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In this episode, one illustration of the boys is available. It can only be released under certain conditions. (explained at the end of this guide)

You resume where the previous episode had ended: with Amber and a mysterious boy you've never seen before. Amber then starts bragging, your LOM with the boy increases or decreases depending on the past affinity. The boy takes his phone and crushes the ground saying he refuses to see her. Amber does not take that very well.

After this fight, wich you find entertaining, you pick up where you left of at the end of the previous episode. Remember: you should talk to Lysander your project together!

➜ Goal: Find Lysander to talk about your project

With this, you will unlock more dialogue.

✔Talk to the new boy

You ultimately learn that it is  Ken, the boy had glasses that you followed to school. He has returned from his military training has grown up, not only physically!

Your LOM will change with the boy:

If your LOM with Ken is greater than 40, your LOM with Kentin will increased from 30 to 50 maximum (for a LOM over 80). You therefore end up with a LOM bonus with the “new character”. However, if your LOM was too low with him, it will sink to -50. A sufficient penalty. But do not worry, everyone will have a chance at redemption!

✔ Talk to Amber

You get a nice chance to laugh at her expense here! You tell her the boy she just kissed is none other than "the glasses wearing idiot" she martyred a few months ago!

✔ Talk to Armin

You tell Armin about some of the things you have discovered. You’ll have plenty of time to talk about your project with Lysander the next day!

➜ Goal: Get back in the yard to go home

Go to the courtyard to go home. Your candy will return to school the next day.

Find Lysander and talk about your project resumes while waiting, since you need to refocus your research on your mate (()I don’t understand either?()). You then must talk to Nathaniel (who you find in a sour mood). Later, you chat with Alexy about what happened in the locker room.

The following two choices are available to you:

Choice 1 - talk to Nathaniel

  • Save it with LOM
  • You will come across a few dialogs before you can apologize to Nathaniel. Once done, you can go on and look for Lysander.

Choice 2 – keep doing things

  • This has no effect.
  • Looking for Lysander without worrying that think Nathaniel. You finally find Lysander (he could be in three different locations of the school) and talk to him about the concert. He agrees and is even a little playful - as much is as normal for Lysander anyway. There is only one problem: If Lysander was to simply perform alone, the concert will not be very interesting. So, you must convince Castiel to participate too.


➜ Objective: Tell Lysander if Castiel will participate in the concert

To complete this, you must first unlock a dialog with Castiel. He refuses to participate.

➜ Goal: No luck with Castiel

Lysander had no more luck than you. He advises you wait a bit before asking Castiel again. Eventually Alexy wants to help convince Castiel now, since a lot of students seem willing to help.

➜ Objective: Go with Alexy gather some students to convince Castiel

(Alexy stays with you throughout this goal)

Iris and Kim is come with you to talk to Castiel. You need to try "recruiting" them until the team is complete.

➜ Goal: Returns see Castiel.

This time it will be good! You with Alexy, Iris and Kim throughout this goal.

Once you find Castiel, you can let him talk to you like: - Kim - Iris - Alexy - Yourself Next to your preferences and your reply Castiel resign if you ask him. If not, it will return to him until someone succeeds. You will learn that his amp is broken, and he can no longer play. Your classmates while offering all club together to buy him a new one and thus to organize the concert. Quite a series of goal displacement appear as follows:

➜ Goal: Raise the funds necessary to purchase the amplifier ($200)

➜ Goal: Ask Nathaniel if he can contribute to the purchase

➜ Goal: Ask Amber if she can contribute to the purchase

➜ Goal: Ask Castiel if he can contribute to the purchase

➜ Goal: Ask Iris if she can participate in the purchase

➜ Goal: Ask Capucine if she can contribute to the purchase

➜ Goal: Violet Asks if she can contribute in the purchase

➜ Goal: Ask Melody if she can contribute in the purchase

➜ Goal: Ask Armin if he can contribute to the purchase

➜ Goal: Ask Peggy if she can participate in the purchase

➜ Goal: Ask Rosalya if it can contribute to the purchase

➜ Goal: Ask Lysander it can contribute to the purchase

You must talk to all these people and raise money to go to the next step. Everyone seems eager to help out, which is very encouraging. Once the $200 is collected (you also give a little) you will need to find Castiel to know where to go to buy the amp.

