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Summer Vacation at the beach!
You can finally relax, but when you're alone, even the sun and the ocean can become boring...
Who will you meet by the seashore?


My Candy Love - Episode 9-000:25

My Candy Love - Episode 9-0


The episode begins with ChiNoMiMi telling your Candy a little about what the episode will be like. She explains that this episode contains 3 separate stories and your Candy will randomly meet only one of the boys in each story. In order to meet the others, she'll have to go through the whole episode before replaying. (it will automatically replay after you finish the story with the first boy). Once your Candy plays through all 3 stories, if she decides to go through the episode again, she'll get to choose which boy to meet up with. Once your Candy says she understands, ChiNoMimi hopes she'll have fun and suggests buying a swimsuit with purple charms before starting (this is required). Before parting ways, ChiNoMimi mentions that at one point there will come a time where your Candy will have no objectives and she'll have to look around on her own and find something in the scenery to progress further. At this point, ChiNoMimi and your Candy part ways and the episode truly begins. From this point, your Candy's story will branch off with either Nathaniel, Castiel, or Lysander.

Nathaniel's Route

It's the second week of summer vacation and your Candy thinks about how she hasn't heard from any of her classmates. Her parents wanted to take her to the beach today, but she forgot her bathing suit and her house is too far to go back to. Instead of being down, however, your Candy feels it's the perfect chance to get a new bathing suit. Once your Candy buys a swimsuit with purple charms from the Clothes Shop, she's ready to scope out the beach. She hopes she'll see someone she knows and notes how there doesn't seem to be many people at the beach today. She runs into Louis, who is being a vendor at the beach, and he is selling a variety of items. Your Candy doesn't need anything right now, however, so she continues to walk along the beach. After awhile, your Candy feels that she won't be seeing anyone she knows and decides to go back to her parents, but suddenly a familiar face calls out to her. Your Candy is called out by Nathaniel, who is surprised to see her there. He's apparently at the beach with Amber so they can spend some time together. Your Candy is a little disappointed Amber is there and the feeling is mutual when Amber appears. Nathaniel decides to put down their things since they just arrived and he lays his beach towel next to your Candy. Amber warns your Candy to leave her and Nathaniel alone since the day at the beach is suppose to be for some sibling bonding, and she mentions she'll pay if she gets between her and her brother. Your Candy feels it's up to her to decide who she wants to hang out with, though, and won't allow Amber to stop her. Amber feels your Candy has been trying to turn Nathaniel against her and hopes to sway him into thinking she's still his dear little sister and to turn him against your Candy. Even with Amber not approving, your Candy feels that if she wants to hang out with Nathaniel then she will, even if she has to get rid of Amber. Once Nathaniel has finished putting away all this belongings, him and your Candy banter together until Amber interrupts. Amber wants your Candy to leave, but Nathaniel feels it would be better to hang out as a group. Using her innocent act, Amber sways Nathaniel to spend time with only her instead, but your Candy doesn't want to give up. While she's walking, a small ball hits her leg, and Amber comes to retrieve it with a snide remark. Amber and Nathaniel are playing racket ball and your Candy asks if she can play, too. They only brought two rackets, though, and Amber doesn't want to take turns. Nathaniel suggests finding the beach vendor to buy a racket so she can join in and your Candy goes off to find the vendor. When she finds the vendor, she asks to buy a racket, but they only sell them in sets of two along with a ball. Your Candy agrees to buy the set for $12 and goes back to find Nathaniel. When your Candy runs into Nathaniel, she shows him she has rackets to play and the two start to play. Amber, however, is not pleased and still doesn't want your Candy to play. Nathaniel doesn't fall for her act, and tells her to stop acting like a baby. Amber storms off to pout, and Nathaniel suggests they go further away to let her blow off some steam. Your Candy asks if she could throw the ball at Amber, but Nathaniel prefers it if she doesn't. Nathaniel mentions how your Candy isn't the nicest to Amber, either, even if she looks for trouble. He also worries Amber will get into trouble without him around since she once made herself sick just for attention. He says how everyone in his family is allergic to something and Amber is allergic to nuts. Your Candy wonders where she could get some nuts and Nathaniel mentions maybe the vendor has some. He also asks if they can go find his sister so she won't get into trouble, in which your Candy agrees.

When they approach Amber, she's sitting under the parasol Nathaniel set up earlier with her arms crossed and is bitter about earlier. Nathaniel tells her to stop complaining before Amber says how she forgot to bring sunscreen and her skin is too sensitive. She wants to go home and your Candy offers her some of her sunscreen so that Nathaniel won't have to leave. Nathaniel thinks it's nice she offered and your Candy goes off to buy some sunscreen since she actually didn't bring any and only said that so they wouldn't go home. When she runs into the vendor, your Candy buys some sunscreen for $20 and returns to Amber to give it to her. Amber points out how the sunscreen is new, and your Candy replies that she just hasn't used any yet. Amber then says how your Candy wasted her time because she can't reach her back and she won't allow you Candy to do it, as if she wanted to anyways. Amber says how they'll have to go home now and is feeling victorious at keeping your Candy away from Nathaniel. Nathaniel shows up and sees your Candy brought the sunscreen, but she says it's not good enough for Amber. When Amber says it's because she can't put it on her back, Nathaniel replies that he'll do it for her. After he puts sunscreen on his sister, Nathaniel offers to put some on your Candy, in which she can take him up of his offer or not. Amber then asks your Candy to get some ice cream for them to get her away from her and her brother. Although your Candy doesn't agree at first, she agrees to get ice cream after Nathaniel asks her to do it. She goes off to look for the vendor and at the same time, she thinks about ways to get rid of Amber for a little while.

