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Summer Vacation at the beach!

You can finally relax, but when you're alone, even the sun and the ocean can become boring...

Who will you meet by the seashore?

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My Candy Love - Episode 9-000:25

My Candy Love - Episode 9-0


Date Outfits

Picture Who it is for Cost
[Image, left allign] Automatic $30

Fairy Gifts

Picture How to get

Swan Float

Meet up with the Fairy by chance

(Found at the Nothern Beach)

Hidden Gifts

Picture How to get


When talking to the vendor, he'll ask if you need anything else

Ask him "what else you got?"

Quest Items

Picture Purpose Where to find
[Picture Here]

[Description of purpose]

[Description how to find]


Episode Exclusive Backgrounds

Episode Guide



Here is the solution guide for episode 9!

(Attention: it doesn’t provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1: Introduction (same for everyone)

PART 2 : The episode with Castiel

PART 3 : The episode with Lysander

PART 4 : The episode with Nathaniel

PART 5 : Dake


P A R T 1:

Introduction (same for the three versions of the episode)

It’s summer vacation!

You will randomly meet one of the three boys during your story:

  -      Castiel (see part 2)
  -      Lysander (see part  3)
  -      Nathaniel (see part 4)

To meet all the guys, you will have to use replays (You cannot meet the same characters twice until you’ve met all three guys in the episode, using a story replay OR a single episode replay.). Once you have played the episode with the three guys, if you replay the episode you will be able to choose the guy you want to meet in the episode.

Before going to the beach Chinomimi gives you an important piece of advice that you will need to retain for later in the episode:


Don’t forget that when you don’t have an objective to validate, you will have to find an object in the scenery.

     ➜      Objective: Buy the "Swimsuit with purple charms" and put it on

You must buy and wear the bikini


Once you have bought and put on the bikini you must return to the beach and walk around until you find the next dialogue

     ➜     Go for a walk on the beach until you find someone you know

You must meet the vendor once to unlock the dialogue that will allow you to meet the boys. CAREFUL, they're appearance is random and in no way related to your Love’o’meter. It is possible to pass the day with a boy you don’t get a long with.

P A R T 2:

Episode with Castiel

     ➜      Go back to see Castiel and talk with him a little.

Once Castiel is calm, talk with him.

You should have met Iris before talking to him.

He can be found in three different places on the beach, so look closely!

     ➜      Keep an eye on Demon until Castiel returns, and try to catch him!

You have to run into Demon until you catch him. You will have to see him two times before he decides to follow you.

     ➜      Demon came back on his own. Take him and find Castiel on the beach!

You need to bring Demon to Castiel. Once you’ve done this, you will not receive a new objective. This is where you need to remember Chinomimi’s message and find something hidden in the decor to advance. This object is hidden after a first dialogue with Castiel who asks you what you want to do. The object is a stick for Demon to play with, you can find it in different places on the beach. For example:

here -


or here-


The stick can be found in other places, these are just two examples.

Then you need to move around to unlock a sequence where Castiel plays with Demon (and you too a bit).

     ➜      Find Iris to go swimming with her a bit.

Iris is there too, and you decide to spend some time with her. You need to speak to her once to continue the episode. You can find her in three different places so it shouldn’t be too hard to find her!

     ➜     Try to find Iris's flip-flop and take it to her.

Iris lost her flip-flop. Like the stick, it can be found in several places. You need to pick it up and bring it back to Iris to be able to continue the episode. Here is an example of where it could be:


The flip-flop can be found in several places, this is just an example.

     ➜     Go buy sunscreen from a street vendor.

You need to find the vendor (going to the Dollar Shop doesn’t do anything, you need to find the character in the game and buy the objects from him) and buy the sunscreen. If you don’t have enough money, you can meet him as many times as you need, until you have enough money.

     ➜      Go to the beach put sunscreen on before you go swimming.

You are going to get a sunburn! Find somewhere calm to put on your sunscreen. You will run into a new character. You can either send him packing, or be nice and finish the episode with him. Careful, this can be important for the following episodes.

