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Event Summary

During the 2017 Easter Event, players could participate by finishing four daily objectives that would reward them with an event exclusive currency, dice. If players failed to finish the daily objectives or didn't feel like waiting each day for the objectives to refresh, the option to purchase dice for 25AP each was available. Dice was used to play a board game to unlock clothes, send other players gifts, and unlock illustration pieces.

The event ran from April 14th at 11am to April 23st at midnight for a total of 9 days.


The main administrator of My Candy Love opened a thread detailing the rewards of the event and how to get them. You can read the announcement here.

Fairy Announcements

After doing a certain action, a pop-up of Agatha would appear. Here are some of the things she said.

Daily Objectives

Log In

The easiest way to gain dice is to log in every day of the event, which earns players 1 dice.

Finding the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny can be found all over the site pages, so players need to look in a numerous amount of places. When found, the Easter Bunny sits still and needs to be clicked on to earn 2 dice.

Episode Progression

Using 10 moves in an episode (which uses 20AP in total) earns players 1 dice. Special Episodes are not included and will not earn players any dice.


The object of the mini game is to catch 14 Easter eggs before the can hit the ground. A bell with wings releases the eggs and players have to be quick to bring their Easter basket under the egg before it hits the ground. Players are given 3 chances to catch all the eggs and have a health meter depicted by 3 hearts. Besides normal Easter eggs, the bell drops green rotten eggs which when caught, take away one heart. If the player manages to catch enough eggs and has at least 1 heart remaining by the end, they receive 1 dice.

Board Game


Asset Gallery


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