin tone will now change in the illustration.
  • Hair length will always be long.


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