When your Candy finds the vendor, she asks him if he has any ice cream and when he lists the flavors, your Candy remembers Amber's allergy to nuts. She decides to get three of the vanilla cones that have nuts and hurries off to find give Nathaniel and Amber the treats. Amber is still bitter and insults your Candy, but your Candy doesn't care since she's looking forward to Amber eating the ice cream. As they eat, your Candy watches Amber to see if she'll have an allergic reaction, but she doesn't see anything. Amber then says how she's not feeling well and wants to lay down, but she wants Nathaniel to join her. The siblings leave and your Candy decides to walk around the beach to kill some time. She ends up meeting a boy with a surfboard who asks her if she's alone. Your Candy says how she's going to join a friend, but the boy wants her to join him instead. Your Candy can either go willing with him or resist, but either way she ends up walking with him. Throughout their bantering, your Candy can act kindly toward the boy or she can respond coldly. The boy asks what school your Candy is from and then asks what her name is. The boy introduces himself as Dakota, but everyone calls him Dake. He later tells her that he's from Australia and that he's a surfer. As the duo walk along the beach, they're confronted by Nathaniel, who tells Dake to back off if your Candy was cold toward Dake. Your Candy also has the option to ditch Nathaniel and go with Dake for the day if she was nice to him(see the subsection "Dakota's Route"). After Nathaniel intervenes, Dake leaves immediately, and your Candy thanks Nathaniel for his intervention. Nathaniel is sore your Candy didn't send him away from the start, but she explains how she tried to get away. Nathaniel is still sour about the situation, but he tells your Candy to stay near him for the rest of the day just in case another guy comes along. He then suggests they go back to check on Amber since she wasn't feeling well before.

As they approach Amber, she tells them not to come any closer, but they do anyway. Amber is covered in a rash from an allergic reaction to the nuts and Nathaniel thinks she did it on purpose like she did when they were younger. Amber wants to go home, but Nathaniel doesn't want to go after all of her past antics. Amber flees the scene, and your Candy feels triumphant for her prank working so well. Nathaniel thinks it's nice to have some quiet for once, but he feels he shouldn't stay too much longer otherwise he could get in trouble. Your Candy can choose to tell him he should just leave then, in which he will, or she can ask him what he wants to do. If she asks him what he wants to do, he says they should go swimming. If your Candy chooses to say no and would rather play with the rackets or lay in the sun, the day ends sooner. If she decides to go swimming, the duo go off to the ocean and begin to swim. They splash each other playfully until your Candy's bikini top falls off, but Nathaniel helps her get it back on and tie the strings so it will stay on.

Castiel's Route

When your Candy first arrives at the beach, she's met with a dog and she wonders who it belongs to. The dog growls at your Candy, in which your Candy thinks the dog is scary. The dog then runs away, and your Candy is relieved until a voice shouts at her for being an idiot for not catching the dog. Castiel is the one who owns the dog, Demon, who your Candy met if she hung out after school with Castiel in Episode 3. He's been trying to catch his dog for awhile now after he took Demon's collar off so he could enjoy the beach, and Demon seems to be enjoying Castiel chasing after him instead. Castiel explains how getting Demon back when he's being disobedient is difficult and brings up how your Candy couldn't catch him again. Castiel then parts ways with your Candy, and she decides to follow after him to see if he's calmed down. Even if he's irritated, your Candy is still happy to have met up with someone she knows at the beach and wants to take advantage of it. While wandering around, your Candy runs into Iris, who is happy to see your Candy. Your Candy wonders to herself if Castiel and Iris went to the beach together while Iris mentions they should go swimming. Your Candy passes on the offer to swim for now since she's looking for Castiel, and Iris mentions how she knows Castiel is there with his dog so she didn't ask him to swim, and this only makes your Candy feel like they went to the beach together. Iris tells your Candy to let her know when they can hang out and your Candy goes off to find Castiel. Along the way she runs into Demon again, who simply barks at her before running off. Seeing Demon makes your Candy feel Castiel is probably close by since he wouldn't leave his dog alone. Your Candy finally finds Castiel, who is still in a sour mood. She asks him if he's still looking for Demon, but he decided to let Demon come to him when he gets hungry. Your Candy asks why he doesn't use biscuits to lure Demon in like he offered to do to lure in Kiki in Episode 3, but he didn't bring any. Castiel asks your Candy to keep an eye on Demon while he goes to get some food for him, and although your Candy would rather get the food, she gets stuck with babysitting Demon.

While Castiel leaves to go get the food, your Candy goes off to watch Demon. As your Candy walks around, she runs into Iris again, who just go back from taking a quick dip in the ocean. She asks Iris is she's seen a dog, but she hasn't so your Candy goes off to keep looking. When your Candy sees Demon, she calls him over, but he runs away again. When your Candy approaches Demon again, the dog finally listens and stays with your Candy. Your Candy praises him for being a good doggy, but Demon gets angry at being called "doggy" and your Candy notes he's as sensitive as his owner. With Demon in tow, your Candy sets off to find Castiel and when she finds him, Castiel is impressed your Candy caught Demon even though he's still sarcastic. Castiel is surprised Demon is staying close to your Candy since he doesn't like strangers, and he thanks her for her help. He also mentions he'll see her once the vacation is over, and your Candy asks him if he's leaving already. Your Candy insists he stays for even a little while and after a bit, he agrees.

After a bit, Castiel asks your Candy if she wants to do something since he's getting bored, and your Candy suggests they go swimming. Castiel doesn't want to go swimming, however, and your Candy wonders if she can find something to occupy Demon. She finds a stick in the scenery and Demon gets excited to see it. Castiel tells your Candy to throw it in the water, and she can choose to throw it or give it to Castiel to throw. Demon runs after the stick and when he returns, he shakes all the water off near the duo. Castiel continues to throw the stick to Demon until the dog tires out and lies down to rest. Your Candy asks it Castiel wants to do anything else now and suggests swimming again, but Castiel responds that he's already wet from Demon. He then suggests your Candy go hang out with Iris for a bit while he rests up with Demon. Your Candy wants to asks Castiel if he went to the beach with Iris, but decides against it and goes off to find Iris.