(see part 5 -> Dake)

     ➜      Find Iris to finally go swimming with her

This objective is validated once you have finished the next objective.

     ➜      Buy a bottle of water from the vendor and give it to Castiel. /!\ To do before the "Swimming with Iris" objective

You get an idea to buy a bottle of water for Castiel’s dog. You need to buy it, like the other items, from the vendor.

While bringing it back to Castiel, you will run into Iris and validate your previous objective.

     ➜      Go for a walk on the beach to unlock a final conversation and complete the episode!

Talk with Castiel one last time to spend some time with him. You must answer him correctly to unlock the end illustration.

You met Castiel during this episode. You have won the "Seashell necklace". It is with your necklaces in your closet.

P A R T 3: 

Episode with Lysander

     ➜      Buy sunscreen from the street vendor.

Rosalya wants to put on sunscreen, and you too, you need to You need to find the vendor (going to the Dollar Shop doesn’t do anything, you need to find the character in the game and buy the objects from him) and buy the sunscreen. If you don’t have enough money, you can meet him as many times as you need, until you have enough money.

     ➜      Go back and see Rosalya to lend her the tube of sunscreen.

Find Rosalya on the beach to lend her your sunscreen. She will then tell you that Lysander is there too.

     ➜      Lysander is also at the beach! Find him.

Lysander is most often on the north beach or the beach. Talk to him once to continue the episode.

     ➜      Talk with Lysander, Rosalya or Leigh to find a way to remove Lysander's shirt.

Your principal mission for this episode is to be able to see Lysander’s tattoo, which is on his back. However, he is wearing a shirt. Talk to the different characters on the beach until you find an idea.

You will find the latter all by yourself. Lysander appears directly in the dialogue. It is not necessary to talk with anyone before this to unlock the sequence.

     ➜      Go back and see Lysander to put your plan into action!

Unlock a dialogue with Lysander

     ➜      Find Leigh or Rosalya to borrow a towel.

You need to find Rosalya once to validate the objective. After this objective, you need to find an object on the beach to advance (like Chinomimi said, once you don’t have a new objective you need to find an object in the scenery). The object is a piece of wood. You can find it in several places:

here -


or here -


The stick can be found in several places, this are just a few examples example.

The stick can be found after a dialogue with Rosalya. This dialogue is automatically unlocked on the north-west beach, the west beach, the south-west beach or the south beach.

     ➜      Find a rather large insect on the beach.

You have to unlock a dialogue with Rosalya again to validate the objective. This dialogue is automatically unlocked on the north-west beach, the west beach, the south-west beach or the south beach.

     ➜      Discretely put the spider on Lysander's shirt.

Find Lysander. The idea backfires and you find yourself automatically at the other end of the beach. You must then return to see Lysander to see how things evolve.

     ➜      Unlock a new conversation with Lysander.

Just that. Lysander will talk to you about his childhood and you can get an illustration.

     ➜      Rosalya might have another idea, go ask her.

That conversation was great and all, but you still need to see his tattoo. You and Rosalya look for another idea, except you run into a new character that takes you along for the right (for the better or for the worse).

You can be nice with him and finish the episode with him or you can be rude so that Lysander wil come to get you when the new guy goes a little too far.

(see part 5 -> Dake)

Once the new guy is gone, you can unlock a dialogue with Rosalya to validate the objective.

     ➜      This is your last chance! Go back and see Lysander.

With the sunscreen in your hand, you are to ask Lysander if he wants you to put sunscreen on his back. This will allow you to see his tattoo (with a little bonus <3) except your plan backfires again, Lysander refuses. Small consolation, he asks if you want him to put sunscreen on your back.

There is an illustration to unlock.

     ➜      Go for a walk on the beach to unlock a final conversation and complete the episode!

On last dialogue is unlocked to finish the episode and maybe see an illustration of your time spent with Lysander. You have to give the right answers to be able to see this illustration.

