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Part 1 (Introduction)

There are 4 illustrations in this episode, one per teammate.

This episode relies on a choice made in episode 10. Normally, you would have had to replay this episode to change your decision, but we’ve made it a bit easier. You are given the chance to change your teammate for the race for 100APs.

You can even spend these 100AP if you don’t have them! If you do, you will have a negative number of APs.

Alexy comes to see you to talk about what you did together (if you got the illustration from episode 10). He isn’t participating in the race as he just got to school, and is about to go home. He gives you a message to pass on to Armin.

➜ Objective: Go find Armin to find out if he will be participating in the race or not.

To find Armin, you need to first speak to Melody. She tells you that Armin is in the Gardening Club. He isn’t participating either, he doesn’t like being outside. Violette comes and lets you know you don’t have your uniform. You must go find the person responsible for the students.

➜ Objective: Ask the new teacher for a uniform.

Boris is in Classroom B. Once you’ve found him, buy the uniform to finish the dialogue and pass to the next objective. The uniform costs $176.

➜ Objective: Find your teammate for the race

He will in the staircase. He is already in his uniform. Next, go to the courtyard to find out more information about the race. As of now, your teammate will always be with you and this until the end of the episode. This is a great occasion to raise your L’O’M with him!! (just agree to sit with him on the bus~)

Part 2 (The start of the race)

Once you are in the courtyard, the principal will explain the specifics of the race. Then you get on the bus to go to the forest. Once you get there, you have to get off the bus to unlock a new objective.

➜ Objective: Visit the different places of the race.

You should find all the teams from your school:

  • Kim and Violette
  • Iris and Melody
  • Amber, Li and Charlotte
  • The Boys (depends on your teammate)

Once you have met all the teams, you can meet Dake. He is participating in the race because his uncle, Boris, helped with the organization. He will ask you if you want to complete the race with him.

➜ You can say yes and finish the episode with him (However, your teammate will not appreciate this at all)

In the case you officially change your teammate (Dake will take care of it).
You will have to go to the start of the race for the change to be completed.
Once that is done, Dake will be with you until the end of the episode.

➜ You can say no and continue the episode with your teammate

Dake will simply leave.
Depending on what you say, your teammate will appreciate your choice.

➜ Objective: Look to see if the students from the other school have arrived to start the race.

You will have to move around until you find Jade or Dajan, they are here to participate in the race too. You cannot be teammates with them because they aren’t “really” participating.

➜ Objective: Go to the starting area to hear the instructions and start the race!

Once you are there, the principal will start explaining the race... She gives you a map that your teammate takes directly.

Part 3 (The first step)

The first dialogue to unlock is with your teammate. They have lost the map and you will have to figure out the race without it.

➜ Objective: Find the first check point

The directions you need to take are different depending on the session. One of two maps will be given to you at random and there are three choices to make in total. (() as far as I know, there is no way to be able to tell. You’ll have to guess())

Map 1                       -                        Map 2


If you don’t make any mistakes, you will win a bit of LOM with your partner on each correct move.

Once you’ve taken the right path you will find Mr. Faraize who is taking care of the second step of the race. You have now finished the first part of the race!

Part 4 (The second step)

➜ Objective: Talk to Amber about Mr. Faraize's lost item, just in case...

Mr. Faraize lost his stamp that allows you to pass on to the next step. The last person that passed through was Amber, so you need to go ask her about the stamp, just in case... You need to have talked to Iris to talk to Amber.

 Once you have her in front of you, she will admit that she took the stamp but that she left it in the forest. You will need to return and find it if you want to move on to the next step.

➜ Objective: Find the stamp hidden in the forest

There are two ways to find the stamp:    

  • At the food of a tree, in the area near the rocks.
  • From Iris who already found it.

Once you have the stamp you need to give it to Mr. Faraize, who is at the beginning of the second step. You can then start the hunt for the objects!

➜ Objective: Find all the objects on the list and return to see Mr. Faraize.


The second step is a treasure hunt. You need to find several items:

  • an object created by man
  • something shiny
  • a leaf as big as a hand
  • an inhabitant of the forest (insects don’t count)
  • a print
  • an insect

The print is found in the big tree, after a dialogue with your partner. They will give you hints about the areas where each object can be found during this part. Once you have found all the objects, you can return to see Mr. Faraize to go on to the third and final step.

Part 5 (The third step + end)


You will find Jade or Dajan, depending on your club, who will ask you to find the letters scattered in the decor. These letters form a word, which you will have to tell him when you see him a second time. You need to find 5 letters! There are five places, five letters. One letter in each place.

Once you have found all the litter, retrun to see your friend at the beginning of step three. He will ask you what word these letters form:

The word is "P A R I S".

➜ Objective: Try to get out of the forest to finish the episode!!

You and your teammate get lost when you try to take a shortcut. You need to move around to find an exit until you unlock a final sequence in the episode. You will be able to go on your date only if you choose the correct dialogues (except for Dake, who needs just one right answer). Once you’ve gotten the illustration you are found by Mr. Faraize and one of the boys from school (other than your partner) if you have a good affinity with them!

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