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My Candy Love - Episode 2600:33

My Candy Love - Episode 26

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The episode begins with your Candy noting that the school paper has been released and it's revealed that there will be a new female student arriving. Due to normally being the newest girl in the school, the news doesn't sit well with your Candy. She tries to think positively, however, and goes off to see other students' reactions to the newspaper. When your Candy runs into Nathaniel, she asks him what he thinks of the news, although he's not all that interested. Your Candy eventually literally runs into Castiel, who then notes that your Candy looks worried. Lysander wonders why people look agitated today and he didn't read the school paper. Your Candy tells him about how Peggy's new paper mentions that there will be a new female student and he understands why people are intrigued. If your Candy acts nervous, Lysander realizes something is wrong and your Candy tells him how she's afraid the new girl will steal her place. He then tells her she has nothing to worry about and that her friends won't abandon her. Armin reacts more frantically due to finding out Peggy threw the article they worked on in the trash and your Candy tries to calm him down. After he's done talking about the old article, your Candy asks him what he thinks of Peggy's new scoop. Armin sees through your Candy by asking her if she's afraid the new girl will take her place, and your Candy replies by either saying the new girl could be to Armin's tastes or that she hopes she has undesirable traits. When your Candy runs into Kentin, he asks her if she's read the news, and your Candy replies with a hint of jealousy. Kentin doesn't care about the new girl's appearance, though, and only hopes she's nice. Depending on how your Candy approaches Amber, either Amber or Melody will provide your Candy with a little more details about the new girl, but your Candy wants to find a copy of the newspaper so she can read it for herself. Your Candy asks Iris if she has a copy she can read, but she already lent it to Rosalya. Your Candy then asks her what she remembers from the article, and according to Iris, the new girl's name is Priya and she travels a lot. Apparently her father is a business man so they have to move quite a bit for his job. Even though your Candy learned some more information from Iris, she still wants to read the article for herself. Eventually your Candy runs into Rosalya and the duo read the school newspaper together. Your Candy finds out Iris was right and that Priya has done quite a bit of traveling. The newspaper also reveals that Priya will be at the school in one week, and your Candy knows she has to try to have a good perspective on things so that she doesn't start off on bad terms with Priya. Your Candy wants to organize something original and she thinks back to when Iris had a picnic with her family. Your Candy has the idea to have a picnic with the boy of her choice and although Rosalya is curious to know what she's thinking about, your Candy tells her she's only thinking about the new student.

Your Candy leaves the school once the end of the day comes and she decides to think about things on her way home. As she reaches her apartment, however, she notices Nina is waiting for her there. Nina wonders where Lysander is since she hasn't seen him in a week and your Candy tells her that she hasn't noticed anything different with him. Nina feels something has happened to Lysander and your Candy tells her she should go talk to him directly. She explains that she can't seem to run into him, but will camp outside his house all day and night until she sees him. The two girls then part ways and your Candy goes up to her room to think about the picnic idea. Your Candy wonders how to go about asking the boy she likes to a picnic and thinks about how the idea of a picnic seems like a date. She decides to do through with the plan, but she feels nervous.

The next day, your Candy arrives at school and tells herself that she needs to be brave. As she walk around, she runs into Iris, who mentions she's texting her brother and that he's quite the charmer. Iris then says she'll introduce him to your Candy sometime. Your Candy eventually runs into the boy she wanted to ask to have a picnic with and she decides to go through with her plans. She begins to tell them about her plan for a picnic, but before she can mentions it's just for the two of them, Alexy or Rosalya, depending on which guy your Candy is talking to, interrupts the duo and asks if they can join in, as well. They then begin to tell other students and before your Candy can say anything further, the boy she wanted to go with decides to not go to the suddenly huge picnic and, instead, leaves. Now that a new plan is set in motion, your Candy knows she has to go along with it even if it wasn't her original plan. Iris then suggests that they get to class and the two girls go to class together. In the classroom, your Candy can't help but look over to the guy she wanted to go to the picnic with and the two make eye contact. Your Candy hopes she can explain the situation to him so that maybe he'll still attend the picnic, even if it's not just the two of them. She plans to talk to the boy after class, but by the time she packs up her things, he's already left the room. She decides that she won't let things end up like they have and goes off to find the boy in order to clear things up about the picnic. She runs into Alexy along the way and he wants her to come with him to find people to attend the picnic. The duo invite Melody, who thinks a picnic is a great idea and is happy to join. When they ask Kim, she isn't sure if she can attend yet and will let them know later. When your Candy asks Peggy if she would like to attend the picnic, Peggy is happy for the offer and thinks that it's very nice of your Candy to invite her. After inviting the girls, your Candy runs into Alexy and lets him know who she invited. Alexy informs your Candy that none of the other boys seem to want to come to the picnic and your Candy hopes to convince the boy she wanted to have the picnic with earlier to still attend. When your Candy runs into the guy she wanted to have the picnic with, they still aren't going to attend the picnic since they were originally expecting it to be just the two of them. Your Candy feels sad she couldn't convince them to join, but the boy then suggests having a separate picnic for just the two of them. Your Candy is more then happy to agree to go and the duo decide to talk more about it later. Your Candy is thrilled to be able to have the picnic she originally wanted, but she has to concentrate on her first picnic with the rest of her friends for now.

