Gender Male Male
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink
Professional statistics
Occupation Cupid
First Appearance
First Appearance Valentine's 2016 Event

Cupid is a special character that appears during the Valentine's 2016 Event. He is introduced in a short scene, in which the special event is introduced.


When first meeting your Candy, Cupid is sad because, even though it's Valentine's Day, people don't seem to believe in love anymore. Your Candy then offers to prove him otherwise by using his bow and arrow to do his job and make people fall in love, saying she believes in love. The minigame then starts, and Cupid's reaction depends on your result in the minigame.

Either way, he says seeing your Candy fight for love has motivated him to keep up the fight, and go back to doing his work. He gives your Candy event tickets as a reward, and thanks her for her enthusiasm.


Cupid has a small body and appears to be floating. He has pink hair styled into an undercut which he keeps slicked back, and pink eyes.

He is wearing a white diaper and pink socks with wings on the sides. He is carrying his bow, and has wings.


Cupid is sweet and cheerful, and cares a lot about love. It saddens him if people don't believe in love, and if couples break up at the slightest sign of trouble.

He is grateful for your Candy's help, and she quickly helps him cheer up.



  • Cupid shows up again for the Valentine's 2017 Event as a character that the player needs to find in order to complete an objective.

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