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Episode 28 - An Almost Perfect Dinner

QuotationM1 Between Priya's arrival and your heart going crazy, you haven't been able to think clearly. It's time to get down to business and organize your double date! Will you get over your fears before it's too late? QuotationM2

An Almost Perfect Dinner is the 28th episode of My Candy Love - High School Life and the 28th episode over all (29th if you count the Demo). It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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The episode starts with your Candy waiting for her crush with Leigh and Rosalya at the cafe. She worries that he is taking too long. When he finally arrives however, he shows up with Priya, revealing to be involved with her, which Rosalya and Leigh approve of. Depending on the guy, different girls will come to encourage your Candy. She then wakes up to realize it was a nightmare. The day afterwards, she tries to ask her guy to the restaurant that Rosa has picked out. Amber has also shown to receive a new look, cutting all her hair and changing her outfit at the same time. Failing, she goes with Iris, Melody and Priya to the shops. The next day, Candy questions her guy for their feelings with Priya, each saying that they had only just met, and apologizing if they had angered her. After this, Alexy approaches Candy asking her about her relationship with her guy, which she will deny anything. When going into class, her guy will sit next to her. Afterwards, Candy will finally ask him to the restaurant which he will say yes to. When Candy tells Rosa, Rosa shows great delight, and offers to pay for her dress. Candy goes home to ask for her parents permission to go out on Saturday, which they say they will think about. The next day, Rosa asks Candy if she has gotten permission, which Candy will say that she will find out, but thinks she will be allowed to go. Depending on choices, she may go on a run with Kentin, which will lead to a day with the Principal, Castiel, Ken and their dogs. When Candy gets home, she asks her parents again for her to go out on Saturday, and they deny her permission. Desperate to go and finally spend time with her guy, she pretends to be sick on the Saturday when her parents go to visit Agatha, and sneaks out. Candy, Leigh, Rosa and her guy have a good time, and he decides to walk Candy home. Beforehand, Rosa disturbs Candy with the thought of a goodnight kiss. When Candy and her guy reach her home however, her parents are home, wanting her guy to stay away, and grounding Candy for a month. On the Monday, she has a small awkward conversation with her guy (Nathaniel and Armin will be together, Lysander and Castiel will be together, and Kentin will be alone. if you are with either pair, the boy you are not with will start the conversation with you). she then hear a school announcement to assemble at the gym for the Event, however want to find Peggy. Unable to find her, Candy then goes on her way to the gym, but then runs into her guy. After a conversation and apologizing for her dad's behavior, her guy kisses her passionately.

You can find the guys in these areas for the final Illustrations:

Nathaniel: Library

Castiel: Garden

Lysander: hall outside the Science Room

Armin: Science Room

Kentin: Locker Room

Quest Items

Image Objective How to Get
Find Kim's protractor. In the locker room

Date Outfits

Episode 28 outfit temporary

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
Cupid&#039;s bow and arrow temporary
• Objective: TBA
• Found in:
• Gift: Cupid's Bow and Arrow
Find the Fairy in the park
(The day after the dinner)

Hidden Items

Image How to Get Additional Notes
Plastic flower temp
Go shopping with Melody and buy a bracelet for Priya with Melody and Iris.
Galaxy running sneakers temporary
Agree to go running with Kentin in Episode 27. If Kentin is already your date then it is automatically available in Episode 28.
(Pay $30)


Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 28
(Attention: it doesn't provide you with the answers to increase your love’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1: Hesitation...

PART 2: Candy (finally) takes action!


P A R T 1

In this episode, you can only unlock one illustration at a time. This will depend on your boyfriend, your L’o’M with him, as well as your dialogue choice.

Priya’s arrival was a total shock! It’s time to regroup and to concentrate on the essential: your love story. For this, you will have to get over your fears...