At the end of the day, your Candy goes to join her friends in the front of the school. The group consists of Melody, Violette, Iris, Rosalya, Peggy, Alexy, and Capucine. The group decides it would be best to find somewhere else to discuss the picnic and decide to go to the Cafe. Once at the Cafe, the group orders a drink or snack before getting down to business. They agree on the date to be the day after tomorrow before discussing what to bring to the picnic. Your Candy mentions how they probably won't all go to buy things together so everyone can pitch in money and have a couple people go do the shopping. Capucine volunteers your Candy to do the shopping, but Alexy reassures her that she won't be alone. Peggy then decides to make a precise list on what will be bought for the picnic. Everyone is expected to pitch in $10 for the supplies and since no one else volunteered, your Candy is the one who has to do the shopping tomorrow. Once the plans are all set, everyone heads home and your Candy makes her way back to her Apartment. She's looking forward to the picnic with her friends, but she's even more excited to attend the one with the boy of her choice.

The next day at school, your Candy can't help but feel a little nervous thinking about how to approach the boy she has picnic plans with. She doesn't want to seem desperate or to insist on the picnic idea more than she already has. Your Candy is then approached by Armin, who wonders why Peggy didn't mention the scoop about something happening at the school in the latest paper after he worked hard to get that information. Your Candy reassures him that Peggy is most likely looking further into it and that his investigation wasn't in vain. Armin decides to go ask Peggy about it and asks if your Candy wants to join him, which she does. At first Armin is discouraged because they can't find Peggy, but the duo eventually find her. She tells them not to ask about their article because it was a botched job, but Armin wants to ask her some questions, though she's reluctant due to being busy with other investigations. Your Candy asks her why she didn't do an article herself on the event that's suppose to occur at the school, but Peggy apparently already knew about the event and only didn't write about it because she found out about it during the phase where she considered quitting writing for the school paper. She also didn't have enough information to write a full article while keeping it truthful. Your Candy and Armin are both curious if the event is what Peggy is investigating currently, but she refuses to tell them and leaves with a smile on her face. Armin is disappointed he didn't learn anything about the situation, but your Candy reassures him by mentioning how at least the lead Armin found was true after all. Violette interrupts the duo so she can give your Candy the money for the picnic and Armin jokes about Candy being a dealer. She explains to him that she's in charge of buying groceries for the picnic and Armin shows his dislike of the outdoors. Violette tries to coax him into joining them for the picnic, but he'd rather play video games. Your Candy decides to go find the rest of the picnic goers so she can collect the money for the groceries, so she parts ways with Armin and Violette to do so. When your Candy runs into Alexy, he gives her the money for the picnic, but he also informs her that he can't go shopping with her for the picnic supplies due to having detention with Ms. Delanay for being caught loitering in the hallway several times. Melody approaches your Candy with the picnic money she owes and even Iris remembered to bring the money. Peggy remembered to bring the money for the picnic, as well, though Capucine decides to buy her own things and doesn't give your Candy any money. When asked again, Kim decides to attend the picnic, but can only give $5 for the groceries. When your Candy runs into other boys that she doesn't already have picnic plans with, she still puts the invite out to them, but none take it. The last person your Candy collects money from is Rosalya, who offers to join her to get the groceries. Rosalya wonders what happened to Alexy, and your Candy tells her about the detention and Rosalya notes that they'll have to be careful. After school, your Candy and Rosalya decide to get the picnic supplies from the Dollar Shop. Once at the store, the duo buy snacks, sweet and savory foods, drinks, plastic cups, and a blanket. The cost totals to $80, in which your Candy has to put in $15 of her own money for. After a small banter, your Candy and Rosalya part ways and your Candy goes home for the night.

