Animal Dog
Breed Beauceron
Sex Male
Hair Color Black, Brown
Eye Color Black
Owner Castiel
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 3

Demon is a Beauceron owned by Castiel. He first appears if your Candy goes for a walk with Castiel in Episode 3.


Due to his parents always travelling for their jobs, Castiel's only living companion is Demon.


Not much is known about Demon's history or how long exactly he's been in Castel's care. However, in Episode 24 if you go to the pet shop with Castiel, he reveals that he has had Demon since he was a puppy.


Demon has dark brown fur covering almost his whole body. The only areas on his body that aren't dark brown are his muzzle, forearms, forelegs, ear fur, and small dot markings on his face, which are a light tan color. Small brown whisker spots can be seen on his muzzle and he has a long, bushy tail. Demon's ears stick up straight and are pointed at the top. He has gold eyes and has a dark brown nose. Demon is a relatively large dog that is strong enough to pull the person walking him if they're not careful.


Demon is mostly a sweet dog, but his appearance can be intimidating to others and he doesn't always know his own strength. In Episode 3, if your Candy decides to go on a walk with Castiel and he offers for her to walk Demon, he gets overexcited and ends up pulling your Candy; making her fall and scrape her knee. Most likely due to being spoiled by Castiel, Demon can sometimes be difficult to handle. In Episode 9, if your Candy meets up with Castiel, he's already having a problem catching Demon since he wanted to play. Demon has also been seen to be defensive and protective of Castiel, which can sometimes startle your Candy.


Castiel: Castiel seems very protective of his dog. In Episode 9, he gets mad at Candy for not trying to catch him which shows how much he was worried about Demon. In Episode 28 When Candy goes to the park with Kentin, after "playing" with Cookie and Kiki, Castiel takes Demon home out of worry. They seem very close.

Candy: Not much is known apart from how scared Candy reacts when seeing Demon at times. If you went to the beach with Castiel in Episode 9, Candy will eventually soften up towards the dog, even calling him "Doggie" which seems to make Demon mad.

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  • According to ChiNoMiko, originally Castiel was going to be named "Damon", but due to the name seeming too cliche with him already being the "bad boy" type, it was changed to Castiel. The name Damon was then used for his dog, with just the alteration of the second letter of his name.

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