When she runs into Iris, she asks if she still wants to go swimming. Iris would love to, but she lost her flip-flop and wants to find it first. She was in the water when she lost it, and your Candy worries it may have floated away by now. Iris seems down at hearing that, and your Candy is quick to reassure her that it may have washed up on shore. Iris decides to go look for it and even though she thinks it's a lost cause, your Candy decides to look, as well. Your Candy walks around the beach until she finds Iris' flip-flop and quickly goes to find Iris to return it. Iris is relieved to get her flip-flop back and now the duo can go swimming. Iris notices your Candy's shoulders are getting red and suggests she gets some sunscreen first. Your Candy explores the beach until she finds the vendor and buys sunscreen. As she's returning to Iris, she ends up meeting a boy with a surfboard who asks her if she's alone. Your Candy says how she's going to join a friend, but the boy wants her to join him instead. Your Candy can either go willing with him or resist, but either way she ends up walking with him. Throughout their bantering, your Candy can act kindly toward the boy or she can respond coldly. The boy asks what school your Candy is from and then asks what her name is. The boy introduces himself as Dakota, but everyone calls him Dake. He later tells her that he's from Australia and that he's a surfer. Your Candy remembers she hasn't put on sunscreen yet and Dake offers to put it on for her. As the duo walk along the beach, they're confronted by Castiel, who tells Dake to back off if your Candy was cold toward Dake. Your Candy also has the option to ditch Castiel and go with Dake for the day if she was nice to him (see the subsection "Dakota's Route"). After Castiel intervenes, Dake leaves immediately, and your Candy thanks Castiel for his intervention. Castiel asks your Candy why she didn't tell Dake to leave from the start and when she says she did, he then tells her she should have kicked him in a certain place.

Castiel leaves again while your Candy puts on sunscreen and your Candy hopes Iris won't be mad for having to wait so long. Along the way she finds the vendor a buys a bottle of water. She returns to Castiel to give the water to him since she felt Demon would be thirsty and Castiel is thankful. Iris is also there and is happy to see your Candy. She wonders if your Candy doesn't want to go swimming anymore, but your Candy reassures her that she still does. Iris is happy and asks Castiel if he'd like to swim with them, as well, but your Candy feels that he won't he's refused her offers to swim all day. Your Candy is surprised Castiel agrees to Iris' offer right away and the trio go off to go swimming. Your Candy watches as Castiel and Iris play together and she notes how Castiel seems close to Iris even though she never noticed it before. Iris' parents call for her so she has to go home; leaving your Candy with Castiel and Demon. Castiel wonders if something is wrong and even though she wants to bring up his closeness with Iris, she decides not to. Castiel then offers to get your Candy something, which surprises her, and the duo go back to the beach area. As they make their way through the beach area, they pass several shops. Castiel asks your Candy is she likes ice cream is she she answers "yes", he offers to buy her some. If she chooses to accept his offer and not pay for it on her own, Castiel finished his ice cream quickly while your Candy takes longer. Castiel then makes a joke about your Candy probably having bad taste in ice cream and he leans forward to take a lick of her ice cream. Your Candy is so surprised that she accidentally drops it and Castiel jokes that he won't buy her another one. Your Candy tells him it's his fault for surprising her and the duo continue to walk together on the beach; all the while Castiel pokes fun at her in his own way. Your Candy had a great day and feels coming to the beach was a great idea.

Lysander's Route

Right away, your Candy is called out by Rosalya, who is surprised to see her. Your Candy notes how Roslaya's swimsuit is fabulous before Rosalya asks her if she's at the beach alone. Your Candy replies that she's here with her parents and Leigh shows up saying how since it sounds like a family outing, that they won't bother her. While your Candy wonders why Leigh isn't in a swimsuit, Rosalya asks her if she has any sunscreen since she forgot hers. Your Candy doesn't have any either, but she intends to go buy some and says how Rosalya can use some, as well. Rosalya thanks her and your Candy goes off to find the vendor. When she finds the vendor, your Candy buys some sunscreen and goes back to find Rosalya. Leigh thinks it's nice your Candy is helping Rosalya and your Candy asks him why he's not in a bathing suit. He replies he didn't feel like wearing one and that he doesn't like a lot of sun. When your Candy finds Rosalya, she gives her the sunscreen and Rosalya thanks her. Rosalya then asks Leigh to help put some on her back and your Candy thinks to herself how lucky Rosalya is to have someone to do that for her. Rosalya asks your Candy if she's seen Lysander since she hasn't seen him even though he came with them, and your Candy is surprised he's there. Rosalya apparently had to force him to go with them and your Candy thinks about if Lysander is in a bathing suit, then she'd be able to see his tattoo unless he dressed like his brother. Leigh asks your Candy if something is wrong since she suddenly looked excited and she's quick to reply that she's fine. Rosalya then taunts your Candy by saying how she wants to see "Lys-baby" in a bathing suit. Your Candy ignores the nickname as she thinks about how he must be in a bathing suit and feels she'll be able to see him from a distance if his bathing suit is anything like his normal style. If your Candy runs into the vendor, she asks him if he's seen a boy in strange clothes. He responds by mentioning Leigh, but your Candy asks him if he's seen any other boy, in which he hasn't.

