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After Lysander's recovery, it's time to relax a little bit.
Your friends are organizing a party, you won't forget!
Many of them will be in the game and it will be harder and harder to hide...
Will you manage to keep your relationship a secret?


My Candy Love - Episode 33 - Serendipity

My Candy Love - Episode 33 - Serendipity

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Date Outfits

Picture Who it is for Cost
Episode 33 Date Outfit All $335

Fairy Gifts

Picture How to get
Episode 33 Fairy Gift
Meet in the garden, the evening.

Before going to the kitchen to help

Iris to bring the dishes./When everyone splits up to write down their truths & dares, go to the garden.

Hidden Gifts

Picture How to get
[Picture Here] [Description how to get]

Quest Items

Picture Purpose Where to find
[Picture Here] [Description of purpose] [Description how to find]


Love'o'Meter Guide

Love o&#039; meter guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.

NOTE: The amount of L'o'm seems to depend on your Zodiac sign.


  • A. (It's better not to mention any of this in front of her, so she doesn't invite herself...) =
  • B. (I would love to provoke her a bit...) =

  • A. Are you making... A cocktail? =
  • B. You want to drink... Alcohol? =
  • C. You're making punch?! (correct answer) =

(Against Priya)

  • A. (...Rock.) (Win) +
  • B. (...Paper.) (Lose - Go against Rosalya)
  • C. (...Scissors.) (Tie)

(Against Priya, if you tie)

  • A. (...Rock.) (Lose, Go against Rosalya)
  • B. (...Paper.) (Win) +

(Against Rosalya)

  • A. (...Rock.) (Win)
  • B. (...Paper.) (Win)
  • C. (...Scissors.) (Win)

(Becomes the kiss dare later, Illustration with boyfriend if you choose a boy with whom you have minimum of 75 affinity)

  • A. (I think I'll go talk to Nathaniel.)
  • B. (I think I'll go talk to Castiel.)
  • C. (I think I'll go talk to Lysander.)
  • D. (I think I'll go talk to Armin.)
  • E. (I think I'll go talk to Kentin.)

  • A. (I prefer to go eat, I don't want to bother Iris even more than I already have.) =
  • B. (I'll just go check her room really quickly and then leave...)

  • A. (First of all, I prefer writing down a truth.) (Melody tells a truth) =
  • B. (First of all, I prefer writing down a dare.) (Melody does a dare) =

(If either truth or dare)

  • A. (I'll stay soft. I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable.) =
  • B. (I'm going to come up with something really bold...) =



  • A. (I took Nathaniel's hand.) +
  • B. (I tried to ignore my attraction to Nathaniel and concentrate on what I needed to buy.) =
  • C. (I chatted with Rosalya.)

♥「It's none of your business.

  • A. You're right, let's get out of here. =
  • B. Where has your detective instincts gone? = (- Iris)

♥「What do you want, $Pseudo?

  • A. I'd like a soda, please. =
  • B. I'd like to try the punch, please. =

(If you chose to talk to him)

  • A. I'm surprised to see you so relaxed at a party.
  • B. I'm surprised that you came.
  • C. I'm surprised that we haven't organized a party like this before. =



  • A. (I took the lead of our little group...)
  • B. (I walked around staying as close to Castiel as possible...) +
  • C. (I let Castiel take the lead while I chatted with Rosa.)


  • A. Well, I have to stop being so curious. =
  • B. I kind of want to know more. = (- Iris)

♥「Can I serve you a glass of something?

  • A. I'd like a soda, please. =
  • B. I'd like to try the punch, please. =

(If you choose to talk to him)

  • A. You too, in a way. +
  • B. You know, you do not have to be sarcastic all the time... +
  • C. Difficult not to be relax in this context! =



  • A. (I didn't let go of Lysander.)
  • B. (I let Lysander go ahead and I started talking to Rosa.) =
  • C. (I mustn't stuck to Lysander ceaseless, I'll take the lead of the group and choose my fruit juice.)

No idea, but it does not concern us in any case.

  • A. I still want to know what it is.
  • B. You're right. I must stop meddling in the affairs of other.

(If you chose to talk with him)

  • A. What are you thinking about? =
  • B. (I let out a happy sigh.) +
  • C. (I forced myself to respect his silence.) =


So... What exactly are you looking for? What kind of style do you like?

  • A. I don't really know. I trust your judgement! =
  • B. I want something a little flashier than normal! (some) +
  • C. Well, you seem to be doing much better now. It's nice to see. (a lot) +


Otherwise, they could always leave when we have the party.

