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QuotationM1 It's time for the art show! An old friend is here to help... And numerous visitors will make for quite an eventful day! Will your group's project meet Patrick's expectations? Will you find the time to make up with the guy you like? QuotationM2

The Love of Art - Part 2 is the 30th episode of My Candy Love - High School Life. It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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Quest Items

Image Objective How to Get
Shopping-bag Episode30
Carry one of the bags to the gym. In the basement
Chairs Episode30
Bring a few chairs from the gym to the basement. In the gym

Date Outfits

Episode 30 outfit temporary
Dollars 150

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
• Objective: Follow Lysander upstairs.
• Found in: Classroom A, Classroom B, or the Student Council Room
• Gift: Bunny Sweater
These locations listed are where Agatha seems to appear the most. There could be more locations where she's hidden, but so far the objective is the same for all of them.

Hidden Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
See Patrick's section in the L'o'M guide

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Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


Well, go somewhere else to find him!

  • A. Nathaniel, please, don't yell... =
  • B. Good luck making him leave... I've been trying for an hour...


Don't act like you didn't hear me! Get out of here.

  • A. Castiel, please, don't yell...
  • B. Good luck making him leave... I've been trying for an hour... =


Just another reason for you to leave!

  • A. Lysander, please, don’t get upset...
  • B. Good luck making him leave... I’ve been trying for an hour... =

  • A. (Without thinking, I moved towards him to take him in my arms.) (Towards Illustration) +
  • B. (I don't know if he's still mad at me. I'm not sure if making a comforting gesture is the best thing.)

  • A. (Maybe I'm not supposed to do this, but I took his hand to comfort him.) (Towards Illustration) +
  • B. (I don't know what to do to make him feel better. I'm a bit lost...)

  • A. (I should intervene.) (Towards Illustration)
  • B. (I should go back with my dad.)


  • A. It's nice to see you again... +
  • B. Why are you here again? =
  • C. Do you want to take my picture? -

If you need something else, just snap your fingers and I'll be there.

  • A. Haha! Careful, I could take you up on that. +
  • B. You don't have to plan your whole day around me! =
  • C. Oh yeah? If i snap my fingers now, will you disappear? -

What is that piece of wood?

  • A. It's the sculpture I made with my group... You don't like it? =
  • B. That "piece of wood", as you call it, is the work of art that I worked on with my group. =
  • C. (Ignore him.) =

  • A. Yeah... Well, we were a group... You don't like it? =
  • B. We don't care about what you think, Dake. -
  • C. (Ignore him.) =

Can I talk to you, in private?

  • A. Sure, of course. +
  • B. Weren't you busy with Lucy? =
  • C. Dake, I'm busy here! -

I can't wait to see it.'

  • A. I hope that you like it. =
  • B. As if you are really interested in that... =
  • C. (Ignore him.)


You're a little intrusive... "Pal."

  • A. Armin, please, don't get upset...
  • B. Good luck making him leave... I've been trying for an hour... =


Don't you feel like you're being a bother, by chance?

  • A. Kentin, please, don't get upset... =
  • B. Good luck making him leave... I've been trying for an hour...


{$Psuedo}! Did you know about this?

  • A. Hmm, I...
  • B. It was Peggy's idea, I swear! =
  • C. Yeah, but I don't see what we did wrong. It was for the project, nothing more. -


I saw him there. There's no doubt about it!

  • A. Where did you see him? =
  • B. No doubt about what? =
  • C. (Don't say anything.) =

Have you seen him by any chance?

  • A. No, I haven't seen him for a while, sorry. -
  • B. Yeah, he left towards the locker rooms. (That's a lie, but she doesn't have to know that.) =

If I leave him alone, he is going to stay caught up in his sadness and he'll never get better.

  • A. He doesn't need your help!
  • B. What he really needs is to be left alone! =
  • C. Very well, do as you like. =


I'll be very discreet!

  • A. (How can I resist a face like that?) +
  • B. No, last time you came to my school the student body president wanted to report you to the principal. -

Plus, there are so many cute boys in your school... You have a nice selection!

  • A. Haha, hmmm... Some boys are cute, yeah. +
  • B. Maybe, but I don't want to be in a relationship right now, actually... =
  • C. I don't know what you are talking about. =

They could have given you a more joyful subject to work with! That sounds quite depressing...

  • A. Yeah, I agree... +
  • B. It was for an artistic creation, not the Care Bears! -
  • C. We had the choice between the 7 capital vices, so it was hard to find something joyful... =

I don't have anyone like that. I've never just been friends with a guy.

  • A. Well, I'm persuaded that friendship between girls and boys is impossible. =
  • B. It will happen to you! Take advantage of your "break" to try. =

Yeah! He's so adorable. It's too bad that he doesn't like girls, but yeah... So, I understand your friendship better now. It definitely makes things easier when you know that you don't have a chance with the boy!

  • A. Did you talk about me? +
  • B. Did you talk about Kentin? =
  • C. What did you talk about? =

Oh come on! It's me! I saw that something was going on between you two. You like him more than Dake anyway, haha!

  • A. Well, you win... Yeah, something is going on. =
  • B. You are imagining things, Lucy. Really. =


  • A. I don't agree. Each side was disputable +
  • B. What do you mean for nothing? =
  • C. Seriously, how are you so mature at your age? =

Mr. Faraize

Would you mind finding him while Ms. Delanay and I take care of the guests and the rest of the organization?

  • A. Why is it always me?
  • B. It's just that I'm occupied with my dad and my friend... =
  • C. Of course, no problem. =


Have you seen my son, by chance?

  • A. I don't know where he could be, sorry.
  • B. What makes you think that I would know something about him?
  • C. Have you checked in the courtyard? =


You know our son... He's not the type to say that, but... There are signs that don't lie.

  • A. Oh? What signs? =
  • B. Y-Yes, we do get along well...
  • C. It's nice that you remember me, in any case.


This day is a real disaster. Well, after having seen Kentin dressed like a doll, I think I can handle anything.

  • A. Oh, I thought it was funny... =
  • B. I don't think he lived that experience very well either. =
  • C. Don't exaggerate. There are worse things in life. =


Okay. He's surely hiding somewhere playing his game.

  • A. Haha, yes! There is a good chance for that!
  • B. I'm not sure, he's been playing less recently =
  • C. In that case, good luck finding him...


Thanks for coming to get me, ladies.

  • A. I'm happy that you are staying to work here! +
  • B. Why come work here when you could do it in Australia? (Towards the hidden object) =
  • C. Are you going to be our art teacher? =