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Episode 31 - State of Emergency

QuotationM1 Everyone is in shock since Lysander's accident. They say his injuries aren't very serious... But what really happened to him? Do your best to show your support for Lysander and his family in Episode 31! QuotationM2

State of Emergency is the 31st episode of My Candy Love - High School Life and the 31st episode overall (32nd if you count the Demo). It was written and developed by Beemoov.


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Coming soon...

Quest Items

Image Objective How to Get
Go back home to take Lucy's call. Living Room
(On the end of the coffee table.)
Lily Boquet
Go buy a small gift for Lysander before taking the bus.
Choose to get him flowers.
Costs $20 (Lysander's Route)
Costs $10 (Other Routes)
Stuffed Rabbit Go buy a small gift for Lysander before taking the bus.
Choose to get him the rabbit.
Costs $7

Date Outfits

Episode 31 outfit 2
Episode 31 outfit 1
For Nathaniel/Castiel/Lysander For Armin/Kentin
Dollars 140 Dollars 165

Fairy Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
Episode 31 fairy gift
• Objective: Find Lysander's doctor and tell him the truth about Nina.
• Found in: Hospital Room 1
• Gift: Stethoscope

Hidden Gifts

Image How to Get Additional Notes
Episode 31 hidden gift
Found in Hospital Room 1 after you hear the nurse talking about a forgetful patient and after Lysander asks if Nina is really his girlfriend.
To keep it, don't give it back.


Love'o'Meter Guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. If an answer does not have any coloring, it means that the affect of that answer on the character has not been discovered yet.


  • A. It's better to go with the flowers. (Towards Nathaniel/Castiel/Lysander's Illustrations) =
  • B. It's better to go with the stuffed rabbit. (Towards Armin/Kentin's Illustrations) =


I missed you...

  • A. Oh yeah? Yet we saw each other yesterday.
  • B. I missed you too. (Towards Illustration) +
  • C. You’re so adorable.

I like to idea of me being to one you turn to when things are tough.

  • A. It could’ve been even worse... (Illustration)
  • B. I’d still do even when things are good. (I smiled at him.)


NOTE: See Felicity's section as well. Castiel’s illustration doesn’t appear until the end of the episode. There isn't a dialogue choice just before the illustration. Don’t panic when he walks away from the hospital.

What do you want, {$Pseudo}?

  • A. Did I wake you? =
  • B. S-Sorry... I shouldn't have called.
  • C. What do you think?

How on earth... He doesn't even remember who you are?

  • A. No... I wonder why me... -
  • B. No... It's hard to take in... +
  • C. No... I feel so hurt... =

I'm going to make her leave, I guarantee you she won't be here much longer!

  • A. (I let them get angry... I'm so angry at Nina. Maybe because she's the cause of the accident.) =
  • B. (I preferred to interrupt them. After all, Nina is just a lost little girl. We should be able to reason with her.) (Towards Illustration) =

I'm going up to see him. And this time, nobody stands in my way of telling him the truth.

  • A. Castiel, wait. (Towards Illustration) -
  • B. Well go then, but don't come complaining to me after! =

  • A. Are you going to be okay?
  • B. Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.
  • C. (Without saying anything, I got close to him to give him a hug.) (Towards Illustration) +


NOTE: Lysander’s illustration appears when Rosa and Lysander are talking. There aren't any dialogue choices just before the illustration appears.

If you want, you could talk to her after, {$Pseudo}. For the moment, she and I have things to talk about.

  • A. Oh, so now you remember my name? (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. (Don’t say anything.) =

  • A. We are friends. =
  • B. We are classmates. =

I'm lost on the kind of relationships I had with all of you.

  • A. Are you talking about Nina? =
  • B. Are you talking about Rosa? =
  • C. Are you talking about me? +


Oh well...

  • A. Have you talked with Lysander? =
  • B. Have you talked with Rosa? =
  • C. You wouldn't have happened to see {boyfriend}, by chance? (if your not dating Lysander) =
  • D. (Don't say anything. +


Even if the occasion isn’t a joyous one, I’m happy that we could see each other today.

  • A. It’s true that seeing each other at school isn’t the same. (Towards Illustration) +
  • B. Really?
  • C. Like you said, I would have liked the occasion to be different...

I wanted to be here for you today.

  • A. I’m really happy I can count on you... (Illustration) +
  • B. Don’t make that face, you were great! =


  • A. Did you miss me? -
  • B. I missed you... (Towards Illustration) +
  • C. (Not knowing what to say, I just returned his hug.) =

I told myself that searching for the kid would help fix the situation.

  • A. Thank goodness you were here... (Illustration) =
  • B. Don't make that face, it was a good initiative on your part! =


Everyone was very scared and the amnesia worries them a lot, even if he seems to remember the essential things.

  • A. ... ("The essential things?" That’s really upsetting, he doesn’t even remember me...) =
  • B. Yes... It’s encouraging. +
  • C. Really? So he remembers what’s going on with his father? =

{$Pseudo} also is in school with us. You don’t remember your first encounter? The first time you talked to each other was... Uh...

  • A. I thought you were a ghost. (Towards Lysander's Illustration) = (- with Lysander)
  • B. You were rehearsing with Castiel in the basement. =
  • C. It was night. I had one of the worst scares in my life!

  • A. You could of told me about you and Lysander! -
  • B. Do you know what Lysander thinks of you? =
  • C. I have something to tell you about Lysander, you might be surprised. =

If Nina is known by all the doctors, that means that...

  • A. We have no idea what that could mean. = (- or)
  • B. It means that she's been following Lysander and his father for quite some time! =
  • C. It means she's been here in the past... =


  • A. You should go to the cafeteria, Nina. (best answer) =
  • B. You should follow Rosalya, Nina. =
  • C. You should go get some fresh air, Nina. =

  • A. (Now it's definitely impossible to resent her. I'm not forgiving everything she has done, but the circumstances have changed a lot of things.) +
  • B. (Okay, she's going through a tough time, but that doesn't excuse everything she's done to Lysander!) =



  • A. It would have been with pleasure, but I already have plans. =
  • B. Well, you don't seem the least bit bothered! =
  • C. Listen Lucy, this isn't the best time... =


  • A. Do you know where the others are? =
  • B. Are you alright? -
  • C. Oh, sorry... You must need some alone time... +


About Nina? Your friend has already told me that apparently she's not my patient's girlfriend.

  • A. It's not "apparently", it's the truth! -
  • B. She's right, I can back her story up. =


Get out of here or I’m calling security!

  • A. (It’s out of the question that I help him, seeing the way he snapped at me earlier) =

  • A. (Well, if this is how it's going to be, I'll just keep the necklace. It's not in my habits, but oh well. I don't want to deal with her anymore.) (For the hidden gift.) =
  • B. (Alright, I'll give her the necklace and go. At least I'm honest.)

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