  • A. Nothing phases you! -
  • B. True, you could maybe ask them Iris? = (- Iris)
  • C. If they say no, then what? We lock them in the closet? +

I don't see which one.

  • A. The park? = (+ Iris)
  • B. The cafe? = (+ Iris)
  • C. A restaurant? = (+ Iris)

Yeah. That kid is weird.

  • A. He's different from other kids his age, that's all. =
  • B. I like him. = (+ Iris)
  • C. Totally, he makes me so uncomfortable. = (- Iris)

So... What are we going to do?

  • A. A board game? (+ Armin?)
  • B. A musical quiz? (+ Priya?)
  • C. We can talk among ourselves. = (+ Violette)



  • A. (I let Armin go ahead to talk to Rosa.)
  • B. (I tried to pretend that Armin wasn't my boyfriend.)
  • C. (I took Armin by the arm.)

You want to look?

  • A. Yes, I'm too curious.
  • B. No, it's better to stay quiet.

I need to kiss someone?

  • A. No! =
  • B. (I mustn't say anything. I'm about to explode, it would unmask us...) =
  • C. Apparently... (Illustration) =



  • A. (Kentin and I exchanged a knowing glance.) + (= or)
  • B. (I let Kentin walk in front while I chatted with Rosa.)
  • C. (I took lead of our little group, already knowing what I'm going to buy.)

♥「Yes, I was just repositioning one of my contacts... It was bothering me and I almost lost it.

  • A. Are you okay? Does it hurt? + (= or)
  • B. I hate to see you inflict that on yourself... =
  • C. You wouldn't have that problem if you wore your glasses you know... -

(Not dating Kentin)

Yes, I'm replacing one of my contacts... It was bothering me and I almost lost it.

  • A. Those tricky contacts... It looks complicated to manage. + (= or)
  • B. You shouldn't fuss so much. -
  • C. I've tried to put in colored contacts once, you just have to get the hang of it. = (+ or)

♥「No idea...

  • A. Well, better not to look. =
  • B. I'm intrigued... = (- Iris)

♥「I'll get you something, $Pseudo. What will you have?.

  • A. I'd like a soda, please.
  • B. I'd like to try the punch, please. =

(If you chose to talk with him)

It's funny... That after all this time, we are still here enjoying moments like these together.

  • A. Haha, because you followed me, may I remind you.
  • B. So, grandpa, feeling nostalgic are we now?
  • C. It makes me really happy. + (= or)


Actually, I'm sure my mom won't mind. It would also be nice to see all of you outside of school.

  • A. That's so sweet of you! +
  • B. Are you sure you're okay with organizing everything? =
  • C. Why did you look so panicked two seconds ago? =

This is my room.

  • A. It's really pretty! +
  • B. I wasn't expecting this... =
  • C. (I don't have anything to say about this room...) =

Well, we still have a lot of people to find. While waiting for the game to finish, you can get yourselves something to drink in the kitchen. There are also some appetizers.

  • A. You mean, we should serve ourselves from the fridge? =
  • B. Who else is left to find? =
  • C. Are you very upset with us going into your room? =

  • A. Everything okay, Iris? =
  • B. (I looked at her with a enquiring expression.) =
  • C. (I've already bothered Iris enough today, I won't ask any more questions.) (Illustration) =


Are you serious?

  • A. I find it funny! (+ Armin? And Alexy)
  • B. I don't like it at all. +
  • C. I don't really know what to think of it...


(If not dating Nathaniel)

Nathaniel said he may come. It surprises me, but it's a good thing he relaxes a bit.

  • A. It surprises me too, but it's nice. The more the merrier!
  • B. I'm sure you're happy about that! +
  • C. Personally, I find him way more relaxed than before. =


You know I'm not really comfortable in that kind of environment...

  • A. Yet you came when we slept over at Melody's. =
  • B. Iris will be upset if you don't come. -
  • C. We would be really happy if you came... +

I think everyone can do as they wish.

  • A. (I'm sure she's still talking about this whole punch debacle. I prefer to stay out of it.) =
  • B. (I'm sure she's still talking about this whole punch debacle. I would love to say something.) =


It's Violette, she doesn't want to come anymore.

  • A. Oh, why? =
  • B. That doesn't surprise me... -
  • C. Oh no! +


Oh, you know, okay given the circumstances.

  • A. What do you mean by that? +
  • B. You haven't changed, haha. =
  • C. Uh, okay... =


Yes, she just told me about it, but I won't be able to come.

  • A. How come? =
  • B. That's too bad... +
  • C. It would be the perfect place for a news coverage! -