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On October 9th, 2015, the staff of My Candy Love held a contest where players could submit their own Christmas themed designs. The winners were announced once the Christmas boutique was online. You can read the announcement here and view the contest thread here.

On December 1st, the main administrator opened a thread about the beginning of that years advent calendar. It informed players about the potential gifts they could receive. You can read the announcement here.

On December 22nd, the main administrator opened another thread announcing that who the winners of the contest were and that the Christmas boutique would open in a couple days. You can read that announcement here. The boutique lasted from December 24th, 2015 to January 6th, 2016.

Site Appearance

The logo for the site changed to red and blue with some of the letters having a peppermint candy stripe pattern on them. The small cupcake was green and red while the hearts changed to look like ice, the bigger of the two having a little Santa hat on it. The word "Candy" had snowflakes on its letters and it was drawn to look like snow had piled on the curves. The left side of the page had a leaning Christmas tree with a sleigh and a bag of presents underneath it. Next to the sleigh was a snowman and a small candle.

There were two penguins; one on the snowman, attempting to put on a hat, and another on the bag of presents. The tree itself had two small candles, red bulb ornaments, and some snow on it, as well as a small glowing star resting on the top. Next to the top was a glowing crescent moon.

The site's background was a frosty blue gradient with darker blue stripes and at the bottom were light blue snowflakes of various sizes and designs.

Christmas Map

On December 8th, the city was given a new design for the event. The streets and buildings appeared covered in snow while part of the lake was frozen. There were also some snowmen, penguins, and a Christmas tree.

On December 30th, the city had snow falling across it.

Advent Calendar

From December 1st to December 24th, there was an advent calendar available. Each day, a new numbered door was unlocked so it could be opened, each number corresponding to the day of the month. For example, on December 6th, the door labeled "6" would pulse, indicating that it could be opened. Any door not pulsating couldn't be unlocked, no matter how many times you clicked on it. The prizes given varied each day.

Day Icon Gift
1 Christmas calendar gift Calendar 2015 Necklace
2 Christmas calendar illustration piece 1 Illustration piece #1
3 Christmas calendar tickets 5 event tickets
4 Christmas calendar Flying Cupcake Flying Cupcake
5 Christmas calendar illustration piece 2 Illustration piece #2
6 Christmas calendar gift Calendar 2015 Thigh highs
7 Christmas calendar illustration piece 3 Illustration piece #3
8 Christmas calendar gift Calendar 2015 Shorts
9 Christmas calendar tickets 5 Event Tickets
10 Christmas calendar tickets 5 Event Tickets
11 Christmas calendar illustration piece 4 Illustration piece #4
12 Christmas calendar gift Calendar 2015 Jacket
13 Christmas calendar illustration piece 5 Illustration piece #5
14 Christmas calendar Flying Cupcake Flying Cupcake
15 Christmas calendar Flying Cupcake Flying Cupcake
16 Christmas calendar illustration piece 6 Illustration piece #6
17 Christmas calendar tickets 5 Event Tickets
18 Christmas calendar tickets 5 Event Tickets
19 Christmas calendar Flying Cupcake Flying Cupcake
20 Christmas calendar gift Calendar 2015 Shoes
21 Christmas calendar illustration piece 7 Illustration piece #7
22 Christmas calendar Flying Cupcake Flying Cupcake
23 Christmas calendar tickets 5 Event Tickets
24 Christmas calendar gift Calendar 2015 Top



User Country Entry Redraw
Nakio United States
Christmas 2015 contest 1 original
Christmas 2015 contest 1 redrawn
Analhya France
Christmas 2015 French Winner
Treeton France
Treeton entry
Ruruana France
Ruruana entry
Arashell Russia
Arashell entry
Misaki1519 Romania
Tumblr nw0e4ok7wZ1talboco1 540
Jussti Poland
Jussti entry
Rabbicorn Poland
Rabbicorn entry
Emihime Hungary
Emihime entry
Tipetys Finland
Tipetys entry
redfury Brasil Image no
longer available
lealaviva Germany
Lealaviva entry
Xhex00 Italy
Christmas 2015 contest 13 original
Christmas 2015 contest 13 redrawn
Maryuu Italy
Maryuu entry
Sakaesu Spain
Sakaesu entry

Calendar Outfit

Coming soon...


Asset Gallery

  • Christmas tree
  • My Candy Love Christmas logo
  • Snowy City


  • The contest was the first international contest and players from across all the sister sites were able to enter.
  • This is the first event that was available to players who registered after the launch of the event. This change was implemented on the second day of the event (December 2nd) and also applies to future events.

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