➜ Objective: Application of a Castiel tell you where to buy the amp

Castiel indicate the place, you just have to get there.

➜ Objective: Makes you going to go in the store!

Once you encounter in the course of new Alexy is ready to accompany you if you wish! It is possible at this time to make an outfit available only in this episode.

You can not move along until you have the required $200.

(pro tip: don’t spend any money till you have it!!!)

Two variations can happen in your story:

Variation 1  (no negative effects)

➜ Goal: Give the amp Castiel

You must talk to Nathaniel before giving Castiel the amp. Once this is done - the amp is given, Castiel is happy and willing to play - you return to the main frame of the story.

Variation 2 (negative effects)

  • This path will cause you to loose 5 points on your LOM with Armin, Castiel, Lysander and Nathaniel

Once the $ 200 given to Melody then return to the main plot of the story.

➜ Goal: Talk to Nathaniel now that the amp is purchased

You will find Nathaniel in the hallway. He talks about how he would organize the concert if it was his job. You find out you need  permission from the Principle, (you are in high school).


➜ Objective: Go see the manager to ask for permission

Go see the principle. She will agree on one condition; the school will not pay a dime towards the concert. Because everyone is ready to help you, say it is not a problem.

➜ Goal: Try to see if Rosalya can find a place to hold the concert

You must go down the hall. You'll see that something has changed. Once the dialogue finished a new heart is available in the background. Click to get to the basement.  Rosa thinks this is the perfect place for the concert. But it is pretty crowded, and you need help as soon as possible. Several objectives will unlock then:

➜ Goal: Request a Castiel if he can come help

➜ Goal: Request a Armin if can come help

➜ Goal: Request a Nathaniel if he can come help

To unlock the illustration, you must be able to convince all ofthe three boys to help. If one is missing, you will not get the illustration. You speak once each to  Castiel, Armin and Nathaniel.

➜ Goal: Go back to the stairwell

➜ Goal: Return the basement

As indicated, go to the stairwell. Here you can choose who will get clean the basement. If you managed to convince everyone to help, you can  choose: - Castiel - Nathaniel - Lysander - Armin - Rosalya (The boys who are not selected may take it badly!) Then return to the basement to start to clear the room.

Choice 1 – (With Rosalya)

➜ Goal: Removal of scale and returns Gardening club in the basement (() your guess is as good as mine? O_o;())

You must go to gardening clubs. You will not come across anyone in the hallways before you get there. Once the scale is dropped off, Rosalya realizes she has dropped her ring  while helping you move it. Go back and look.

➜ Goal: Returns to gardening club to see if Rosalya can find the ring

Fortunately you have no trouble finding the ring. You return one last time in the basement. This continues the main plot.

Choice 2, 3, and 4 – (With Armin/Castiel/Lysander)

➜ Goal: Remove an  object before returning to the basement

As indicated, go to the gym or gardening club and then back to the basement to unlock the next objective. You can unlock some dialogues in the meantime which are a little more private than usual with (only with Lysander, Castiel or Armin).

➜ Objective: Place a second object and return to the basement (in a different place with a different partner)

As indicated again, go to the place indicated and return to the basement. You will see that the room is slowly emptying.

➜ Goal: Drop last object and return to the basement (new place new partner)

Go to the place indicated (just like before) and return to the basement after unlocking all a little more private dialogues of each boy. These allow you to gain a little LOM with them. This continues the main plot.

Choice 5 – (With Nathaniel)

➜ Goal: Removal of scale and returns Gardening club in the basement

You must go to the gardening club, then back to the basement, as requested.

➜ Goal: Range chair and carpet in the delegates' lounge and returns one last time in the basement room

Once delegates Nathaniel noticed that the chair is not the right color: it goes Classroom B. You agree to the store instead of leaving it in the room.

➜ Goal: Take the chair in the classroom B

Once back in classroom B, Nathaniel tells you that he is happy to have been able to do things correctly and thanks you. You can now return to the basement (which was emptied by others). This continues the main plot.

Once back in the ground, the last dialogue of the episode occurs.

This is where you can unlock the illustration if you've managed to convince all the boys to come help you rid the room!

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