You met Lysander during this episode. You have won the Pearl necklace. It is with your necklaces in your closet.

P A R T 4: 

Episode with Nathaniel

     ➜      Talk to Nathaniel twice in order to spend some time with him.

Find Nathaniel and talk to him several times to unlock a new objective.

     ➜      Buy a racket from the vendor

By the set from the vendor. No need to go to the dollar shop, the vendor is on the beach during this episode.


     ➜     Go back and play with Nathaniel and Amber.

Once you have found Nathaniel, you will see that Amber is not ready to leave, you want to be alone with her brother.

     ➜     Go a little further away with Nathaniel to be sure to not be bothered.

Unlock another dialogue with Nathaniel. You will learn that Amber has a small nut allergy.

     ➜     Find Amber to reassure Nathaniel.

Unlock a dialogue with Amber. When you find the little pest you make the mistake of saying you have sunscreen, which is not true. You will get a new objective.

     ➜     Buy a tube of sunscreen from the vendor

You need to find the vendor and buy some sunscreen. You will find it in your inventory.

     ➜    Lend your tube of sunscreen to Amber so she won't go back with Nathaniel.

Your errand was useless, the little pest doesn’t want to use your sunscreen. However, Nathaniel offers to put some sunscreen on you. An illustration can be unlocked at this moment.

     ➜     Buy ice cream from the vendor.

And here you are again, looking for the vendor...and its a miracle! He sells vanilla nut ice cream. You return with the ice cream to play a trick on Amber with a little surprise.

     ➜     Give the ice cream to Nathaniel and Amber.

You should join Nathaniel and Amber. But, once she eats her ice cream, Amber says she feels sick and tries to get Nathaniel away from you (this may be the beginning of her allergy!)

     ➜    Go to the beach to meet somebody new!

Like in the two other versions, you can meet a new character. You can either be nice to him and finish the episode with him or you can be rude and be “saved” by Nathaniel when he tries to go to far.

(see part 5 Dake)

     ➜    Go back to see Amber.

Amber wasn’t feeling well, your plan worked.

You are with Nathaniel for this objective.

It will be validated when you talk to Amber.

(Enjoy the moment of vengeance while it lasts, for Amber might find a way to get back at you later on.)

     ➜    Go for a walk on the beach to unlock a final conversation and complete the episode!

Go to the beach to unlock a final dialogue with Nathaniel and spend some quality time with him. You can see an illustration if you answer him correctly during the dialogue.

You met Nathaniel during this episode. You have won the Dolphin necklace. It is with your necklaces in your closet.

P A R T 5: 


Dakota is a special character created especially so you can see your favorite guy jealous <3 He in seen in all three versions of the episode (with all three boys) and the way you meet him and finish the episode with him is the same:

You meet him in the middle of the episode He comes to talk to you and takes you with him

     ➜      Get to know the boy who came up to talk to you.

You need to talk to Dakota 3 times before unlocking the new objective. If you are rude to Dake the boy you met during the episode will come : So, you need to be rude to Dake if you want to finish the episode with your favorite guy.


     ➜      Talk with Dake to get to know him a little better and introduce him to your classmates.

This objective can be validated only when you have validated the following objectives. You will unlock a dialogue with Dake that will allow you to finish the episode.

     ➜     Introduce Dake to the guy you are with

Dake is with you until the end of the episode, so when you talk with someone he will be there too. You should talk once (or more if you want to see your guy’s reaction) with Nathaniel, Lysander or Castiel depending on the episode you are playing.

     ➜     Introduce Dake to the girl you passed the episode with

The same as for with the guys, you need to introduce Dake to Iris, Rosalya or Amber. This object can be validated before the previous objective.

     ➜     Find the vendor.

Dake wants to offer you something to eat. You need to find the vendor and speak to him two time, because the first time he is occupied.

     ➜     Find a place to eat your donut with Dake.

Go to the beach to eat your donut with Dake.

