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Part 1 (Introduction)

For this episode, there are 6 illustrations available, two are automatically unlocked during the episode.

You are back at school, in the teachers’ lounge, getting yelled at by the principal. She is holding you responsible for the failure of the race, and your punishment is to help Mr. Faraize if he needs it. Seeing as you want to live, you don’t argue with her.

➜ Objective: Go see Mr. Faraize to apologize

Mr. Faraize is in one of the rooms in the school. When you find him, he will tell you that the race was supposed to finance  another project and that finally not enough money was made, which explains why the principal is angry. About your punishment, he just asks you to clean up the teachers’ lounge.

➜ Objective: Go to the main hallway to go to the teachers' lounge


The objects

Once you are in the main hallways, go to the teachers’ lounge. You need to pick up three objects.

You will automatically return to the teachers' lounge until you've picked up all three objects.

➜ Objective: Find out who won the race

Once you've cleaned the room, you decide to find out who won the race. To figure this out you need to talk to Castiel, Nathaniel, Lysander and Armin. Then, go to the main hallway.

You will then meet Violette who will talk to you about Alexy.

Part 2 (Alexy's Revelation)

Violette has a crush on Alexy, but she is too shy to talk to him about it. She asks you to talk to him for her. You can either refuse and let her deal with it herself, or help her and go talk to Alexy.

Choice 1 : Help
Will allow you to gain some LOM with Alexy and Violette

➜ Objective: Go see Alexy to talk to him about Violette

You will find Alexy in the gardening club, after having talked to Armin. When you talk to him about Violette, he will be a bit bothered before telling you that he doesn’t like her like that, and that he will never be able to. When you insist, he will reveal to you that he likes....boys! He decides to go talk to Violette himself. Surprise, you decide to go see Armin, like he asked.

Here is where you return to the regular story.

Choice  2 : Don’t Help
You neither win nor lose anything

➜ Objective: Try to find out how Violette's declaration evolved

Curiosity gets ahold of you and you want to know what happened with Violette. You need to ask her on your own once she’s made her declaration. She tells you that Alexy said no, while remaining discreet. You go seem him to get some more information.

➜ Objective: Go talk with Alexy

After an insightfull conversation, you remember what Armin had asked you before. You decide to go see him.

Part 3 (What the...)

➜ Objective: Ask Armin for some more information about his brother

Armin jokes around a bit, then talks more seriously about his brother. You get the information you need and then leave. You'll stumble upon Castiel and Lysander. They don’t see you  and continue their conversation as if everything was normal. You hear Lysander whispering to Castiel. After what you just heard from Alexy, you are a little scared. Iris distracts you...and before you know it, the boys have left.

It couldn’t be true. You must clear up the situation! You meet Boris who asks you for help.

➜ Objective: Figure out what is going on between Castiel and Lysander!

You can validate this objective later in the episode.

➜ Objective: Remind Lysander that he has to go to the gym.

You need to either accept or refuse the interview with Peggy and have talked to Castiel to find Lysander. once that is one, you will remind him he has to go to the gym, and you decide to follow him to see his tattoo. You hide in the lockers and someone comes in to change.

You automatically unlock the first illustration.

  • You cannot see who it is, but the marks on their back are visible. Without thinking, you come out of the locker to see who it is and get some explanations.

To unlock a second illustration, you will need to have a LOM of 40 or more with Nathaniel.

  • Nathaniel is furious and you automatically lose LOM with him (normal though, anyone would be angry in that situation!), but don’t panic, you will be able to make up for it later in the episode. Without any information about the marks on Nathaniel’s back, you decide to start an investigation.

➜ Objective: Try to find out if anyone has information on Nathaniel... or keep it for yourself.

You can either choose to talk to the others about what you saw...or not. Depending on your choice you will either raise or lower your LOM with Nathaniel afterwards. Before talking to Melody, you will see Lysander who saw that Nathaniel was upset. Without talking about the bruises, you explain that you saw Nathaniel in the locker rooms.

To unlock the third illustration, you will a LOM more than 40 with Lysander.

  • You then see Amber. You talk to her about Nath, and she proposes a deal: buy her the phone that she saw at the Dollar Shop and she will give you some info about her brother and the bruises on his back.

➜ Objective: Buy the telephone at the Dollar Shop and go back to the hallway

Once you have purchased the telephone, go back and give it to Amber. She tells you that he got the bruises at home, without any real specifics. This doesn’t help you very much, well at all really... but what is done is done, and you don’t have any other choice than to watch that pest leave with the telephone you just bought.

Part 4 (Clearing things up)

➜ Objective: Talk to Nathaniel

Unlock a dialogue with Nathaniel. If you talked to the other students about what you saw, your LOM will go down... a lot.

You will then find Lysander and Castiel who will explain their conversation earlier! The objective “Figure out what is going on between Castiel and Lysander!” will validate at this moment.

➜ Objective: Talk to Castiel

To unlock a fourth illustration, you  must have a LOM of 40 or more with Castiel.

  • Castiel is making fun of you and what you hear Lysander tell him earlier. This is time to have special moment with him!

➜ Objective: Talk to Armin

Game disk location MCL

Armins game location


To  unlock a fifth illustration, you must have picked up the video game in the background and answered Armin correctly.

  • Armin lost his game. You can either give it to him and watch him play, or leave because you didn’t pick up the game and therefore don’t have it in your inventory.

➜ Objective: Talk to Melody

Thanks to Melody, you have a new idea to help the school make money! A concert! Only, you need the two main participants to agree: Castiel and Lysander. You will need to find the Lysander to talk to him about it. As you go into the hallways, you see Amber and a boy that you don’t know kissing! You automatically unlock another and final illustration!

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