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Gender Male Male
Height 5'9" (180cm)
Weight 176lb (80kg)
Blood Type O-
Birthday August 12th
Sign Leo Leo
Hair Color Black (Dyed Red)
Eye Color Grey
Likes His electric guitar, Winged Skull, Demon, Girls who are able to stand up for themselves
Dislikes Being forced to do something, taking orders, cats, Nathaniel
Professional statistics
Occupation High School Student
Electric Guitarist
Relatives Valerie (Mother)
Jean-Louis (Father)
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 1

Castiel is one of the students attending Sweet Amoris High. He is a member of the basketball club and is a member of a rock band along with his friend, Lysander. Castiel is legally independent and must take care of himself as his father works as an airline pilot, and his mother a hostess. As a consequence, they are not home often, but they seem to love their jobs.



Castiel was in a relationship with Deborah, in the past. He changed his complete appearance after his 'break up' by dying his black hair red and wearing all black and red clothes. It was revealed that Lysander was the reason Castiel had begun to play the guitar again, because he had stopped playing for some time.


He has shoulder length red hair (naturally black) with grey eyes. He wears a black leather jacket with a red shirt underneath that has a winged skull imprinted on it. He wears a silver chain around his neck and black pants with a chain hooked to his beltloop. He usually has his arms folded but can sometimes be seen with his hands on his hips when grinning at the player or with his right hand raised when he is angry.



One of the rare times Castiel blushes

Castiel can be a bit hard to get along with due to his sarcastic personality and because he is so prone to anger. He's a fan of rock and even plays the electric guitar. He doesn't like people who seem to try too hard, but can be very romantic when given the chance. He likes girls who are able to stand up for themselves and take a joke but not ones who are too rude or too nice. Girly girls such as Amber or punk girls like Kim don't interest him. He's misunderstood with his hard outer shell, but can be caring on the inside. He doesn't like it when someone could be hurt, in pain or in trouble. He is what some might call a 'tsundere' or- depending on your meter with him- just 'tsun'.

He's a dog person and owns a Belgian Shepherd, named Demon.

Friends and Family


Nathaniel and Castiel seem to share a rivalry, which is why Castiel does not like Nathaniel. They even seem to go so far as to favor what the other dislikes (e.g. Nathaniel liking cats instead of dogs, and Castiel favoring dogs over cats). Also, the cause of their rivalry is partially because of Castiel's ex-girlfriend, Deborah, who comes into the story in the very end of Episode 14. However, due to their contrasting personalities, they probably wouldn't have liked each other very much even if Deborah had been out of the picture.


Castiel used to be a kind hearted boy when he was young and once fixed Amber's favorite doll, which is why Amber fell in love with him. But Castiel ignored her feelings, claiming that girls fall in love at "the drop of a hat". His reasoning for fixing the doll was so that Amber would stop crying because it annoyed him.


Castiel and Lysander met each other about six months before the start of the story, and have been close friends ever since. It had started when Castiel found Lysander's notebook and returned it to him soon after. They then discussed different topics and they found out they had a similar taste in music. So they decided to make music together. According to ChiNoMiko, Lysander was the reason Castiel had begun to play the guitar again, because he had stopped playing for some time.


Deborah is Castiel's ex-girlfriend. It is revealed Deborah is the main cause of Nathaniel and Castiel's rivalry. However, she was the one to break things off with Castiel in order to further her own musical career. Deborah used to call Castiel "kitten", which may be the reason why Castiel dislikes cats. The two are not on pleasant terms, though before their breakup, Deborah describes them as having a perfect relationship.


Castiel and Iris seem to be close friends. Iris was there to support him when Castiel had a fight with Nathaniel for the first time in past. Castiel seems to trusts Iris and always does what she asks, without argument. They were seen together in the beach. 


In Manga, Castiel seems to be friends with Armin. He reveals to Lynn (Candy) that he was going to have lunch with Armin. Besides from Manga, in Episode 18, Castiel and Armin seem to share same taste in Candy's choice of clothes. It is possible to see Castiel and Armin's friendship in future episodes.

Castiel's Parents

Castiel's father is an airplane pilot and his mother, a flight attendant. They travel a lot and when they appear is for a weekend or during the holidays, for a whole week. Castiel thinks they are legal, but prefers to be alone, since it sees no benefit in their company. According to him, his parents are able to cancel the flight Lonja distance to keep an eye on him because of complaints of directors.





  • Castiel smokes occasionally.
  • Castiel plays the guitar in a band with Lysander.
  • He doesn't like cats (which sometimes is thought to be linked with Deborah calling him "Kitten" while they were a couple).
  • His favorite food is hamburgers.
  • His favorite colors is black and red.
  • His favorite rock band is called Winged Skull.  
  • His favorite kind of rock is Grunge.
  • According ChiNoMiko, Castiel is the character she finds is easier to draw. 
  • Castiel's name was originally meant to be Damon, but due to how cliche it became, she changed it to Castiel and named his dog Demon, the slight rendition of Damon.
  • Although most of the images in that eye color is gray Castiel, the images appear episodes  and  he seems to have brown eyes.


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