     ➜     Unlock the final conversation with Dake to end the episode and go to the beach.

Stay on the beach. Dake will show you how to surf. There are no trick questions and you will automatically get the end illustration.


Nathaniel, Castiel or Lysander come to get you away from Dake.

Depending on your love’o’meter that you have with the guy, he can either get really angry with Dake (because he is jealous) or just brush him off. The reactions are very different if the guy really likes you, so don’t hesitate to unlock these parts of the dialogue.

That’s all folks! The end of the guide!

See you in episode 10!

Love o' Meter Guide

Love o' meter guide


  • A.   Green answers have a positive effect on the guy +
  • B.   Red answers have a negative effect on the guy -
  • C.   Black answer has no effect on the guy

NOTE: The amount of L'om seems to depend on your Zodiac sign.


Yes, I just finished, it didn’t take too long. In any case, I’m happy you are here today.

A. I wasn’t expecting to see you, it took me by surprise. / B. Me too, I couldn’t have hoped for anything else! / (mentions your swimsuit) C. I would have preferred someone else but… - Yeah, I just finished. Why?

A. Nothing, just wanted to talk + B. Nothing, I wanted to be polite / C. Nothing, but since you’re here. I’ll like to talk to you! Is it because my sister is here? I know you don’t exactly get along…

A. At is saying it lightly… / B. No, I can put up with her.

Great! Try not to drop the ball too much!

A. Who do you think I am? I’m better than you may think. + B. I’ll try. I promise - C. Maybe I shouldn’t play then. – I would prefer you not do that…

A. I promise I’ll just go for the head! - B. You aren’t any fun! / C. I will admit she does deserve it though! + Why is that?

A. Because you let your sister get away with everything! / B. Because it’s the truth… / C. Because you let people walk all over you… + That explains why you don’t understand my reactions to Amber…if you had a little brother you would understand.

A. No, I don’t think I will ever understand… - B. Yeah, maybe that’s it… /

Oh Nickname you brought your sunscreen?

A. Yeah…But it wasn’t good enough for “her highness” - B. Yeah…first your idiot sister still wants to go home. /

While I’m at it, do you want me to put some on your back too [nickname]? You’re shoulders are a little bit red.

A. Huh? Uh…Yeah, that would be nice! / (illustration) B. Huh? Uh…No, thanks! /

It’s nice to have some calm and quite, but I don’t think I will stay much longer…I may get in trouble.

A. You should just leave now then. B. I understand, thanks, what do you want to do then? /

Mmmm…Do you want to go swimming a bit? I haven’t been in the water all day!

A. Sure, sounds great. / (illustration) B. I would prefer playing with the rackets or laying on the sand a bit… /


Find a stick for demon to play with (Beach, South beach and Southeast Beach)

Iris sandal: (Southwest beach and North beach)

And this guy, when he decides to disobey, it’s not easy to get him back. The solution is to catch him when he is close to you, but you weren’t even capable…

A. Hey! Don’t take your frustration out on me! - ( -10 BIG reduction!) B. It’s not my fault! You’re dog scared me! - (-6) C. If anyone’s to blame it’s you! You should have trained your dog better! - (REALLY BIG reduction -15) >Demon Option<

A. (Oh and shoot! It’s just a dog! He won’t eat me!) B. (If I try and catch him, he will surely try and bite me…)

>A or B  Dog comes to you (A better option less AP loss)

Well? No comeback? I was right then?

A. Don’t think that your dreams have come true. - B. For the little there is to see… + C. Are you kidding? That has nothing to do with it! / You dream of seeing me soaked from head to toe, don’t you?!

A. Idiot! We are at the beach, it’s normal that I thought to go swimming! - B. I mean, what else is there to do at the beach? - (with high affinity), + (with low affinity) C. …(I’d prefer not to say anything, it might turn against me later on) I knew I’d have fun if I stayed.

