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Episode 9: By the Seashore!

Candy goes to the seashore for summer vaction and things are going pretty dully until...

She meets one of the boys there! Every boy a his own special episode, including one extra which you can end the episode with. 

For more information please see the Episode 9 Guide.


Nathaniel: You just so happen to meet him there, and Amber as well... The basic outline for his episode is to try and get rid of Amber so you may spend time with Nathaniel.

Castiel: You meet Castiel, well, actually you meet his dog first. His is a rather calm episode where you have to attempt to catch the dog. (NOO NOT THIS AGAIN!) And try to drag him into the water to swim.

Lysander: You meet Rosalya and Leigh as well and you and Rosa spend the whole day trying to get Lysander's shirt off so you can see his tatoo. 

Dake : You'll bump into him in the middle of the episode and if you accept his flirtations, you can end the episode with him, not making the boy you were with happy. Do not do if your with your favorite guy. 

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