The next day, your Candy brings the groceries to school with her, but she's immediately confronted by Amber, Li, and Charlotte. The group begins to harass your Candy and Amber yanks the picnic blanket from the bag, causing the whole bag to drop to the ground. The school bell then rings and Amber's group leaves your Candy. Your Candy worries about being late and starts to pick up all the groceries from the ground. The boy your Candy plans to have a picnic with shows up and begins to help her pick up the picnic supplies, and after some banter, they agree to have their picnic at noon tomorrow. With the time of their picnic settled, they hurry to get to class since they're already late. The duo apologize to Ms. Delanay for being late before sitting down for class. By the end of class, the students attending the picnic are excited for the event and go to the front of the school to meet up. Once confirming everything is on order, the group goes off to the Park. While your Candy and Iris unfold the blanket, the rest of the group unpacks the groceries. After Rosalya's suggestion, they decide to set up the blanket in the shade so people have the option to be in the sun or not. Violette places her homemade cake in the shade so the icing won't melt and Alexy compliments her on her cooking. Melody then asks Capucine what she brought to contribute to the picnic and she hesitantly says how she didn't have money to contribute so her mom packed her a snack, though Kim sees that she's not being truthful. Rosalya then suggests that they start eating, so the group sit together and begin distributing the groceries. Alexy feels a little weird being the only boy at the picnic, but Iris reassures him. Rosalya mentions how they won't be able to talk freely about boys like they did at Melody's picnic, but Alexy tells that that he's fine with it. Violette tells him it might be weird since one of the boys is his brother and if a girl liked him, it would be awkward to say in front of his brother. Rosalya tells them not to be embarrassed, but Peggy notes that it's easier for her to say since she already has a boyfriend and how everyone else is keeping a low profile. Everyone then begins to question Peggy about her love life, though she continually tells them that journalism takes up too much time to be in a relationship. Eventually smaller groups of people begin to form, with one group talking about Ms. Delanay, another talking about fashion, and Violette begins to draw. Your Candy ends up sitting with Kim, and Kim tells her how the picnic idea was good and how it helps to ease tension with some people. Violette then shows your Candy and Kim the drawing she was working on, which is a picture of them sitting together in the sun. Rosalya coins the picnic as a success, though she notices your Candy seems a bit distracted. Your Candy is thinking about her next picnic and after Rosalya tries prying, your Candy throws grass at her and the duo begin a grass throwing fight. Alexy joins in by throwing grass at Kim who, in turn, pours water on him. As Alexy runs off to get some water from the river to fight back, everyone else joins in, as well. By the end, everyone is soaking wet except Violette, who had stayed away and had been drawing what your Candy assumes was the water fight. After a little while, some people begin to get cold and Melody suggests they head home so they don't get sick. The group proceeds to clean up the area before wishing each other a great weekend and parting ways. Your Candy makes sure to steer away from her parents as she gets home since she's not sure they'd be happy to see her all wet, but Lucia ends up seeing her anyways. Lucia asks your Candy why she's wet, so she tells her mother about the water fight, and Lucia tells her to dry off before dinner. After taking a shower and going down to have dinner, your Candy comes up with an idea as to what to bring to the picnic with the boy of her choice.

The next day, your Candy goes to the Dollar Shop to get any supplies she needs before going home to change into a new outfit. Once changed, your Candy heads off to the park to meet up with the boy she has plans with. When she arrives at the park, the boy she has plans with greets her before they put down their picnic supplies near a tree. The duo then spread the picnic blanket down and take out all the food.

If your Candy went on a picnic with Armin, she bakes a chocolate cake, due to Violette having inspired her. She worries Armin will not like it, since she burnt it a little saying she is a terrible cook. As she arrives in the park, Armin is already waiting for her, and has chosen a place in the shade due to his dislike of sunlight. He is excited for dessert if she brought cake, even though Candy is unsure about it, to which Armin says they will have to wait and see until dessert, and shows Candy the sandwiches he brought. After finishing the sandwiches, Armin gets all excited saying it is finally time for dessert. Candy is less enthusiastic and cuts two pieces. Armin stares at Candy weirdly and asks if she burned the cake, taking a small bite and then spitting it out right away. Embarrassed, Candy faces the floor, unable to look Armin in the eyes. Armin notices and reassures her that no one can have only good qualities, and it would have turned out okay if she didn't leave it in the oven for too long. Wasps suddenly fly around them obviously having their sights for the cake. Armin grumbles and asks her if they can leave. If your Candy tells Armin to stay still, he teases her about not being able to handle them like Katniss did with the poisonous wasps in the Hunger Games. A wasp then flies near her ear and out of shock, she falls into Armin's arms. He will laugh and hold Candy in his arms until they are interrupted.