Special note about replays:

In this episode, there is a new function for the single episode replays that gives you the opportunity to replay the episode with the “boyfriend” of your choice. This is convenient, as you can explore all the routes of the episode, but also to try to collect all the illustrations!

➜ It's time to go to school!

You will have to face this new day...

➜ Go look for Amber.

Before finding your worst enemy, you will have to talk to several other characters: Castiel, Nathaniel, but also Nina, who is acting even weirder than usual.

➜ Talk to Rosa about Priya's reaction.

Before talking to Rosa about your impression of Priya, you will have to talk to Alexy and have helped Kim (see next objective).

➜ Find Kim's protractor.

The protractor can be found in the locker room, on the floor near the showers.

➜ Find Kim and return her protractor.

You will find Kim after having talked to Rosa, as well as Armin.

➜ Go shopping with Iris, Melody and Priya.

This objective isn’t mandatory, but if you choose to go to town with the girls, you may be rewarded later...

➜ Go home and elaborate a strategy to launch the restaurant invitation.

Go home to think.

➜ Spend some time with Nathaniel / Castiel / Lysander / Armin / Kentin.

The boy that has your heart is in the main hallway. Don’t miss out!

➜ Go get your history class things from your locker.

Remember that your locker is in the Hallway 2.

➜ Go to history class.

Go to Classroom B.

P A R T 2
Candy (finally) takes action!

➜ Enough hesitation! Leave the school and invite the boy you like to the restaurant.

After talking with Priya, you will have to go to the courtyard to invite your “crush” to the restaurant.

➜ Go to the Clothes Shop.

A surprise awaits! For those of you who agreed to go jogging with Kentin, it’s a good idea to buy a new pair of sneakers.

Note: This jogging session is automatically proposed to all Candygirls that chose to go out with Kentin. For those who have a different crush, if you went on a picnic with Kentin in episode 27 and he invited you to go running, you will still go running with him in episode 28.

➜ Ask your parents if you can go out Saturday.

Go home and try to persuade your parents!

➜You are late! Hurry up and get to school!

Thankfully, you’re not the only one who is late.

➜ Go quickly to science class.

You shouldn’t upset Ms. Delanay!

➜Find Nathaniel / Castiel / Lysander / Armin / Kentin.

You will have to talk to Alexy, but also with Kim, Peggy or Kentin to find your crush in the courtyard.

➜ Return to the hallway.

Go to the second hallway, you will automatically be redirected outside the high school.

➜ Go eat at home.

Take the long way home in order to enjoy your free time.

➜ Go to the park.

For those of you that are meeting up with Kentin, it’s time to exercise. For those of you who went on the picnic with Kentin in episode 27 but have a different crush, you can take advantage of the nice weather to make new… Unexpected encounters!

➜ Convince your parents to let you go out.

To achieve this, you will have to validate the next objective.

➜ Go get bread in town.

You will have to go to the shops area to find fresh bread and then return home.

➜ Go to the bus stop to go to the restaurant.

After paying $10 for the bus ticket, you will automatically arrive at the restaurant chosen by Rosa.

➜ Go back to school.

➜ Bring coffees for Amber, Li and Charlotte.

This objective is only for those who decided to surrender to Charlotte’s blackmail. For others, you will need to go back and forth several times so that Amber’s posse finally leaves the front of the school.

➜ Try to find Rosa.

You will have to talk with your crush:
In classroom A, for Castiel and Lysander.
In the student council room for Nathaniel and Armin.
In the library for Kentin.
You will then talk with Alexy on the second floor without running into Rosa. You will then have to go to class without being able to talk to her.

➜ Go to class.

Go to Classroom B.

➜ Ask Peggy why she hasn't published her article.

You will pass by many people... Melody, Violette, Priya, Amber and even Ms. Delanay, but Peggy is as impossible to find as Rosa. It’s after seeing all these characters that you will be able to unlock the final dialogue with your crush!

That’s the end of this guide!!
See you for episode 29!

Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


Kim is a bit too sensitive. I'll have to watch what I say if I want to get anywhere with her...

  • A. Hey, you're talking about my friend, you know?! +
  • B. I'm sure that you'll learn how to tame one another, haha. =
  • C. At least you know now for later on. -

Since you were such a big help to me with this whole story, I wanted your opinion. Do you think I should go?

  • A. Yes! +
  • B. Hmm... It depends. Do you feel ready? =
  • C. In my opinion, it's probably too early. -

  • A. (I looked at him, inquisitively.) +
  • B. (I'll do my best to ask him if everything is okay.) -
  • C. (I would prefer not to talk about it here.) =

  • A. Well, that's great. You must be proud, Nathaniel.
  • B. Hmm... Now it's up to you, Armin, to help him discover something new. (Towards Armin's/Nathaniel's Illustration)
  • C. You are quite a pair. It's nice to see.

I could surely help you find what you are looking for. Are you thinking of a particular book?

  • A. The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
  • B. I was thinking about Dracula. (Towards Illustration)
  • C. The Picture of Dorian Gray. (Towards Illustration)


Almost never now. Well, from time to time. It relaxes me.

  • A. Are you stressed? -
  • B. That doesn't seem like the best solution... =
  • C. That's not very serious. You are going to end up getting in trouble! +

If you could see your face... Don’t be jealous, girly.

  • A. To each his own tastes... Don’t come crying to me if she is bugging you after what you just said. = (+ or)
  • B. Jealous? I couldn't care less.
  • C. When all I hear is "ironing board", I think there is something to be jealous about. =

He’s ecstatic.

  • A. But uh... Y-You don't have him on a leash? -
  • B. Are you sure? He’s not wagging his tail... +
  • C. I bet. It’ll do him some good.

  • A. So... Did you have a good day? (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. So... Do you know Leigh? =
  • C. Is something wrong? =

  • A. (I’m going to try and have real conversation with Castiel.) -
  • B. (I should look through the menu, too.) (Towards Illustration) +
  • C. (I’m going to escape to the bathroom and compose myself.)

  • A. Do you want to split the rest? +
  • B. (Don't say anything) (spend $40)

It's rare to see you coming late...

  • A. It's rare that I sleep so profoundly... =
  • B. It's rare that I see you on time. -
  • C. It's rare that you are in such a good mood in the morning. +

When we write songs, Lysander writes his lyrics first, then I write the music. Now we are wondering if it wouldn't be better to do the opposite.

  • A. Your method seems pretty efficient. If I were you, I wouldn't change a thing. =
  • B. Well, I'm not a writer or a musician, so...
  • C. If I were you, I would do something else. (Towards Lysander's/Castiel's Illustration, + with Lysander) +

  • A. Maybe we should talk about what happened Saturday night...
  • B. Do... Do you want to walk to the meeting with me? = (+ or)
  • C. Did I do something wrong? (Illustration) +


I don't know what to do with her anymore... She won't listen to me.

  • A. You should be more direct. Visibly, she doesn't understand things when you are gentle. -
  • B. Leave her be, she'll give up on her own eventually. =
  • C. It's just that she likes you a lot. You have to understand that... +

Yeah, well, she already did too much before... But now, something changed. She seems... Different.

  • A. You mean... Even stranger than usual? -
  • B. To be honest, she scares me sometimes. I think you should be firmer with her.
  • C. I was going to talk to you about her... I'm worried about her, actually. =

*Sigh* No one reads these days...

  • A. Was that a quote?
  • B. Was that a quote by Jean de la Fontaine? +
  • C. Was that a quote by Victor Hugo?

That's not what you ordered, right?

  • A. No, I ordered rice, not fries. (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. Uh, not exactly, but it's okay... +
  • C. Huh? Uh, yes, this is perfect.

