The Dollar Shop


The previous coloring when the shop was high lighted

In the city, you will find the dollar store on the top right side. Items from the dollar store are quest items that are used to make progress through the episode you are playing.

After a conversation with a character in the game, an object in the dollar store may show up to help you. You must buy them to finish an objective.

The owner


Louis, the owner of the Dollar Shop

The owner is Louis. You don't get to interact with him when you visit the dollar shop.

He also sells things on the beach in Episode 9, due to the proximity of the Dollar Shop from the Beach in the map.

Updated Appearance

Dollar Shop

The dollar shop was updated on the map on 25th May 2015.

The store is decorated with a present with a rainbow shooting out of it, however in the game, there is a loaded shopping trolley with stars beside it. It is slightly smaller than the shop in the old version of the map.

In the 2017 update of the game, the shop remains the same but it's highlight coloring and design changed.


  • Even though it's called a Dollar Shop, nothing is for a Dollar there. You use your game money to buy stuff there.