A. Stop smiling like that! It’s not funny! - B. Don’t make a big deal about it! - C. One more word and I’ll push you in the water! - (with low affinity) , + (with high affinity) I don’t see why I should force myself to stay.

A. Come on, I’m not asking you to make a huge effort… - (more discussion) B. Pff…If it bothers you that much than your right go…

No, I don’t really like to go in the water, not with someone in any case.

A. You really are difficult… - B. I don’t know! You find an idea then! + C. What did you come to the beach for then? - Throw it in the water.

A. No, you do it, I’m scared of your dog. / B. Ok! (I’ll have to throw it as far away as possible!) /

Next time, star directly with that before trying to make an idiot like that understands you don’t want him. Gosh, I always have to keep an eye on you, you are unbelievable.

A. Alright, you don’t need to yell at me like that! B. Castiel…Don’t tell me you were jealous? C. You’ve had your eye on me since the beginning? / (Illustration) They make really great Italian ice cream here. You like ice cream right?

A. Yes. / B. No.

I’ll buy you one, choose what you want.

A. It’s ok, I can pay myself, that’s nice of you though. / B. Thanks! That’s nice of you! / (Illustration)


You should ask Rosalya…

A. Come on, please! - B. Why Rosalya? Are you scared? - C. You don’t know how to swim, is that it? + Don’t make that face! Go ask Rosalya if you don’t want to go swimming alone.

A. You could have a little pity for me… / B. You aren’t very nice. -

Yeah, it’s gotten a bit cloudy…

A. I’m really cold…I would really like to have something to put around my shoulders / ( more discussion) B. Say, would you mind lending me your shirt? / (more discussion) Says a shirt won’t work C. (I shivered and clacked my teeth so he would see that I was cold). / (tells you to find Rosyala to get a towel for you) You’re not too cold are you? I thought this was going to be an ideal day to go to the beach, but it looks like the water is a bit cold and there are some clouds now…

A. Just my luck - B. Maybe it will blow over! + or / C. I hope there won’t be a storm… / Why do I get the feeling you are hiding something?

A. You are just imagining things, we are having fun, that’s all. B. Ok, you win, we are up to something. – C. What would make you think that? - (more discussion) I hope. Don’t get Rosa involved in any of your complicated stories.

A. I’ve never gotten her involved in anything! B. Do you have an example? Because I don’t know what you are talking about. - I grew up in the country, you know, my parents had a farm, so insects were part of my daily life.

A. That must have been horrible! + (illustration) B. In the country? That’s my dream! -

Talking about my childhood has made me nostalgic…

A. You see, you do miss your parents. / B. I thought you like being in the city. -

If you looked at yourself more often in the mirror you would know why.

A. I look at myself every morning and I don’t see anything special / B. Sorry? Why, do I have something on my face? + C. What do you mean by that? - Isn’t that what you wanted? I saw that you were bothered to ask, so I figured…

A. N-No, not at all! (He is nice but I don’t want him to put sunscreen on my back…) / B. Y-Yes…If you don’t mind….(If I had known things would end up like this…!) ( Illustration)

You start discussion

A. We should go, shouldn’t we? / B. We should find them before this gets any worse… (Illustration)


Forget about your friend! Come with me!

A. Uh…No it’s ok, but thanks anyway… - B. Well, ok. If you insist… +

I didn’t know there were girls as cute as you there…It’s a shame, it’s too far from my house.

A. Thanks! + B. Was that supposed to be a compliment? -

I figured. And what’s your name?

A. Nickname (but I don’t really care what your name is…) - B. Nickname, and you? /

Oh yeah? I’m not from here either. I’m from Australia. I’m here to visit my family. I was happy to come when I found out there was a beach nearby, but there aren’t’ any waves, I brought my board for nothing.

A. Do you like to surf? That’s cool! + B. Yeah, that’s true, will you go back then? - or if you already snubbed him +

Why? You don’t like them?

A. Yes, of course I do! You just have quite a few! / B. Not really, it’s too bad you have so many. C. Actually, I hate them…

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