If your Candy went on a picnic with Nathaniel and she brought a salad, she worries that the salad won't be any good because she's not experienced at cooking. Nathaniel reassures her that it'll be good and the two dish out what they'll be eating. Nathaniel tells her that the salad is good and that she had nothing to be worried about. Your Candy then tries the salad, as well, and also thinks it came out good. Nathaniel wonders what gave your Candy the idea to have a picnic, and your Candy tells him that Iris had one with her family and she thought it would be nice to do the same with someone she appreciates. Nathaniel is happy your Candy chose to go with him since he has more freedom now that he lives alone, but he hasn't utilized it until now. If your Candy suggests they take a walk after eating, Nathaniel agrees and the duo begin to walk around the park. Nathaniel thinks they should come to the park more often and your Candy wonders if he meant just in general or the both of them together. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows by and your Candy's hair gets in her face. Nathaniel chuckles and then gently brushes her hair out of her face.

If your Candy went on a picnic with Castiel, he remarks that he never would have thought he'd go on a picnic since it's not his usual style, but your Candy had been convincing. If she chose to bring quiche, she mentions how she hopes it's not bad and Castiel reassures her that she probably cooks like a chef. Castiel then takes a bite of the quiche and when he makes an unusual face, your Candy fears it tastes bad. He then begins to laugh and tells her he was only kidding. Apparently he thinks the quiche is very good and your Candy tries a bite to see for herself, which she agrees that it came out good. After a little time, there's only one piece of quiche left and your Candy wonders what to do. If she chooses to grab the last piece, Castiel grabs onto her wrists and says how he wants the last piece, as well. Your Candy tells him to be a gentleman and to let her have it, but Castiel just tells her no and that she's being sexist. The duo begin a play fight as Castiel continues to block your Candy from getting the last piece of quiche, but he ends up using a little extra force which causes her to lose her balance. Castiel also becomes unstable and falls on top of her.

If your Candy went on a picnic with Lysander and made raspberry muffins, you Candy says how they didn't turn out as planned. Lysander reassures her that they probably came out fine and that they'll eat them for dessert after eating the sandwiches he brought. Your Candy notes that the sandwiches he brought are perfect before they move on to dessert. Lysander says how the muffins look "aesthetic" and your Candy tells him she already knows they look ugly. If your Candy chooses to take a big bite of a muffin first, Lysander fears she'll choke for eating so fast, but your Candy reassures him she's fine. She then realizes that even though they aren't the prettiest, the muffins actually taste good. Lysander smiles amusingly at your Candy because by taking such a big bite, she got crumbs all over herself. He then gently brushes away some crumbs from your Candy's face with his hand, which causes her to blush.

If your Candy went on a picnic with Kentin and chose to bring fruit, Kentin notes how it looks delicious and how they can have it for dessert since he packed them sandwiches. The duo eat their sandwiches while chatting until he asks how the other picnic went. Your Candy tells him it was fun, but it would have been better if he was there. This makes Kentin happy and he replies that he's making up for it today. He then decides to have some fruit, but can't choose between them since they all look good. Your Candy suggests he eats either apples, strawberries, or grapes (apples and strawberries are the best options) and she takes the fruit of choice and holds it up to his mouth. He bites into the fruit without hesitation and exclaims that it's very good, all the while both teenagers' cheeks are a little red. Your Candy then suggests they take a walk, but Kentin would prefer to lay in the sun. He lays down in the grass and your Candy lays down next to him without hesitation.

