Gender Male Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Professional statistics
Occupation Chocolate Maker
Relatives Wenka (Younger Brother)
Willi (Younger Brother)
First Appearance
First Appearance Easter 2012

Charli is one of the characters you meet during the Easter 2012 Special Episode. He is a chocolate maker and has two younger brothers, Willi and Wenka.


Charli is a chocolate maker, who is often troubled by his two little brothers. For Easter, he makes chocolate and gives it to all the children in your world, and he says his chocolate is the best.

You meet him in the Easter 2012 Special Episode, in which you help him solve a prank his brothers Willi and Wenka pulled on him. Before you leave to go back home to your own world, Charli and his brothers thank you with a gift. Charli gives you a chicolate egg, which you can put on your dresser in your room.


Charli has brown hair with a pair of brown rabbit ears, and brown eyes.

He wears a brown and ivory colored buttoned shirt and apron, and a long orange scarf.


Charli is very friendly, laid-back and mature. He normally seems rather patient, but loses his temper if his brothers annoy him too much, making him want to pull their ears, which is illegal in their world.




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