Your Candy wonders where Lysander could possibly be, since he wouldn't have gone home without Rosalya and his brother. Suddenly, Lysander shows up and is surprised to see your Candy there. Your Candy is more surprised Lysander is wearing normal clothes, in which Lysander is sure they wouldn't make Victorian style bathing suits. Your Candy then asks him why he's wearing a shirt, and he says it's because he feels more comfortable with it on. Your Candy us disappointed she won't get to see his tattoo and hopes to come up with a way to get him to take off his shirt. While she's thinking about his tattoo, Lysander asks her why she looks puzzled, and your Candy is quick to brush it off. Your Candy returns to Rosalya, who asks her if she's seen Lysander. When hearing your Candy has seen him, Rosalya teases her about him being in a bathing suit and your Candy reveals how she's more interested in what's under his shirt. Rosalya can tell your Candy wants to see Lysander's tattoo and decides to help get his shirt off so she can see it.

Meanwhile, your Candy tries coming up with ideas herself to get Lysander to take off his shirt. Her first idea is to ask him to go swimming, that why he'd take off his shirt so it doesn't get wet. She suddenly runs into Lysander, in which she questions if he's following her, before she asks him if he wants to go swimming. He tells her she should ask Rosalya instead since he isn't in the mood and now that she's brought it up, she'll have to go swimming. Your Candy ends up swimming alone and by the time she gets out of the water, Lysander is already gone. She then feels cold from coming out from the water, and devises the plan to ask Lysander to borrow his shirt since she's cold and that way she'd be able to see his tattoo, as well. When she runs into him, your Candy makes it evident that she's cold, but Lysander suggests they go back and get towels to get warm instead of offering his shirt to her. Your Candy is bummed, but agrees, and the duo leave to go back to Rosalya and Leigh. They have trouble finding them and more clouds are appearing in the sky, which your Candy worries it'll start to rain. Your Candy asks Lysander why he didn't go to the beach with his parents, but Lysander wasn't listening.

When they finally run into Rosalya, she sighs at seeing the duo while Lysander asks them for some towels to warm up. Rosalya gives her a towel and encourages your Candy that it'll work out next time. Lysander then goes off to find Leigh, leaving Rosalya to scheme on how to get Lysander's shirt off. Rosalya plans that if your Candy puts a bug on Lysander's shirt, he'll have to take his shirt off to free it since he wouldn't want to kill it. Your Candy doesn't want to catch a bug,but Rosalya is insistent and has an idea so that your Candy won't have to touch the bug. Rosalya says they'll have to find something on the shore to catch the bug and your Candy suggests a stick. Once your Candy finds a stick, they just need to find an insect that's big enough, otherwise Lysander wouldn't be bothered by it. Suddenly, Rosalya tells your Candy to stop moving, and says how she saw a spider go under a rock. Your Candy wants to find something different, but Rosalya insists again and is able to get the spider on the stick. Rosalya decides to support your Candy from afar while your Candy goes through with the plan even though she's reluctant. She eventually spots Lysander looking at the waves and she carefully extends the stick so that the spider crawls on him. Lysander turns to see your Candy, oblivious to the spider on him, until your Candy points it out. Lysander is calm and merely flicks if off; only it flies into your Candy's hair. Lysander apologizes, but your Candy doesn't notice as she runs down the beach screaming in fear. By the time she gets to the other side of the beach, the spider is no longer in her hair and she wonders why her plans always seem to backfire.

As your Candy walks along the beach, she's approached by Lysander, who is sorry about what happened. He didn't know she was afraid of insects and your Candy replies that she's not afraid, but she doesn't like them on her head. Lysander tries to lighten the mood and mentions how he's not afraid of insects because he grew up in the country on a farm so insects were part of normal life. Lysander didn't particularly like life in the country and Leigh liked it even less. If your Candy chose to think living in the country would be horrible, Lysander mentions how not all of it was bad since he liked playing with the rabbits. Your Candy can imagine how being more secluded could add to Lysander's more quiet and mysterious nature. Lysander didn't like the idea of animals being killed and both him and his brother preferred an urban environment, so they moved into an apartment. They still visit their parents often, however, and he has his brother so they don't get lonely.

Lysander apologizes for the spider incident again while your Candy thinks about how she wants to try getting Lysander's shirt off one last time. As she's walking, she ends up meeting a boy with a surfboard who asks her if she's alone. Your Candy says how she's going to join a friend, but the boy wants her to join him instead. Your Candy can either go willing with him or resist, but either way she ends up walking with him. Throughout their bantering, your Candy can act kindly toward the boy or she can respond coldly. The boy asks what school your Candy is from and then asks what her name is. The boy introduces himself as Dakota, but everyone calls him Dake. He later tells her that he's from Australia and that he's a surfer. As the duo walk along the beach, they're confronted by Lysander, who tells Dake that your Candy wants to be left alone if your Candy was cold toward Dake. Your Candy also has the option to ditch Lysander and go with Dake for the day if she was nice to him (see the subsection "Dakota's Route"). After Lysander intervenes, Dake leaves immediately, and your Candy thanks Lysander for his intervention. Lysander wonders if your Candy is going to join him, but she mentions how she was looking for Rosalya before Dake showed up. Lysander is surprised at the amount of time your Candy has spent with Rosalya that day and wonders if he should be jealous. Your Candy then leaves to find Rosalya to try one last time to get Lysander to take off his shirt.

When your Candy runs into Rosalya, she jokes about how since your Candy didn't get to see Lysander's tattoo that she went off with another boy who had tattoos. Your Candy defends herself that she didn't even want to hang out with Dake and that he was the one following her. She then tells Rosalya that she wants to hear another one of her "great" ideas to get Lysander to take off his shirt. Rosalya suggests holding him down and forcing the shirt off him, but your Candy doesn't think that's the best route. Rosalya then suggests offering to put sunscreen on his back, in which your Candy is embarrassed by the idea. After some banter, Rosalya convinces your Candy to try it so she goes off to find Lysander to ask him to put sunscreen on his back. When she runs into Lysander, he notes how she's been lost in thought a lot, but your Candy brushes it off. She begins thinking about how stupid this idea is since he's wearing a shirt, he doesn't need sunscreen. Lysander takes her approaching him with sunscreen differently, however, and thinks she wants him to put some on her. She can either accept his offer or refuse it. If her affinity with him is low, however, he wont do it since he's going home.