After some time, your Candy gets the feeling she's being watched and she turns to see a young boy staring at them. When asked questions, the boy is very blunt with his responses and this confuses your Candy and the boy she's with. Suddenly Iris shows up, as well, calling out the boy's name, which is Thomas. Iris has the boy say hello to her two classmates before telling them that he's her little brother. Your Candy is confused since she was expecting someone older after Iris had mentioned girls were crazy about him earlier. When asked about playing the guitar, Thomas reveals that he's been playing for two years and that he's almost ten years old. Your Candy mentally notes how mature Thomas is for his age due to his musical experience and vocabulary. Your Candy and the boy she's with end up spending the rest of the afternoon with Iris and Thomas, and your Candy thinks how it was nice to finally meet Iris's brother. Your Candy is a little sad she didn't get as much time with the boy she had plans with, though. Now that it's time to go home, the group part ways, but not before Iris reminds your Candy that on Monday they'll be meeting their new classmate.

Date Outfits

Picture Who it is for Cost
Episode 26 temporary outfit nath castiel armin
Nathaniel/Castiel/Armin $160
Episode 26 temporary outfit lysander kentin
Lysander/Kentin $150

Fairy Gifts

Picture How to get
Temporary episode 26 fairy gift
During the objective "Go with Rosa to buy picnic supplies", walk around near the shops, but don't go to the Dollar Store.

Hidden Gifts

There are no hidden gifts in this episode.

Quest Items

Picture Purpose Where to find
Cups-blanket-drinks-candy and chips
Stuff for the picnic with your freinds. When going to the Dollar Shop with Rosa.
Groceries to make a chocolate cake. When going to the Dollar Shop before your picnic with Armin.


Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 26
(Attention: it doesn't provide you with the answers to increase your love’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1: Scoop and invitation

PART 2: Picnic in peace... or not!


P A R T 1
Scoop and invitation

In this episode, you can unlock 5 different illustrations. Getting them depends on your dialogue choices, outfit choice and the boy!

A new student is arriving very soon at Sweet Amoris, and this is worrying you... In any case, you are going to take your mind off things in the company of the boy of your choice!

➜ Ask the other students what they think about Peggy's scoop.

This objective takes quite a while to validate since you have to talk to each of the boys and Amber.

➜ Get a copy of the school paper.

You have to meet Iris before you can find Rosa, who will read Peggy’s article with you.

➜ Go home.

You have chosen the boy with whom you will go on a picnic… Now you just have to find the courage to invite him!

➜Invite the boy with whom you have the highest affinity to go on a picnic with you.

After having spoken with Iris, you meet the boy you are looking for in the courtyard. However, your friends arrive and your plans for a date suddenly fall apart...

➜ Go to Classroom B.

It’s time to go to class! However, this is also an occasion to get over your fears… It would be silly to turn back now!

➜ Find Nathaniel/Castiel/Lysander/Armin/Kentin and persuade him to come on the picnic.

Careful, before you can complete this objective, you have to validate the next objective! You will have to meet Alexy twice before you can find the boy you chose in the beginning of the episode. Priviledge the classrooms or the gardening club! He’s probably hanging around there...

➜ Invite the other students to participate in the picnic.

Find Peggy, Kim, and Melody and invite them to come to the picnic. Then find Alexy.

➜ Go to the café to talk about the picnic with your friends.

It’s time to organize the picnic!

➜ Go home.

It’s time to think about the two picnics.

P A R T 2
Picnic in peace... or not!

➜ Find Peggy and ask her if she knows what's going on at school.

Back at school, Armin keeps talking to you about the event that supposed to happen at school. He takes you with him to find Peggy.

➜ Collect the money from everyone who is participating in the picnic.

You have to collect the money from everyone, but also talk to almost all the boys before you can find Rosa, who will offer to go shopping with you.

➜ Go to the Dollar Shop with Rosa and buy what you need for the picnic.

Careful, you have to have at least $15 to continue the episode.

➜ Go to your bedroom.

You remember to bring everything for the picnic, but an unpleasant surprise is waiting for you at the school...

➜ You are late! Go to the science room.

Hurry or you might get in trouble with Ms. Delanay...

➜ Go to the courtyard then find your friends in front of the school.

It’s time for your first picnic!

➜ The picnic is going to start. Go to the park.

Enjoy this moment and spend some time with your friends!

➜ The day is coming to an end, you should go home.

You have an idea… What if you cook for your next picnic? Careful, what you choose will have an effect on your story!

➜ Go to the Dollar Shop to buy the ingredients you need.

➜ Go back home to cook.

You only have these objectives if you chose a dish you have to cook yourself. After cooking, you have to choose the outfit that best corresponds to your date.

➜ Go to the Dollar Shop to buy something to eat.

