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Welcome To Characters!

Throughout the game, you will meet tons of new people who you can learn to have fun with. Some will help guide you, others will try to ruin you, and some wont even care too much if you make a difference or not.

Mostly you will try to win the hearts of boys that's why everyone plays the game in the first place! However

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, high school no matter how virtual reality it is, will always have the other types of people you're not trying to impress. So to meet the correct girls you must find out who's on your side, and who's just there to make your high school a living hell.

But you have those lovely people in the game who want to help you get through it all, those special characters will make sure you get rewards, help, and useful tips to help you get revenge, maybe even get a boy to like you just a little more.

Enjoy the game!


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