Lysander asks your Candy if she wants to hang out with him while he searches for Leigh and Rosalya, in which your Candy agrees, and the duo head off down the beach. Raindrops begin to fall as they walk and before they know it, they're walking in a storm. If she chooses to say that they should find the Rosalya and Leigh before it gets any worse, they continue to look for them and Lysander notes they should hurry before the get soaked. The storm brings heavy rain, however, and your Candy and Lysander end up using his shirt to protect them from the storm. They then find Rosalya and Leigh before leaving the beach. Your Candy thinks about how Lysander took off his shirt to protect them, but since it was dark she couldn't see his tattoo.

Dakota's Route

No matter which boy your Candy meets in this episode, she will always run into Dakota. As your Candy is walking on the beach, she ends up meeting a boy with a surfboard who asks her if she's alone. Your Candy says how she's going to join a friend, but the boy wants her to join him instead. Your Candy can either go willing with him or resist, but either way she ends up walking with him. Throughout their bantering, your Candy can act kindly toward the boy or she can respond coldly. The boy asks what school your Candy is from and then asks what her name is. The boy introduces himself as Dakota, but everyone calls him Dake. He later tells her that he's from Australia and that he's a surfer. As the duo walk along the beach, they're confronted by whichever boy your Candy met during the episode who tells your Candy they're leaving the beach if they were nice to Dake. If they were rude to Dake, the boy will make Dake leave, which ends Dake's route.

Once the other boy is gone, your Candy and Dake walk along the beach. If they do pass the other boy, the other boy will be bitter. When your Candy asks Dake why he has his tattoos, he wonders if she doesn't like them. She can say she does like them or that she doesn't. He explains how tattoos are in style where he's from in Australia and how it gives girls an excuse to look at him. Your Candy then changes the subject by asking who he's visiting and wonders if it's a family member. Dake replies that he's visiting his uncle before he mentions he's getting hungry. They go off to find the vendor and when they find him, he's busy with other clients so Dake suggests they come back later. When they go back, Dake buys them both doughnuts and the duo go to eat them near the water. Dake sits down in the sand and and your Candy does the same. He tells her once they finish their doughnuts, they'll do something more fun.

Once they finish their doughnuts, Dake offers to teach your Candy how to surf even if there isn't much for waves. Your Candy agrees and the duo go into the water. He tells her the basics on how to stand and use the surfboard, but your Candy doesn't understand it much. She still has fun, though, and Dake tells her to try getting on the board. She worries she'll fall, but he reassures her it's fine. Your Candy tries to get on the board, but only falls off. Dake laughs and helps your Candy up before leaning in and kissing her. They hang out for the rest of the day before having to part ways for now.

Date Outfits

Picture Who it is for Cost
Episode 9 Date Outfit All $30
(Buy in the Clothing Shop)

Fairy Gifts

Picture How to get

Swan Float

Meet up with the Fairy by chance
(Found at the Northern Beach)

Hidden Gifts

Picture How to get


When talking to the vendor, he'll ask if you need anything else
Ask him "what else you got?"
Dolphin necklace

Dolphin necklace

Start the episode with Nathaniel
Seashell necklace

Seashell necklace

Start the episode with Castiel
Pearl necklace

Pearl necklace

Start the episode with Lysander

Quest Items

Picture Purpose Where to find
Stick [Description of purpose] [Description how to find]
Doughnuts [Description of purpose] [Description how to find]


Episode Exclusive Backgrounds

Official Episode Guide

Here is the solution guide for episode 9!
(Attention: it doesn’t provide you with the answers to increase your lov’o’meters with the boys you like the most.)


PART 1: Introduction (same for everyone)

PART 2 : The episode with Castiel

PART 3 : The episode with Lysander

PART 4 : The episode with Nathaniel

PART 5 : Dake


P A R T 1:

Introduction (same for the three versions of the episode)

It’s summer vacation!

You will randomly meet one of the three boys during your story:

  -      Castiel (see part 2)
  -      Lysander (see part  3)
  -      Nathaniel (see part 4)

To meet all the guys, you will have to use replays (You cannot meet the same characters twice until you’ve met all three guys in the episode, using a story replay OR a single episode replay.). Once you have played the episode with the three guys, if you replay the episode you will be able to choose the guy you want to meet in the episode.

Before going to the beach Chinomimi gives you an important piece of advice that you will need to retain for later in the episode:


Don’t forget that when you don’t have an objective to validate, you will have to find an object in the scenery.

     ➜      Objective: Buy the "Swimsuit with purple charms" and put it on

You must buy and wear the bikini


Once you have bought and put on the bikini you must return to the beach and walk around until you find the next dialogue

     ➜     Go for a walk on the beach until you find someone you know

You must meet the vendor once to unlock the dialogue that will allow you to meet the boys. CAREFUL, they're appearance is random and in no way related to your Love’o’meter. It is possible to pass the day with a boy you don’t get a long with.

P A R T 2:

Episode with Castiel

     ➜      Go back to see Castiel and talk with him a little.

Once Castiel is calm, talk with him.

You should have met Iris before talking to him.

He can be found in three different places on the beach, so look closely!

     ➜      Keep an eye on Demon until Castiel returns, and try to catch him!

You have to run into Demon until you catch him. You will have to see him two times before he decides to follow you.

     ➜      Demon came back on his own. Take him and find Castiel on the beach!