➜ Go back home to get ready for your date.

You only have these objectives if you chose a pre-prepared dish.

➜Go to the park and meet the boy with whom you have a date.

This wonderful, long awaited moment has finally arrived! However, there is always a chance for surprises...

That’s the end of this guide!!
See you for episode 27!

Love'o'Meter Guide

Love o&#039; meter guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.

NOTE: The amount of L'o'M seems to depend on your Zodiac sign.


What do you want me to think? A new student is coming, it's not that exceptional.

  • A. Well, I'm not so sure about that... Certain things will change... =
  • B. Yeah, you're probably right. +
  • C. Is that what you thought when I arrived? -

No, not really. I was going to spend some time with Amber. Oddly enough, I feel like we are closer now than when I lived with her.

  • A. That's not surprising, I've heard that people who get on each other's nerves while living together can become very close once they live apart. =
  • B. I bet she misses you. It's normal. +
  • C. You don't even know when we are having the picnic, you might be free. -

How did you manage to let all this fall on the ground?

  • A. It’s your charming sister’s fault...
  • B. Well, you could say that I had some help... =
  • C. I’m not sure you’ll enjoy hearing the truth... -

  • A. (...A mixed salad. That shouldn’t be too complicated, and it’s pretty healthy.) (Toward Illustration) =
  • B. (...A basket of chips, drinks and candy. That was enough when I had the picnic with the others. He should like all that, too. =
  • C. (...Ice cream. You can never go wrong with ice cream.) =

I guess so, yes.

  • A. Would you be interested in walking around the park after we eat? (Illustration) =
  • B. Do you want to get some sun after we eat? =
  • C. (Don’t suggest anything.) =


You look worried...

  • A. It's just that I heard about the new student. It's weird. =
  • B. Well, you did just run into me. - (+ high L'o'M)
  • C. No, I'm fine. + (- high L'o'M)

No thanks.

  • A. So, what are you up to, otherwise? - (+ high L'o'M)
  • B. Careful, I heard that Ms. Delanay is giving detentions to students who are hanging around the halls too much between classes. + (- high L'o'M)

Why doesn't this situation surprise me?

  • A. Why don't you help me instead of making fun of me?
  • B. Castiel this isn't the time...
  • C. Because I have a tendency of being a problem magnet, that's all. -

  • A. (...A quiche. That shouldn’t be too complicated.) (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. (...A salad. I’ll put things I already have in it, it shouldn’t be too bad.) =
  • C. (...Nothing, actually. I’ll get some burgers at the Dollar Shop on the way. I’m pretty sure he likes burgers.) =

  • A. Do you want to share?
  • B. (I’ll let him take the last piece. After all, I made the quiche to make him happy.) =
  • C. (I grabbed the last piece.) (Illustration) =


Oh, I see. It's normal that everyone is intrigued.

  • A. I have to admit that I am too. I've been asking myself quite a few questions... =
  • B. It's a bit ridiculous, hmm... They should wait to meet her before talking about her, ha ha... =
  • C. I hope that she won't be a pest... =

I don't doubt that.

  • A. Come with us! =
  • B. I guess that's not your cup of tea? =
  • C. Alexy didn't invite you? -

It’s normal. Are these things for your picnic?

  • A. What else would it be?
  • B. No, for ours!
  • C. Yeah. Now I regret having bought so many things, ha ha. = (+ or)

  • A. (...A pasta salad. I should at least be able to do that.) =
  • B. (...A cheese tart. I hope he’ll like it...) =
  • C. (...Raspberry muffins. My dad makes them sometimes, I can use his recipe.) (Towards Illustration) =

  • A. (Take a little piece of muffin.) =
  • B. (East a big piece of muffin.) (Illustration) =
  • C. (Let Lysander try them first.) =


Weird... Armin and I will try and convince him. He won't be able to say no.

  • A. With Armin? Are you sure? =
  • B. No, don't do that! +

Are we talking about the same person, here? My brother hates being outside. I swear, it's a physical problem. After a while, he has cold sweats and shakes.

  • A. Ha ha, yeah... At least. What's the next stage? Fainting? =
  • B. It's just the withdrawl from his video games. +

It's nice to get everyone together! That way, we can spend time with people we don't normally talk to.

  • A. Like Amber and her friends? =
  • B. That might be a little crazy... +

I had the "luck" of running into her three times in the hallway, and she said she would find something for me to do.

