Christmas 2016 Event Banner
Ho Ho Ho! Do you smell that sweet smell of pine tree and firewood in the chimney? It's Christmas, the season of gifts and snowball fights! Collect them by finishing all of the daily objectives and you will get to open your gifts. Log in daily, catch the reindeer, decorate your gingerbread man and offer gifts... Gather 5 snowballs and you will be able to open a gift containing a piece of illustration or a clothing item from one of the exclusive outfits!

Event Summary

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On November 30th, 2016, the main administrator on My Candy Love opened a thread for the Christmas event. The post explained what the players could expect to find in the advent calendar. You can find it here. On December 23rd, 2016, the main administrator opened another thread, this time explaining how the snowball game worked. You can find it here.

There was also a pop-up of the fairy aunt in a Christmas outfit briefly explaining the event, which appeared when the player logged in.

Site Appearance

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Advent Calendar

From December 1st to the 24th, players were able to gain various gifts from an advent calendar. The calendar was accessible by clicking on the event tent in The City. Each day, one of the numbered doors would pulsate indicating that it could be opened. Clicking on the door revealed what item the player received. Behind each door was either a piece of the Snowman outfit, a piece of the illustration, or a snowball.

Day Icon Gift
1 AC 2016 Day 1 Snowman Facial Accessories
2 AC 2016 Day 2 One Snowball
3 AC 2016 Day 3 Illustration Piece
4 AC 2016 Day 4 Snowman Collar
5 AC 2016 Day 5 Illustration Piece
6 AC 2016 Day 2 One Snowball
7 AC 2016 Day 7 Illustration Piece
8 AC 2016 Day 2 One Snowball
9 AC 2016 Day 9 Snowman Gloves
10 AC 2016 Day 2 One Snowball
11 AC 2016 Day 11 Illustration Piece
12 AC 2016 Day 2 One Snowball
13 AC 2016 Day 13 Snowman Hat
14 AC 2016 Day 2 One Snowball
15 AC 2016 Day 15 Illustration Piece
16 AC 2016 Day 16 Illustration Piece
17 AC 2016 Day 2 One Snowball
18 AC 2016 Day 18 Snowman Boots
19 AC 2016 Day 2 One Snowball
20 AC 2016 Day 20 Illustration Piece
21 AC 2016 Day 2 One Snowball
22 AC 2016 Day 22 Snowman Broomstick
23 AC 2016 Day 23 Illustration Piece
24 AC 2016 Day 24 Snowman Dress

Snowball Game

From December 25th, 2016 to January 3rd, 2017, players could partake in a snowball fight. To take part, players would access another player's profile page. Above that users Student ID was a rectangular blue button that said "Send Snowball". Clicking the button would send a snowball to that player and advance the sender's garland counter. After sending a certain amount of snowballs, one of ten presents would be unlocked. Each present contained three items; either a piece of illustration and two pieces of an outfit or three outfit items.

Event Outfits

  • Calendar Outfit (Snowman)
  • Party
  • Cozy Christmas
  • Golden Glitter
  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Angel
  • Christmas Soldier (Bonus gift)
  • Christmas Soldier (with reindeer)


This event had two illustrations. Kentin and Armin's was from the advent calendar. Lysander's could be unlocked from gathering all eight pieces of his illustration.

  • Armin and Kentin holding gifts
  • Lysander dressed as a soldier

Asset Gallery


  • This is the second event to forgo having a boutique. The first time this happened was for the Halloween 2016 Event.