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QuotationM1 Day by day, things are constantly changing at Sweet Amoris High... The new student has arrived and is on everyone's mind! You, on the other hand, are now sure about how you feel... Will you decide to reveal your true feelings to your crush? QuotationM2

Roller Coaster of Love is the 27th episode of My Candy Love - High School Life. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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Quest Items

Image Objective How to Get
You can return it to Lysander during the objective "Try to find Lysander's notebook. It's been a while!"
(Picking it up you will make you miss his illustration.)
In the Library on a table, next to the computer.
(Doesn't appear if Lysander is your highest L'o'M.)

Date Outfits

Episode 27 Date Outfit Temporary
Dollars 135

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
Episode 27 Fairy Gift Temporary
• Objective: TBA
• Found in:
• Gift: Henna Hand Tattoo
Find the Fairy in the library Nathaniel with Kim.
(Odds are lower due to Nathaniel possibly finding you in the hallway while you go between the library and hallway, which ruins the chance of getting the tattoo.)

Hidden Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
Galaxy running sneakers temporary
You get them in Episode 28.
If you're on Kentin's path, you'll get them automatically. Costs $38.
If you're not on Kentin's path, then you need to agree to go running with him when he asks in this episode. See the L'o'M guide for the answer.

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Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 27
(Attention: it doesn't provide you with the answers to increase your love’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1: Priya’s Arrival

PART 2: Candy Solidarity Day!

PART 3: Priya’s True Self


P A R T 1
Priya’s Arrival

In this episode, you can unlock 5 different illustrations. Getting them depends on your dialogue choices!

After the picnic, it’s time to decide how you feel… Which boy do you really like? It’s almost time to admit how you feel. To do this, you’ll first have to deal with the new student, who has quite a few talents.

Choosing your favorite boy.

At the beginning of the episode, the boy with whom you have the highest L'o'M is automatically chosen as your favorite. However, you can always choose another boy if your L'o'M with him is at least 80.

➜ Go home with Lysander / Castiel / Nathaniel / Armin / Kentin.

Go in front of your apartment to finish the day after the picnic.

➜ Join Rosa at the café.

It’s time to have a little talk with your friend Rosa... En route, you meet Alexy who tells you about what going to do that day.

➜ Go to your bedroom.

Go back to your bedroom; this is where you can purchase the episode outfit.

➜ It's a new day. Go to school.

The other students bring you back to reality. The new student has arrived! It’s time to get to know her.

➜ Try to run into the new student before class.

Before meeting the new student, you can run into Violette, Peggy or Castiel in the hall.

➜ Go to class.

Go to Classroom B where you will learn more about Priya.

➜ Talk with Priya.

You’ll find Priya with Violette after having talked to Iris, Lysander and Kentin.

➜ Accompany Priya to the shops in town.

If you choose to do so, guide Priya to the shops in town. If you don’t choose to show her the way, you will advance directly to the next objective.

➜ Go to your bedroom.

It’s time to resume the happenings of the day!

P A R T 2
Candy Solidarity Day!

➜ Go back to school.

You go early to school to study in the new room: The library.

➜ Accompany Violette and help her find Ms. Delanay.

You need to first go to the science room, then to Hallway 2. This objective will only appear for those who choose to help Violette.

➜ Go study in the library.

➜ Go to science class.

➜ Find Castiel / Nathaniel / Kentin / Lysander / Armin.

After having met Capucine, and maybe certain boys, you need to find Lysander in one of the classrooms, whether he is your crush or not. For those who chose to declare their love for another Nathaniel, Castiel, Armin or Kentin, go to Hallway 2 after having spoken to Lysander.

➜ Help Nathaniel to transport the school manuals.

If you unlock this objective, you must validate it before you find the boy you like. To do this, go to the science room. This objective only appears for those who chose to do it.

➜ Try to find Lysander's notebook. It's been a while!

Lysander’s notebook is well hidden! “Trying” isn’t succeeding. Someone may have found it before you. You’ll have to meet Iris, Mr. Faraize and the principal before being able to join Lysander.

Episode 27 Hidden Object

➜ Return Lysander's notebook to him.

This objective is only available for those who found the notebook, of course. Otherwise, you will pass to the next objective.

➜ Join Rosa at the park.

It’s time for some girl talk!

➜ Walk around the school to take your mind off things.

You need to talk to Capucine and to Kentin, who seems to need some help… But are you the best person to help him?

➜ Get some fresh air.

Go to the courtyard where you can talk with Rosa. Nevertheless, if you pass by the science room, you may unlock an extra dialogue with your favorite guy.

➜ Go to the gym! You have volleyball class.

Something unexpected happens at the end of class! It’s time to learn a little more about Priya.

➜ Go buy a new volleyball net at the Dollar Shop.

Choose your words wisely with Priya! She might just leave you to handle things on your own.

➜ Go back to the gym in the school to put the net away.

P A R T 3
Priya’s True Self

➜ Find Priya!