  • A. She's exaggerating! =
  • B. At the same time, you were looking for trouble. -
  • C. She's the one who needs to find an occupation... +



  • A. In any case, I don't have a good feeling about the scoop of the day... =
  • B. In any case, everyone is talking about the scoop of the day! (more dialogue) =
  • C. So, what do you think about Peggy's scoop? =

Imagine that it's a really cool girl, social, with a mad tendency of walking around the halls, you'll definitely be bothered.

  • A. And, what if she's a geek who raises ferrets and hides from the sun like the plague? +
  • B. I would prefer if she was impolite, coarse and had acne. -

  • A. Maybe we should stop looking for her, she won't tell us anything anyway. -
  • B. Maybe she is upset that we found the information before her. +
  • C. We'll find her, eventually. =

Wanna keep looking for Peggy?

  • A. If we have to...
  • B. Yeah, we have to find out more about this whole story. =
  • C. Maybe we could do something a little more fun. =

It’s nothing. It’s not like me to ignore damsels in distress.

  • A. You should have come two minutes earlier, then... =
  • B. Well, some of them don’t necessarily need to be saved. -
  • C. What a man! +

  • A. (...A chocolate cake. Violette inspired me.) (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. (...A mix of crudities. It will do some good to eat healthy.) =
  • C. (...Nothing at all. I’ll go get some pizzas. I’m sure Armin will enjoy that.) =

Stupid park! Come on, let’s get out of here.

  • A. No, don’t move! It’s the best way to avoid getting stung! (Illustration) =
  • B. We should chase them away with our plates! =
  • C. Yeah, let’s go! =


{$Psuedo}, did you read the news?

  • A. It's hard to miss. Everyone's talking about it. It's starting to get annoying. -
  • B. Mmm... Yeah... =
  • C. I didn't really read Peggy's article, but I know what it's about, yeah. =

Not really.

  • A. It would make me happy if you were coming. =
  • B. I think you'd be bored anyway. -
  • C. I'm not sure it's the idea of the century, but it could be fun. +

What happened?

  • A. I had a bad encounter. =
  • B. I ran into a herd of idiots. +
  • C. Nothing important, don't worry. -

  • A. (...Sandwiches. Keep things simple, plus, he already said something about them.) =
  • B. (...A simple fruit basket. If I choose good ones, we'll be sure to eat something healthy and delicious.) (Towards Illustration) =
  • C. (...An assortment of cookies. Okay, it's not really cooking, but at least I'm sure he'll like it.) =

I don't know what to choose. Everything looks so good.

  • A. I would suggest the apples. (Illustration) =
  • B. I would suggest the strawberries. (Illustration) =
  • C. I would suggest the grapes. =


Oh, well, her name is Priya and she has traveled quite a bit. Peggy discovered that her dad is a businessman who has to move often for his job. I hope that she won't be too bored here.

  • A. No way! Too many things happen in this school to be bored. +
  • B. Well, I just hope she'll be nice. =


  • A. (Ask Amber what she thinks about Peggy's scoop.) =
  • B. (Don't ask anything and leave.) (better reaction) =


I just broke a nail!

  • A. Don't count on me to help you. I got caught once, I won't fall for that again. =
  • B. Poor dear, it must be AWFUL. -
  • C. Don't feel like you have to tell me your life story... -


Well, that wasn't too complicated.

  • A. Yeah, I could have done without it, though. +
  • B. Speak for yourself, I had to put in more money than the others. (get $2) -
  • C. It was even fun. =


But I don't think I will approach her.

  • A. You don't have to go talk to her alone. We could go talk to her together, if you want. +
  • B. You really need to combat your timidity, Violette... =
  • C. I don't want to see her. This school is doing fine without her.


On the other hand...

  • A. It's odd, you didn't have that same attitude yesterday after the accident during science class. -
  • B. Thanks Capucine, for that extremely mature remark... =


Of course! He likes me a lot, you know? More than you, in any case.

  • A. I don't care. I'm not interested in Lysander. +
  • B. You don't need to take that tone with me. If that's what you think, good for you. =
  • C. Ha ha! That would be quite a surprise! -

Where are you going? Can I come with you?

  • A. No, no way! -
  • B. (Don’t say anything.) =


We'll see about that...

  • A. We don't have to talk about boys, let's change the subject. =
  • B. But there must be a boy from school who pleases you more than the others, no? =
  • C. (Don't say anything.) =

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