  • A. Do you want to split the rest? (Towards Illustration)
  • B. (Don't say anything.) (pay $40) =

  • A. (I slid my hand in his.) =
  • B. (I placed my hand hesitantly on his chest.) (Towards Illustration) =
  • C. (I just looked at him, a little overcome by my emotions.) =


I love my fabulous hair!

  • A. I'm sure you'd be cute with shorter hair! +
  • B. She could get revenge with something besides your hair... =
  • C. That doesn't surprise me, haha! =

You? Punished? What did you do?

  • A. I went out even though I wasn't supposed to... =
  • B. I did something they weren't supposed to know about, but they caught me. +


Pff, don't talk to me about that... I'm still upset about that whole thing...

  • A. Let it go, that was so long ago... =
  • B. Admit that it's quite funny when you think about it now. +
  • C. Oh, poor boy! -

I wanted to ask you... Do you think I go too far with my video games?

  • A. It’s part of you. It doesn’t shock me anymore. -
  • B. A little yeah. +
  • C. Uh.. how do I say it... =

He wanted to come earlier. He had something to do with Kentin. He’s the one who usually pulls me out of bed...

  • A. I bet that you stayed up late playing video games. -
  • B. I bet that you spent the evening playing with your ferret. +
  • C. I bet that you fell asleep late because you were reading the book Nathaniel suggested to you. =

I brought my console and a few games that way, we can take turns.

  • A. Armin... We are at a restaurant! (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. That’s a good idea! While waiting for the server to come...
  • C. That’s a joke, right?

Oh ya? What's that?

  • A. Uh, there are lots of things, haha... Reading, drawing, sports... music! =
  • B. Leigh is very good at sewing! Maybe he can give you lessons. -
  • C. The restaurant is already a nice start. We could also go to the movies, for example... If you want. (Towards Illustration) +

  • A. (Take some olives.) =
  • B. (Take a piece of dry sausage.) =
  • C. (Take some peppers.) (Towards Illustration) =

  • A. Do you want to split the rest? (Towards Illustration)
  • B. (Don’t say anything) (pay $40)

  • A. Well, that's great. You must be proud, Nathaniel.
  • B. Hmm... Now it's up to you, Armin, to help him discover something new. (Towards Armin's/Nathaniel's Illustration)
  • C. You are quite a pair. It's nice to see.

  • A. A leopard can't change its spots!
  • B. So, you aren't going to the meeting? (Towards Illustration) =
  • C. (I walked towards him without making a sound.)


Honestly, I don't think I was strong enough to put them on myself. I-I really didn't want people to see me with those big glasses...

  • A. Yeah, well, oddly enough you swallowed the pill easier when a pretty girl put you in your place... -
  • B. I thought that my opinion would have been enough... I was stupid to think that... = (+ or)
  • C. Yeah, right... +

  • A. Smile, life is beautiful! -
  • B. What are you thinking about? +
  • C. Is everything okay? =

You okay, {$Psuedo}? You're all red... Do you want to take a break?

  • A. N-No, I'm good. I'll be fine. -
  • B. Could we just go a little slower? I-I'm having trouble keeping up... +
  • C. Maybe we could stop a few minutes? I-I'm sorry, I'm already exhausted... =

I don't think so, but I'm still checking. Those two brutes didn't help at all!

  • A. Demon isn't a brute... He's just strong. - (+ with Castiel)
  • B. Kiki is mostly fidgety. I don't think he would hurt a fly. = (- with Castiel)
  • C. Don't worry, they didn't attack him, they just... Got to know each other. +

  • A. Do you want to split the rest? (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. (Don't say anything.) (spend $40) =

  • A. I think we should talk. (Towards Illustration) +
  • B. About Saturday night... =
  • >C. Kentin, I'm sorry. =

I've been wondering about too many things lately and it's going to drive me crazy if I don't get an answer.

  • A. It's not easy! (Illustration) +
  • B. W-What do you want to know exactly? =
  • C. Don't get angry. =


Hey, {$Psuedo}! Guess what Priya and I did this morning.