Your rival is in one of the hallways. Tell her to be discreet!

➜ Spend some time with the other students.

You have to talk to Alexy then Kim, either at the gardening club or in one of the classrooms. This objective is complete only after you validate the following and have a surprise conversation with Amber and Charlotte.

➜ Look for Nathaniel.

You’ll find Nathaniel in the Student Council room or in the staircase.

➜Warn Priya that Amber is after her... Or not!

Go to Classroom A where you can choose to warn Priya about the pests’ plan… Or not.

➜ Talk to Nina then go home.

Walk around the city until you find Nina.

➜ Motivate yourself and go back to school.

For this objective, you will have to decide once and for all if you are going to help Priya against Amber and her friends, or if you are going to pretend that nothing is going on.

➜ Quick! Find Priya before Amber can execute her plan!

This objective is available for those who choose to help Priya. You will have to talk to Nathaniel in the Student Council room before unlocking one last dialogue.

➜ Try to avoid Priya and Amber.

This objective is available for those who choose to not help Priya. You will have to talk to Nathaniel in the Student Council room before unlocking one last dialogue.

That’s the end of this guide!!
See you for episode 28!

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


NOTE: Nathaniel's date illustration is dependent on how Candy responds to Violette and Melody, so be sure to look at their sections here on the guide to ensure you choose the correct response.

  • A. No, sorry. I don't have the time. -
  • B. Yes, of course. +

You're someone one who I can count on.

  • A. And, you know that you can count on me to keep a secret... -
  • B. You can thank my herculean strength. +
  • C. You would have done the same for me. =

  • A. N-Nathaniel, I have to talk to you about something... +
  • B. N-No, I'm sure, everything is fine. =

  • A. Kim wanted to ask you for help with her homework. = (- with Kim)
  • B. I thought you could help Kim, she is having some trouble in class. =

Obviously, she is wrong. But, I'm not a miracle worker either. She will have to learn not to close up like an oyster when I talk to her.

  • A. It's also up to you to be patient. It's not easy for her to admit that she needs help from someone else. +
  • B. That's for sure. She has to realize that she is lucky that you are willing to help her. =
  • C. I think that both of you should let your guards down. =

  • A. You... You shouldn't worry. Amber is more mature now. =
  • B. Yeah, she did have an unusual look on her face. I don't have a good feeling about it... - (+ high L'o'M)
  • C. I don't know what you are talking about. + (- high L'o'M)


NOTE: Castiel's date illustration is dependent on how Candy responds to Priya, so be sure to look at her section here on the guide to ensure you choose the correct response.

Well, learn to play a REAL instrument before bragging about your skills.

  • A. Oh, calm down! You don't have to talk to him like that, Castiel! -
  • B. Armin, when are you going to understand that video games aren't real life...? = (- with Armin)
  • C. Both of you, calm down! You sound like children fighting over a toy! +

  • A. I... I have to talk to you about something. +
  • B. N-Nothing, really. You are imagining things. =

In your opinion? She is the only one capable of going this crazy...

  • A. We are no longer safe. =
  • B. The best technique is to never stay in one place more than five minutes. =
  • C. At the same time, she is more predictable than Mrs. Shermansky... =


NOTE: In order to get Lysander's illustration, when he asks for help finding his notebook, DO NOT pick it up. Allow Priya to find it and give it to him instead.

It must not be easy to move all the time like that. You can’t get attached to a place or the people...

  • A. Oh, I hadn’t thought about it like that... =
  • B. Could you see yourself leaving here?


Oh, don't be jealous.

  • A. I'm not jealous. =
  • B. Mmm, I am a little jealous. But, I have to talk to Rosa. +
  • C. Jealous of your school project? Mmm, not really. -

  • A. I think I would tell you, yeah. +
  • B. I can't say. It would depend on the circumstances. -
  • C. Yes, of course. =


NOTE: Armin's date illustration is dependent on how Candy responds to Priya, so be sure to look at her section to ensure you choose the correct response.

  • A. (Okay. Here I go.) +
  • B. (I can't say anything. I'm not ready.) =


He is always trying to slip in crazy references everywhere...

  • A. He wouldn't be Alexy without a little craziness! =
  • B. We should partner up the next time, ha ha! +

Yeah. I learned to enjoy sports when I was in military school. Now, there isn't one day that I don't go running.

  • A. Oh, can I come run with you? I think it could do me some good. (towards getting the Galaxy Shoes) +
  • B. Yeah, well, running isn't the same as basketball. -
  • C. I can definitely see you on the team, in any case! You would be a very good element. =

{$Pseudo}, are you alright? You seem a bit upset...

  • A. Actually, I-I have to talk to you... +
  • B. No, no, I'm okay. I'm just a little tired is all. =

I have my glasses in my locker... But I refuse to wear those horrible things.

