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Episode 32 Image
Your attempts to help Lysander were unsuccessful.
But have you done enough?
Is there another solution?
Meanwhile, life at the high school goes on.
What's to come: art classes, noises in the hallway and a party among friends!


My Candy Love - Episode 32 - Happy Life, Double Life00:30

My Candy Love - Episode 32 - Happy Life, Double Life

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[Summary of episode here]

Date Outfits

Picture Who it is for Cost
Episode 32 outfit temporary 1
Lysander, Capucine/Peggy $180
Episode 32 outfit temporary 2
Rosalya $70

Required Outfits

Picture What it is for What episode it's from
Date Outfit Episode 23 Fox Pajamas
If you didn't choose the nightie
and chose this outfit during episode 23
in your official playthrough
Episode 23
Date Outfit Episode 23 Blue Pajamas
If you didn't choose the nightie
and chose this outfit during episode 23
in your official playthrough
Episode 23

Fairy Gifts

Picture How to get
[Description how to get]

Hidden Gifts

Picture How to get
[Picture Here] [Description how to get]

Quest Items

Picture Purpose Where to find
[Picture Here] [Description of purpose] [Description of how to find]


Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 32
(Attention: it doesn't provide you with the answers to increase your love’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)

The official guide for this episode hasn't been posted to the forums yet.

That’s the end of this guide!!
See you for episode 33!

Love'o'Meter Guide

Love o&#039; meter guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.

NOTE: The amount of L'om seems to depend on your Zodiac sign.



  • A. (Actually, I'm too afraid to be surprised. I'll just take a bottle of water and go back outside.) -
  • B. (I'm at least going to call my aunt to make sure my mom is over there. I hope it won't look suspicious.)
  • C. (It seems the luck is on my side.) +


  • A. 1234 =
  • B. 2211 = (Correct Answer)
  • C. 0203 =


  • A. (I know that Capucine doesn't care for me much, but I can't let her face this alone, it's so unfair.) = (Illustration with Capucine)
  • B. (In any case, I refuse to take part in this. I'm not really in the mood to face those three pests. Especially to defend someone like Capucine.) =



  • A. Poor thing, I hope it went well...
  • B. Some atmosphere... +
  • C. Did you reconcile?


You're funny. How would I know more than you?

  • A. Because you're his best friend! +
  • B. Because you're closer with him! =
  • C. Because you don't have amnesia! –


Hello…」(If dating Lysander)

  • A. How are you doing? I’m very worried about you, you know. + (Lysander Illustration?)
  • B. Do you remember me today?
  • C. I’m here to take Rosa’s place.

Am I right?」(If dating Lysander)

  • A. Yes, you’re right. =?
  • B. I don’t see why you would say that. +
  • C. There’s nothing special to know.

I have some apprehensions...

  • A. Maybe you're not ready yet. -
  • B. Do you want me to leave you? =
  • C. Don't be scared. You're not alone. =


I managed to get my way this time and chose by myself.

  • A. You did well! It looks great on you. +
  • B. I have to say I liked you better before... =


  • A. What are you doing? -
  • B. What were you trying to hide?? +=
  • C. Oh sorry, am I bothering you? +


If I had been in military school for nothing, I would have felt really bad.

  • A. I thought you were happy that you went? =
  • B. You didn't go for nothing regardless. Look at how it helped you evolve.
  • C. By the way, you never really told me how it went over there... = +

The more time goes on, the more he annoys me! I can't handle his way of belittling me!!

  • A. Hey, don't yell at me. It's not my fault. +
  • B. Calm down, I don't even know what you're talking about... -
  • C. What did he do exactly for you to be in such a state? = +



  • A. You're really a great person Iris. I know Lysander will appreciate you wanting to go see him. +
  • B. How are you so nice with everyone? =
  • C. (Don't say anything.) =


What are you looking at?

  • A. Nothing at all... (I preferred to continue on my way.) =
  • B. What does it matter to you? =
  • C. You. You're like a permanent show. -


Do you want me to stay? I understand that you may not want to stay here alone.」(If dating Lysander)

  • A. No. (I responded with a firm tone.) =
  • B. Yes, if you want... -


  • A. (Ignore her.)
  • B. (Look at her in the eyes.) - (If low l'om?) (Lysander Illustration?)

I refuse to believe that he's as weird as Amber and Charlotte say he is!

  • A. Well, it's true that he seems young and his look is particularly... Original. =
  • B. He looks nice, at least I think so. In any case, I had never seen Capucine so kind to someone! = (Illustration?)
  • C. He's clearly not my type, but you know what they say... Likings and tastes...


  • A. We should go to sleep. It's late and we have class tomorrow. =
  • B. You look exhausted. Do you want me to make you a coffee? =
  • C. Is the fact that we are talking about Amber's love life boring you that much? = (Rosalya Illustration)


Well, if he's as young as Amber says he is, maybe she was embarrassed to admit it.

  • A. Are you jealous perhaps? -
  • B. Or maybe she just wanted to keep it to herself... Sometimes there are secrets that we don't want to tell even our closest friends. +
  • C. I don't know anything at all. =


It's funny with all this talk of colors, certain paintings look like poems.

  • A. You make no sense. =
  • B. That's a really pretty comparison! -
  • C. (I looked at her, stunned.) +


Sorry to have ruined the mood.

  • A. Don't be sorry, we can't always talk about happy things. =
  • B. Yeah, it's not really very comforting. -
  • C. I see it more as an occasion to get to know you better. +

Yes, but I completely messed up the color wheel exercise. As soon as it comes to picking up a paint brush or a pencil to draw, I can't do anything, I'm stumped.

  • A. You can't take classes with Violette? =
  • B. We can't be good at everything. -
  • C. I am sure you're going to progress quickly. +


  • A. ...Not that bad. +
  • B. ...Very surprising. =
  • C. ...Awful. -

So, I hope you hung up my masterpiece in your living room?!

  • A. Yes, of course! My parents greatly appreciated the fine pencil techniques. =
  • B. Haha uh, no... But I put it up in my locker! +
  • C. My goodness, how awful! -


You were there during the accident so I thought you may know more.

  • A. I... I went to see him, yes. =
  • B. I was there randomly, like you, I imagine. =


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