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Episode 36 Header
Since Amber surprised you in your boyfriend's arms, the entire school won't stop talking about it...
But there's something else on your mind: Armin was arrested!
Did he take his online search too far?
Investigate with Alexy by your side.
But be careful, the truth isn't always nice to hear.


My Candy Love - Episode 36 - The Price for Truth00:41

My Candy Love - Episode 36 - The Price for Truth

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Date Outfits

Picture Who it is for Cost
Episode 36 Date Outfit All $220

Fairy Gifts

Picture How to get
Episode 36 Fairy Gift
• Objective: Pass the time by walking around town.
• Found at: The Shops
• Gift: Unicorn Mask

Hidden Gifts

Picture How to get
Episode 36 Hidden Gift
Go to the Clothing Store
Costs $40

Quest Items

Picture Purpose Where to find
[[File:Title|thumb]] [Description of purpose] [Description how to find]


Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 36
(Attention: it doesn't provide you with the answers to increase your love’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)

The official guide for this episode hasn't been posted to the forums yet.

That’s the end of this guide!!
See you for episode 37!

Love'o'Meter Guide

Love o&#039; meter guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.

NOTE: The amount of L'o'M seems to depend on your Zodiac sign.


  • A. He’s not that bad you know... (more dialogue) =
  • B. You know, you’re not all that different, you and Castiel. -
  • C. It seems... Strange, right?

Yes, I imagine he knows how to be nice when he wants to be...

  • A. I'm sure that with a little effort you two could become friends...
  • B. Okay, obviously, it depends on the day... The weather... The alignment of the planets... -
  • C. He's not easy to tame that's true...

I don’t know... I didn’t think Armin was interested in you... Or in girls in general. He’s always glued to his console!

  • A. It’s not really nice to say that about your friend...
  • B. I find it sad that you see it like that. =
  • C. Well, you were wrong, he has other interests! (I laughed lightly.) =

Yet, I find it a bit worrisome that he followed you to a new high school... It’s a really weird decision.

  • A. It was a long time ago. He’s changed a lot since then. =
  • B. I don’t see where the problem is... =
  • C. How’s that any of your business?

I’ll go to the cafe to get us some sandwiches. Meet up with me in the garden!

  • A. (Give him some money) (more dialogue) =
  • B. (Don’t give him any money)

Are you joking? It’s my treat.

  • A. (Insist)
  • B. Okay, but I’ll get it next time. +
  • C. Thanks.

  • A. I think you’re just thinking things.
  • B. What a fail. He almost made me twist my ankles.
  • C. As you can see, it didn’t work. (Towards Illustration, more dialogue) =

  • A. (I slowly got close to him to kiss him.)
  • B. (I brought him close to me in a sharp manner.) (Illustration)


  • A. (Give him money for lunch) (more dialogue) =
  • B. (Don’t offer any money) =

Is that a joke? It’s on me.

  • A. (Insist)
  • B. Okay, but it’s on me next time. -
  • C. Wow! Are you trying to get forgiveness for something?

Are you thinking about going home too?

  • A. I have to admit that I’m not really motivated right now. =
  • B. Not at all, I was just daydreaming. -
  • C. Yes, I’d be way better off in my bed. + (= or)

  • A. Would you rather have been in Kentin’s place? (Towards Illustration, more dialogue)
  • B. I think you’re just getting ideas...
  • C. I’m not attracted to Kentin.

If I had been in his place, I wouldn’t have let you get back up that easily.

  • A. Oh yeah? (I led him to a corner.) (Illustration)
  • B. Interesting... (I pushed him against a locker.)


  • A. What, are you jealous? =
  • B. What’s gotten into you? -
  • C. Is now really the time to settle the score, you think? -

♥ 「I know, don’t worry. You looked all embarrassed... Okay yes, everyone was looking at us.

  • A. It didn’t bother me more than that... (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. It was rather enjoyable. =
  • C. Yes, what shame... =

♥ —

  • A. I don't care what the others think.
  • B. (I grabbed his hand to bring him towards a corner.) (Illustration)


  • A. You don’t need to worry. (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. Don’t worry, I’m not interested in Kentin.
  • C. I think you’re just thinking things.

  • A. (I grabbed his hand to bring it towards me) =
  • B. (I grabbed his hand to bring him towards a corner.) (Illustration) =


  • A. You’re mostly just super reckless! -
  • B. I don’t think Alexy finds this all that funny... =
  • C. I have to admit that you’re really lucky. + (= or)

  • A. You’re also seriously reckless, yeah! =
  • B. It’s not funny Armin! =
  • C. That makes you laugh? =

That’s what I like to call killing two birds with one stone! You and I basically vanquished the Suicide Squad!

  • A. The what??
  • B. Yes, we settled the score with "Sweet-Harley Quinn." + (= or)
  • C. It’s true we make quite the team! =

Anyway, I’m sure he’s not that terrifying. He’s just a normal sized Grumpy Cat.