You need to bring Demon to Castiel. Once you’ve done this, you will not receive a new objective. This is where you need to remember Chinomimi’s message and find something hidden in the decor to advance. This object is hidden after a first dialogue with Castiel who asks you what you want to do. The object is a stick for Demon to play with, you can find it in different places on the beach. For example:

here -


or here-


The stick can be found in other places, these are just two examples.

Then you need to move around to unlock a sequence where Castiel plays with Demon (and you too a bit).

     ➜      Find Iris to go swimming with her a bit.

Iris is there too, and you decide to spend some time with her. You need to speak to her once to continue the episode. You can find her in three different places so it shouldn’t be too hard to find her!

     ➜     Try to find Iris's flip-flop and take it to her.

Iris lost her flip-flop. Like the stick, it can be found in several places. You need to pick it up and bring it back to Iris to be able to continue the episode. Here is an example of where it could be:


The flip-flop can be found in several places, this is just an example.

     ➜     Go buy sunscreen from a street vendor.

You need to find the vendor (going to the Dollar Shop doesn’t do anything, you need to find the character in the game and buy the objects from him) and buy the sunscreen. If you don’t have enough money, you can meet him as many times as you need, until you have enough money.

     ➜      Go to the beach put sunscreen on before you go swimming.

You are going to get a sunburn! Find somewhere calm to put on your sunscreen. You will run into a new character. You can either send him packing, or be nice and finish the episode with him. Careful, this can be important for the following episodes.

(see part 5 -> Dake)

     ➜      Find Iris to finally go swimming with her

This objective is validated once you have finished the next objective.

     ➜      Buy a bottle of water from the vendor and give it to Castiel. /!\ To do before the "Swimming with Iris" objective

You get an idea to buy a bottle of water for Castiel’s dog. You need to buy it, like the other items, from the vendor.

While bringing it back to Castiel, you will run into Iris and validate your previous objective.

     ➜      Go for a walk on the beach to unlock a final conversation and complete the episode!

Talk with Castiel one last time to spend some time with him. You must answer him correctly to unlock the end illustration.

You met Castiel during this episode. You have won the "Seashell necklace". It is with your necklaces in your closet.

P A R T 3: 

Episode with Lysander

     ➜      Buy sunscreen from the street vendor.

Rosalya wants to put on sunscreen, and you too, you need to You need to find the vendor (going to the Dollar Shop doesn’t do anything, you need to find the character in the game and buy the objects from him) and buy the sunscreen. If you don’t have enough money, you can meet him as many times as you need, until you have enough money.

     ➜      Go back and see Rosalya to lend her the tube of sunscreen.

Find Rosalya on the beach to lend her your sunscreen. She will then tell you that Lysander is there too.

     ➜      Lysander is also at the beach! Find him.

Lysander is most often on the north beach or the beach. Talk to him once to continue the episode.

     ➜      Talk with Lysander, Rosalya or Leigh to find a way to remove Lysander's shirt.

Your principal mission for this episode is to be able to see Lysander’s tattoo, which is on his back. However, he is wearing a shirt. Talk to the different characters on the beach until you find an idea.

You will find the latter all by yourself. Lysander appears directly in the dialogue. It is not necessary to talk with anyone before this to unlock the sequence.

     ➜      Go back and see Lysander to put your plan into action!

Unlock a dialogue with Lysander

     ➜      Find Leigh or Rosalya to borrow a towel.

You need to find Rosalya once to validate the objective. After this objective, you need to find an object on the beach to advance (like Chinomimi said, once you don’t have a new objective you need to find an object in the scenery). The object is a piece of wood. You can find it in several places:

here -


or here -


The stick can be found in several places, this are just a few examples example.

The stick can be found after a dialogue with Rosalya. This dialogue is automatically unlocked on the north-west beach, the west beach, the south-west beach or the south beach.

     ➜      Find a rather large insect on the beach.

You have to unlock a dialogue with Rosalya again to validate the objective. This dialogue is automatically unlocked on the north-west beach, the west beach, the south-west beach or the south beach.

     ➜      Discretely put the spider on Lysander's shirt.

Find Lysander. The idea backfires and you find yourself automatically at the other end of the beach. You must then return to see Lysander to see how things evolve.

     ➜      Unlock a new conversation with Lysander.

Just that. Lysander will talk to you about his childhood and you can get an illustration.

     ➜      Rosalya might have another idea, go ask her.

That conversation was great and all, but you still need to see his tattoo. You and Rosalya look for another idea, except you run into a new character that takes you along for the right (for the better or for the worse).

You can be nice with him and finish the episode with him or you can be rude so that Lysander wil come to get you when the new guy goes a little too far.

(see part 5 -> Dake)

Once the new guy is gone, you can unlock a dialogue with Rosalya to validate the objective.

     ➜      This is your last chance! Go back and see Lysander.

With the sunscreen in your hand, you are to ask Lysander if he wants you to put sunscreen on his back. This will allow you to see his tattoo (with a little bonus <3) except your plan backfires again, Lysander refuses. Small consolation, he asks if you want him to put sunscreen on your back.

There is an illustration to unlock.

     ➜      Go for a walk on the beach to unlock a final conversation and complete the episode!

On last dialogue is unlocked to finish the episode and maybe see an illustration of your time spent with Lysander. You have to give the right answers to be able to see this illustration.

You met Lysander during this episode. You have won the Pearl necklace. It is with your necklaces in your closet.

P A R T 4: 

Episode with Nathaniel

     ➜      Talk to Nathaniel twice in order to spend some time with him.

Find Nathaniel and talk to him several times to unlock a new objective.

     ➜      Buy a racket from the vendor

By the set from the vendor. No need to go to the dollar shop, the vendor is on the beach during this episode.


     ➜     Go back and play with Nathaniel and Amber.

