Gender Male Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Light Blue
Dislikes Being called small
Professional statistics
Occupation Christmas Elf
First Appearance
First Appearance Christmas 2011

Cotton is a Christmas elf, whom you can meet in the Christmas 2011 Special Episode. You can help him recover lost Christmas presents, and win exclusive clothes. (Up to 5)


Cotton is a sweet and caring elf who works at Santa's Workshop. He enjoys spreading holiday cheer and giving exclusive gifts to our Candy! He seems to love his job very much, and even when things get stressful Cotton remains optimistic.

He is a very generous elf, and is thankful for your hard work to try and save Christmas.

If you are nice to him, he will give you an outfit at the end of the episode, and you will also receive an illustration of him. If not you will only be able to receive the presents you were able to save (Up to 5 each replay)


Being a Christmas elf, Cotton is about the size of a child. He has blond hair, large blue eyes and a cheery disposition. His green jacket, scarf, boots and mittens are very similar to the ones he might give you at the end of the episode.

Cotton can be seen standing on a big glowing snowflake, which seems to help him float. He is also surrounded by snowflakes.


Cotton is very cheerful and sweet. He generally acts somewhat child-like, but shows great responsibility about his job. He gets offended easily if you make comments about his height, but is also forgiving and doesn't stay angry for too long.



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