The Clothes Shop is where you do all of your shopping to make Candy fashionable and wow the boys. The shop has default items, but gains recolors of the various date outfits you encounter during the episodes. These recolors are not found in date photos however, and are only optional items with no purpose.


The clothes shop is divided into 12 different clothing categories: hats, jackets, t-shirts, underwear, bottoms, socks, shoes, necklaces, dresses, heels, accessories, and handbags. When different skin tones were introduced in 2015, the skins category became accessible.

2017 Update

The interface of the Clothes Shop had its design rehauled to match the changes to match the new closet system.

Like in the current closet system, one can find rings here to purchase if they don't want to waste the time going to the Jewelry Store.

Store Owner

The Clothes Shop owner and a former student of Sweet Amoris High School is Leigh.

He is said to be the one who designs the clothes and sells them.

In Episode 27 Rosalya reveals Leigh got the money to open the Clothes Shop after winning a competition for stylists which she also participated and ranked well in.

Clothes Shop Update

On May 25th, 2015, the clothes shop was updated on the map. It gained more window detail on the front, while the side lost a window. The top was made to stand taller, and the design on the roof gained further proportioning.


  • Clothes Shop
  • Initial Category display
  • Leigh, the owner of the Clothes shop.
  • The Clothes Shop (2017 - Present)
  • Shopfront on map - University Life