  • A. A what?? =
  • B. I can see the resemblance sometimes. + (= or)
  • C. Are you making fun of my boyfriend now? -

Sold. I’m going to finish up explaining to Kennykins why he ABSOLUTELY needs to see Samurai Champloo and then I’ll go get us some sandwiches.

  • A. Oh, I love that anime! + (= or)
  • B. Samurai... What? What is that game? -
  • C. (I don’t know what they are talking about. I’d rather not say anything at all.)

  • A. Please don’t make me choose between you two. -
  • B. It’s your business, leave me out of it... -
  • C. (Backed into a corner, I couldn’t respond.) -

  • A. (I hugged him without a word.) (Illustration)
  • B. (I caressed his cheek softly.)
  • C. It was so unfair!
  • D. Don’t worry, I understand...


I just spent the two longest days ever, between the police station and the house. Where everyone was sulking like crazy...

  • A. Don’t you think you may be overreacting a bit? -
  • B. I’m sure you even missed Ms. Delanay! +
  • C. I really missed you... =

Yeah, Armin really made a big mess of things, by wanting to play Snowden.

  • A. Play... Who? -
  • B. If there was a game adaption of the Snowden effect, Armin would be the first to buy it. +

  • A. (I think I know what game he’s talking about.) +
  • B. (I don’t know what game he’s talking about.) -

  • A. Please don’t make me choose between you two. -
  • B. It’s your business, leave me out of it... -
  • C. (Backed into a corner, I couldn’t respond.) -

It really wasn’t cool of me. Will you forgive me?

  • A. Of course... (I hugged him.) +
  • B. It was really stupid. = (- with Rosa)
  • C. I’m the one that’s sorry, Alexy. =

Like I told you, I’m scared of what I will find out when I call that number.

  • A. I don’t know if it’s a good idea. =
  • B. Are you really sure you want to do that? =
  • C. I’ll be there for you, Alexy. =


Do you really think she will keep her word? Will she get rid of the pictures?

  • A. I’m sure of it. She looked very scared. +
  • B. We can only hope... =
  • C. Of course, don’t worry. It’s in the past now. =

Well, you know... The dating site, the pictures...

  • A. I must admit you weren’t very careful... -
  • B. It’s not your fault that you got duped. =
  • C. You shouldn’t be mad at yourself Iris. +

Rosalya isn’t here?

  • A. (Tell the truth.) =
  • B. (Find an excuse for Rosa.) =


  • A. Aren’t you tired of being like that? -
  • B. It won’t last? Says you. =
  • C. Huh, is Charlotte absent today? -


You don’t look so good. Is everything okay?

  • A. (I should tell Rosalya everything. She will know how to help.) +
  • B. (I prefer not to tell her anything otherwise I’m afraid I’ll crack.) (later on) -

Are you two going to shut up or what?!

  • A. You’re right Rosa, I think certain people don’t know when to be quiet. = (- with Amber)
  • B. You are as bad as each other... =
  • C. I hope you’re happy Peggy. = (- with Peggy)

So, aren’t you feeling a bit better now?

  • A. Yes! I feel great in this outfit. It’s like I got a bit of my confidence back. +
  • B. Yes, I do a little. =
  • C. I’m not superficial enough to feel better just by spending money. -

We’re leaving tomorrow morning, so I won’t be at school all day!

  • A. Lucky... =
  • B. You shouldn’t be skipping school like that. -
  • C. Do you have an absentee notice? (I winked at her.) +


No, I haven’t seen her sorry...

  • A. Is everything okay? (more discussion, chance to raise L'o'M) =
  • B. Well, okay I’ll go look for her. Thanks anyway! (more discussion) =
  • C. You have a weird look on your face... (more discussion) =

  • A. (Explain to Violette why Alexy is sad.) +
  • B. (Don’t say anything.) =


  • A. It’s better if we do it another day. =
  • B. It may be better if I just call you tonight... =
  • C. If you want, I can tell you when I finish and we can meet up at my place. =


I already told you that I didn’t want anything to do with people’s private lives.

  • A. Well, I appreciate your discretion. =
  • B. Thanks Peggy, I knew you could be trusted. =
  • C. It’s probably because the scoop wasn’t juicy enough for you, admit it. =

At this stage, it’s no longer a private matter. So why not be the first with the information...

  • A. You really aren’t ashamed! -
  • B. Even though... It’s none of your business! -
  • C. Did they say anything else about Armin? Or Alexy? =


Everything okay? You look troubled.

  • A. Y-Yes everything’s fine. Have you seen Alexy by chance? =
  • B. I just didn’t sleep well... (more dialogue) =
  • C. Everything is great, and you?

  • A. No no... Just looking for Alexy.
  • B. Something terrible has happened... +
  • C. No no, everything’s fine.

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