Once you have found Nathaniel, you will see that Amber is not ready to leave, you want to be alone with her brother.

     ➜     Go a little further away with Nathaniel to be sure to not be bothered.

Unlock another dialogue with Nathaniel. You will learn that Amber has a small nut allergy.

     ➜     Find Amber to reassure Nathaniel.

Unlock a dialogue with Amber. When you find the little pest you make the mistake of saying you have sunscreen, which is not true. You will get a new objective.

     ➜     Buy a tube of sunscreen from the vendor

You need to find the vendor and buy some sunscreen. You will find it in your inventory.

     ➜    Lend your tube of sunscreen to Amber so she won't go back with Nathaniel.

Your errand was useless, the little pest doesn’t want to use your sunscreen. However, Nathaniel offers to put some sunscreen on you. An illustration can be unlocked at this moment.

     ➜     Buy ice cream from the vendor.

And here you are again, looking for the vendor...and its a miracle! He sells vanilla nut ice cream. You return with the ice cream to play a trick on Amber with a little surprise.

     ➜     Give the ice cream to Nathaniel and Amber.

You should join Nathaniel and Amber. But, once she eats her ice cream, Amber says she feels sick and tries to get Nathaniel away from you (this may be the beginning of her allergy!)

     ➜    Go to the beach to meet somebody new!

Like in the two other versions, you can meet a new character. You can either be nice to him and finish the episode with him or you can be rude and be “saved” by Nathaniel when he tries to go to far.

(see part 5 Dake)

     ➜    Go back to see Amber.

Amber wasn’t feeling well, your plan worked.

You are with Nathaniel for this objective.

It will be validated when you talk to Amber.

(Enjoy the moment of vengeance while it lasts, for Amber might find a way to get back at you later on.)

     ➜    Go for a walk on the beach to unlock a final conversation and complete the episode!

Go to the beach to unlock a final dialogue with Nathaniel and spend some quality time with him. You can see an illustration if you answer him correctly during the dialogue.

You met Nathaniel during this episode. You have won the Dolphin necklace. It is with your necklaces in your closet.

P A R T 5: 


Dakota is a special character created especially so you can see your favorite guy jealous <3 He in seen in all three versions of the episode (with all three boys) and the way you meet him and finish the episode with him is the same:

You meet him in the middle of the episode He comes to talk to you and takes you with him

     ➜      Get to know the boy who came up to talk to you.

You need to talk to Dakota 3 times before unlocking the new objective. If you are rude to Dake the boy you met during the episode will come : So, you need to be rude to Dake if you want to finish the episode with your favorite guy.


     ➜      Talk with Dake to get to know him a little better and introduce him to your classmates.

This objective can be validated only when you have validated the following objectives. You will unlock a dialogue with Dake that will allow you to finish the episode.

     ➜     Introduce Dake to the guy you are with

Dake is with you until the end of the episode, so when you talk with someone he will be there too. You should talk once (or more if you want to see your guy’s reaction) with Nathaniel, Lysander or Castiel depending on the episode you are playing.

     ➜     Introduce Dake to the girl you passed the episode with

The same as for with the guys, you need to introduce Dake to Iris, Rosalya or Amber. This object can be validated before the previous objective.

     ➜     Find the vendor.

Dake wants to offer you something to eat. You need to find the vendor and speak to him two time, because the first time he is occupied.

     ➜     Find a place to eat your donut with Dake.

Go to the beach to eat your donut with Dake.

     ➜     Unlock the final conversation with Dake to end the episode and go to the beach.

Stay on the beach. Dake will show you how to surf. There are no trick questions and you will automatically get the end illustration.


Nathaniel, Castiel or Lysander come to get you away from Dake.

Depending on your love’o’meter that you have with the guy, he can either get really angry with Dake (because he is jealous) or just brush him off. The reactions are very different if the guy really likes you, so don’t hesitate to unlock these parts of the dialogue.

That’s all folks! The end of the guide!
See you in episode 10!

Love'o'Meter Guide

Love o&#039; meter guide


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.

NOTE: The amount of L'om seems to depend on your Zodiac sign.


Yes, I just finished, it didn’t take too long. In any case, I’m happy you are here today.

  • A. I wasn’t expecting to see you, it took me by surprise. =
  • B. Me too, I couldn’t have hoped for anything else! =
  • C. I would have preferred someone else but... -

Yeah, I just finished. Why?

  • A. Nothing, just wanted to talk. +
  • B. Nothing, I wanted to be polite. =
  • C. Nothing, but since you’re here. I’ll like to talk to you!

Is it because my sister is here? I know you don’t exactly get along...

  • A. At is saying it lightly... =
  • B. No, I can put up with her.

Great! Try not to drop the ball too much!

  • A. Who do you think I am? I’m better than you may think. +
  • B. I’ll try. I promise. -
  • C. Maybe I shouldn’t play then. -

I would prefer you not do that...

  • A. I promise I’ll just go for the head! -
  • B. You aren’t any fun! =
  • C. I will admit she does deserve it though! +

Why is that?

  • A. Because you let your sister get away with everything! =
  • B. Because it’s the truth... =
  • C. Because you let people walk all over you... +

That explains why you don’t understand my reactions to Amber... if you had a little brother you would understand.

  • A. No, I don’t think I will ever understand... -
  • B. Yeah, maybe that’s it... =

Oh {$Psuedo} you brought your sunscreen?

  • A. Yeah... But it wasn’t good enough for "her highness." -
  • B. Yeah... first your idiot sister still wants to go home. =

While I’m at it, do you want me to put some on your back too {$Psuedo}? You’re shoulders are a little bit red.

  • A. Huh? Uh... Yeah, that would be nice! (Illustration) =
  • B. Huh? Uh... No, thanks! =

It’s nice to have some calm and quite, but I don’t think I will stay much longer... I may get in trouble.