  • A. You are ridiculous! This is an extreme situation, don’t you think? (Towards Kentin’s Illustration) =
  • B. Ugh, I understand. I would do the same if I were you.
  • C. Where you were your glasses or not, you’ll still be just as cute... =

Yeah, but... Y-You can't understand.

  • A. You're right. I don't understand. -
  • B. What can't I understand? (Towards Kentin's Illustration) =
  • C. I know very well what the problem is, actually. (Towards Kentin's Illustration) +

  • A. Hey, Kentin! =
  • B. (I’m going to quietly get closer.) (Towards Kentin’s Illustration) =


Yeah, I swear.

  • A. Actually, you never told me how you both met... (more discussion) =
  • B. You have to be brave... =
  • C. I could never be like you... =

Stop acting like a child... I know that declaring your love is hard, but you could at least try to spend some time with him.

  • A. I have other things on my mind now. =
  • B. That's what I was going to do. I'm just waiting for the right moment. +


Oh. Do you want help with your research?

  • A. No, it's okay. I'll figure it out. (Towards Nathaniel's Illustration) -
  • B. Mm... Why not? I'll have to admit that I don't really know where to start. +


I should go now, but... she scares me.

  • A. Do you want me to come with you? +
  • B. Come on, find some courage and go! I have to go to the library. (Towards Nathaniel's Illustration) -


I'm so much prettier than the new girl.

  • A. Ha ha ha! Buy yourself a mirror, then we'll talk about this again! -
  • B. You should accept yourself for who you are, rather than putting yourself up against others. -
  • C. Is that a self-persuasion technique? =

They are all drooling in front of her, there's no doubt about it.

  • A. What boys are you talking about, exactly? =
  • B. You are just saying that because you are jealous. -
  • C. That's nonsense. =


I'm so bad in this subject, but I would really like to learn.

  • A. I think you've found the right person. Violette is surely an excellent teacher. She is very patient. +
  • B. I think that talent has something to do with it too... I don't know if you can create a masterpiece only with work. =
  • C. That's a weird way to try and fit in. -

Say, would you know how to get to the shops in town? I have to meet one of my sisters, but I haven't had the time to look up directions.

  • A. I can walk with you, if you want. They're not far from where I live. +
  • B. I'll tell you, it's not complicated. =

We have quite a bit of work to do. Mr. Boris really spoiled us this time...

  • A. That's for sure... =
  • B. Oh, he's already done worse than this. +
  • C. You just got here and you are already complaining... This won't be the end of it. -

Hmm, people seem pretty cool in this school...

  • A. (You'll see if we're cool...) =
  • B. (I should make an effort to show her that I can be cool too.) +
  • C. (She probably wants me to relax, but that won't be easy.) (more dialogue) =

  • A. Hmm... No, no.
  • B. That's none of your business.
  • C. No... (I couldn't help but sigh.) +

You haven't seemed very comfortable since Mr. Boris asked us to clean up.

  • A. It's just that this sort of thing always falls on me... It's annoying after a while. (Pay $75 for net) =
  • B. No, no, I'm okay. I'm just stressed about this whole net situation. (Pay $75 for net) +
  • C. If you hadn't ripped the net... (pay $150 for net) -

  • A. (I should tell her what I know about Amber.) =
  • B. (Actually, I'm not going to tell her anything.) (Towards Castiel's Illustration, more dialogue) =

No. It's something personal.

  • A. Your diary? =
  • B. A letter? =
  • C. A novel? +

O-Oh... I'm sorry, I didn't know.

  • A. Are you seriously upset, Armin? (Towards Armin's Illustration) +
  • B. Nice! Look how you've made him feel, Priya... =
  • C. Come on, Armin. Let's go... She has no tact. =

  • A. (I have to stop them, not that it would make me feel any better.) +
  • B. (It's out of the question that I help her...) (Towards Castiel's Illustration) =


I already told you, I don't have the time for a boyfriend.

  • A. Oh, but I could definitely see you with Nathaniel. (not interested) =
  • B. Oh, but I could definitely see you with Castiel. (not interested) =
  • C. Oh, but I could definitely see you with Lysander. (a little interested) =
  • D. Oh, but I could definitely see you with Armin. (seems interested) =
  • E. Oh, but I could definitely see you with Kentin. (not interested) =



  • Originally, this episode would revolve around Candy trying to come to terms with her feelings for whoever was her highest L'o'M. Due to many people not having their favorite guy as their highest, however, this was changed so that you get to choose which boy Candy will pursue as long as their L'o'M is at least 80. If your Candy has less than 80 L'o'M with all the boys, though, she will pursue whichever boy has the highest.


  • In this episode, you unlock a new accessible area in the school - the Library, which is located on the right side of the staircase. In Episode 17, when looking for information with Lysander and Armin, the library is said to be located upstairs. It is also mentioned that the library and the media room are two separate rooms, while the Library you unlock at this point has computers in it as well.
  • For the illustration of Lysander, it shows his outer coat's sleeves going up to his wrists, where it actually only goes up to his elbows, with his inner shirt going up to his wrists.