  • A. A unicorn ride? =
  • B. Tell me... =

What do you think, {$Psuedo?}

  • A. I don't see myself offering her a gift. I don't know her well enough. =
  • B. Yeah, that would be nice to offer her something. (spend $30) = (+ with Priya)


Faraize always gives me bad grades! My dad is going to kill me...

  • A. Ask Nathaniel for help. -
  • B. That's surely because Europe is such a big "country"... =
  • C. We all have problems... =


  • A. No way! (spend more AP) =
  • B. Well... Okay. (spend $6) = (+ with Kim)


Wait, you saw each other at the park? With Castiel?

  • A. Kentin and I wanted to meet to go running together. But things didn't go as planned... =
  • B. Not only. There was also Cookie, Kentin's puppy, Demon, Castiel's dog, and Kiki and the principal... = (+ with Kentin)
  • C. Whoa, don't go imagining things. = (- with Kentin)

It's as if you were meant to be...

  • A. (Open your eyes wide.) =
  • B. (Kick her under the table.) (- with Leigh)
  • C. (Laugh to play down the situation.) (- with Kentin)

What? I'm normal, as you say. You... Your stomachs are minuscule...

  • A. I guess you're not worried about fitting into Leigh's creations! =
  • B. Would you like some flank steak too? +
  • C. (I looked at Kentin to see his reaction.) = (+ with Kentin)

Can I have another order of fries?

  • A. It’s if you haven’t eating for three days...
  • B. What are you? A T-Rex?
  • C. How does such a little person absorb so much food? (+ with Leigh)

Say, Lys-baby, did you see {$Psuedo}'s new outfit? It's one of Leigh's most recent creations. Beautiful, don't you think?

  • A. Rosa... I feel like an animal at a fair.
  • B. I definitely I don't regret getting it.
  • C. (I would prefer not saying anything.) = (+ with Lysander)

And, that's where {$Psuedo} purchased her outfit that she's wearing! She is divine, don't you think?

  • A. Hmm, they are taking a while with the drinks, no? +
  • B. Rosa, that's embarrassing... -
  • C. I don't think that Nathaniel wants to talk about clothes...

I know it's scary, but admit that life is so much more exciting like this. Don't you agree?

  • A. Yeah, I do have to agree with that... +
  • B. I don't know, I'm stressed all the time now... Even while I'm sleeping. =


What about you, {$Psuedo}? Are you interested?

  • A. Well, sure! Why not... (Towards the Plastic Flower) +
  • B. That's nice, but, uh... I have other plans tonight. =


It's... It's a portrait of my dad... Do you want to see?

  • A. Of course! +
  • B. I don't really have the time, sorry. -


I'm disgusted...

  • A. Nathaniel was mean to you? =
  • B. The study sessions aren't paying off? -
  • C. Did you lose something? (find Kim's protractor in the locker room) +


Do you think I've gone too far with Amber?

  • A. I don't have an opinion... I just don't want to get involved in your business. =
  • B. A little, yeah. =
  • C. No, no. If I could have done the same thing, I wouldn't have held back. +

The boys at school are quite nice. But it's too soon for me to already have a crush, I think...

  • A. Oh, come on! It's normal to have preferences, isn't it? =
  • B. Yeah, you haven't had the time to make your own opinion. =
  • C. Let's not talk about boys... Let's enjoy our time with just us girls! +

I understand. Is that why... You gave me the impression that you didn't like me sometimes?

  • A. Yeah... I'm sorry... +
  • B. Yeah, but also because I'm having a hard time figuring you out. =


You got out of school early today. Why?

  • A. So, you never go to class? =
  • B. If only I knew... -
  • C. Gosh, you really spend all your time watching us! +



  • Candy can be seen wearing the same outfit from the dinner date to school for the illustration even though she just wore the outfit a day or so before, which makes it appear as though she hasn't changed her clothes since the dinner date.