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Episode N°11 – THE DYNAMIC DUO

The day of the orienteering race has arrived! Will you and your teammate pass the different steps? Most importantly, will you come in first place?!

My Candy Love - Episode 11-000:29

My Candy Love - Episode 11-0

Episode 11 Trailer

SUMMARY (Slight Spoilers): This episode is the big day, the orienteering race is finally here. You'll spend this episode with the boy of your choice, unlocking interesting dialouge along the way. The object of the race is to come in first, and you are doing well - finding objects, passing checkpoints, even defeating Amber when she tries to steal something to keep the other teams from continuing - but unfortuately you and your partner both get lost in the end. 

See the Episode 11 Guide for more information and hints.


There are a total of four illustrations for this episode, however you can only recieve one per episode play.



Hidden Object

If you run into the fairy before you get to the start of the


Fairy Gift

race, she may give you a backpack (shown on the left)

to go with your orienteering uniform. 

Good luck finding the fairy

There is also a hidden object in this episode, a Panda

T-Shirt (shown at right). Good luck finding it!

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