Gender Female Female
Hair Color White
Eye Color Light Blue
Professional statistics
Occupation Part time entertainer
Relatives Rosalya (Daughter)
Peter (Husband)
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 22

Crystal is Rosalya's mother, and Peter's wife. She appears in Episode 22 after the play you chose.


Crystal first appears near the beginning of Episode 22, talking to your Candy's parents about the play along with her husband, Peter. She mentions the small mistake during the play with Kiki, but found the play fun and well made.

Crystal is a casual worker in the entertainment industry. She worked on some musicals, comedies, and different productions.


Crystal has short white hair and light blue eyes. Her lips are painted a light blue that matches her eye color.

Her husband and her both wear clothing in white and dark blue. She is wearing a long white dress with a dark blue detail around the chest, a short white coat with lacy ends around the sleeves, and a blue necklace.

Crystal is very pretty, and is one of the younger looking parents.


Crystal has a personality similar to her daughter's.

She is a bit intrusive and can be temperamental, and also seems pretty outgoing.

However, neither her nor Peter seem to be strict with Rosalya, they both seem rather light-hearted as parents, and are also very friendly.



  • Her full name is Crystal de Meilhan.
    Crystal OldDesign

    Old design of Rosalya's mother, by ChiNoMiko

  • Seeing as Rosalya was created before the game existed in a roleplay called Academy Of Heroes, this is also the case with Crystal. For the roleplay, Crystal was mentioned to be a famous ice magician, who made art representations with her magic.

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