  • A. You should just leave now then. (Ends the episode) =
  • B. I understand, thanks, what do you want to do then? (Towards Illustration) =

Mmmm... Do you want to go swimming a bit? I haven’t been in the water all day!

  • A. Sure, sounds great. (Illustration) =
  • B. I would prefer playing with the rackets or laying on the sand a bit... =


And this guy, when he decides to disobey, it’s not easy to get him back. The solution is to catch him when he is close to you, but you weren’t even capable...

  • A. Hey! Don’t take your frustration out on me! (some loss) -
  • B. It’s not my fault! You’re dog scared me! (least loss) -
  • C. If anyone’s to blame it’s you! You should have trained your dog better! (biggest loss) -

  • A. (Oh shoot! It’s just a dog! He won’t eat me!) (less use of AP) =
  • B. (If I try and catch him, he will surely try and bite me...) =

Well? No comeback? I was right then?

  • A. Don’t think that your dreams have come true. -
  • B. For the little there is to see... +
  • C. Are you kidding? That has nothing to do with it! =

You dream of seeing me soaked from head to toe, don’t you?!

  • A. Idiot! We are at the beach, it’s normal that I thought to go swimming! -
  • B. I mean, what else is there to do at the beach? (high affinity) - (+ low affinity)
  • C. ... (I’d prefer not to say anything, it might turn against me later on.) =

I knew I’d have fun if I stayed.

  • A. Stop smiling like that! It’s not funny -
  • B. Don’t make a big deal about it! -
  • C. One more word and I’ll push you in the water! (low affinity) - (+ high affinity)

I don’t see why I should force myself to stay.

  • A. Come on, I’m not asking you to make a huge effort... (more discussion) -
  • B. Pff... If it bothers you that much than your right go...

No, I don’t really like to go in the water, not with someone in any case.

  • A. You really are difficult... -
  • B. I don’t know! You find an idea then! +
  • C. What did you come to the beach for then? -

Throw it in the water.

  • A. No, you do it, I’m scared of your dog. =
  • B. Ok! (I’ll have to throw it as far away as possible!) =

Next time, start directly with that before trying to make an idiot like that understands you don’t want him. Gosh, I always have to keep an eye on you, you are unbelievable.

  • A. Alright, you don’t need to yell at me like that!
  • B. Castiel... Don’t tell me you were jealous?
  • C. You’ve had your eye on me since the beginning? (Towards Illustration) =

They make really great Italian ice cream here. You like ice cream right?

  • Yes. (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. No.

I’ll buy you one, choose what you want.

  • It’s ok, I can pay myself, that’s nice of you though. =
  • Thanks! That’s nice of you! (Illustration) =


You should ask Rosalya...

  • A. Come on, please! -
  • B. Why Rosalya? Are you scared? -
  • C. You don’t know how to swim, is that it? +

Don’t make that face! Go ask Rosalya if you don’t want to go swimming alone.

  • A. You could have a little pity for me... =
  • B. You aren’t very nice. -

Yeah, it’s gotten a bit cloudy...

  • A. I’m really cold... I would really like to have something to put around my shoulders. (more discussion) =
  • B. Say, would you mind lending me your shirt? (more discussion) =
  • C. (I shivered and clacked my teeth so he would see that I was cold.) =

You’re not too cold are you? I thought this was going to be an ideal day to go to the beach, but it looks like the water is a bit cold and there are some clouds now...

  • A. Just my luck. -
  • B. Maybe it will blow over! +
  • C. I hope there won’t be a storm... =

Why do I get the feeling you are hiding something?

  • A. You are just imagining things, we are having fun, that’s all. (more discussion) -
  • B. Ok, you win, we are up to something. -
  • C. What would make you think that? (more discussion) -

I hope. Don’t get Rosa involved in any of your complicated stories.

  • A. I’ve never gotten her involved in anything! =
  • B. Do you have an example? Because I don’t know what you are talking about. -

I grew up in the country, you know, my parents had a farm, so insects were part of my daily life.

  • A. That must have been horrible! (Illustration) +
  • B. In the country? That’s my dream! -

Talking about my childhood has made me nostalgic...

  • A. You see, you do miss your parents. =
  • B. I thought you like being in the city. -

If you looked at yourself more often in the mirror you would know why.

  • A. I look at myself every morning and I don’t see anything special. =
  • B. Sorry? Why, do I have something on my face? +
  • C. What do you mean by that? -

Isn’t that what you wanted? I saw that you were bothered to ask, so I figured...

  • A. N-No, not at all! (He is nice but I don’t want him to put sunscreen on my back...) =
  • B. Y-Yes... If you don’t mind...(If I had known things would end up like this...!) (Illustration) +

  • A. We should go, shouldn’t we? =
  • B. We should find them before this gets any worse... (Illustration)


Forget about your friend! Come with me!

  • A. Uh... No it’s ok, but thanks anyway... -
  • B. Well, ok. If you insist... +

I didn’t know there were girls as cute as you there... It’s a shame, it’s too far from my house.

  • A. Thanks! +
  • B. Was that supposed to be a compliment? -

I figured. And what’s your name?

  • A. {$Psuedo} (but I don’t really care what your name is...) -
  • B. {$Psuedo}, and you? =

Oh yeah? I’m not from here either. I’m from Australia. I’m here to visit my family. I was happy to come when I found out there was a beach nearby, but there aren’t any waves, I brought my board for nothing.

  • A. Do you like to surf? That’s cool! +
  • B. Yeah, that’s true, will you go back then? (if you've been kind to him) - (+ if you've been cold to him)

Why? You don’t like them?

  • A. Yes, of course I do! You just have quite a few! =
  • B. Not really, it’s too bad you have so many.
  • C. Actually, I hate them...

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