Gender Male Male
Eye Color Dark Purple
Professional statistics
Occupation Shop Owner
Relatives Charlotte (Daughter)
Irene (Wife)
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 21

Charles is Charlotte's father, and Irene's husband. He first appears in Episode 21.


Charles is Charlotte's father. He first appears in episode 21, together with his wife Irene. Your Candy meets them after listening to other parents talk, as Irene and Charles teasingly tell her it's not nice to eavesdrop, and seem amused as she blushes in embarrasment.

Irene and Charles run a store of ethnic ornaments, some of which are handmade ones.

The fact that they are Charlotte's parents isn't mentioned in the game yet, however it is confirmed in the second Artbook.


Charles has dark purple eyes and is bald.

He's wearing a blue shirt with long sleeves, and black pants.


Irene and Charles are both rather friendly, yet their daughter Charlotte often distances herself from them.


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