Animal Rabbit
Sex Male Male
Hair Color White, Black
Eye Color Black
Owner Lysander (Former)
Josiane and George
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 24

Cuddles is a rabbit whom Lysander adopts in Episode 24. He brings it to his parents' farm after nearly losing him at Leigh's shop .


Lysander adopts Cuddles in Episode 24 and soon takes him to his parents farm after nearly losing him at his brother's shop.


Not much is known about Cuddles prior to his adoption. He might be from a shelter, like most animals from that pet shop.


Cuddles is a white rabbit with black eyes. The tip of his right paw being black as well as the tips of his ears. He also has a black ring marking around his left eye.


Your Candy notes that Cuddles seems quite curious upon first seeing him at the pet shop. He quickly charms Lysander with his cuteness.



Lysander is Cuddles' first owner. When he visits the pet shop with your Candy, Lysander can't resist adopting Cuddles after getting to hold him. He later brings him to his brother's shop, and forgets to close the cage, causing Cuddles to hop out. Luckily, he didn't get too far; However, Lysander decides to bring him to his parents farm so something similar wouldn't happen again. This upsets Lysander, but he is glad he will still be able to see him that way.

Your Candy

If your Candy takes Lysander to the pet shop, she encourages him to adopt Cuddles, and helps Lysander name him. You also get the option of buying him a decoration for his cage.


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