Evan is Armin and Alexy's older brother and a friend of Kentin's from military school. He speaks to Alexy on the phone in Episode 36, and appears for the first time in Episode 37.


Evan is the older brother of Armin and Alexy. They share biological parents, both of whom are deceased. He attended military school, where he met and befriended Kentin. His age is unknown, but it's clear by his age and appearance that he is a grown adult, and he frequents bars and clubs without any trouble. He entered military school at age 10, and suffered a lot of bullying. As a child was followed by two men and was violently assaulted, and he was forced to fight back.


He is seen to be a flirt in Episode 37, when he shows an interest in Rosa at the mall, however he does not seem to respect her boundaries. He's also antagonistic, getting into fights and teasing people he encounters at Moondance club. In Episode 38, this antagonising attitude gets him into trouble, leaving him with bruises and broken ribs after criticising the appearance of two men he encounters.



Kentin is good friends with Evan from military school, and says that Evan taught him to be confident. He looks up to, and is influenced by Evan. However he influences in a negative way, and Evan doesn't realize how weird his standards are in a non-military environment.

Even though not meeting her for long, Evan has a good relationship with Candy due to his friendly and easy-going nature. Even though she becomes suspiscious and angry at him due to his supposed bad influence on Kentin, he apologizes to her in the end in Episode 38.


Armin was also pleased to meet Evan, but was not as excited to have a new brother as Alexy was. Though, like Alexy, he grew uncomfortable with Evan's attitude following their trip to the club. However, they have a real talk and patch things up in Episode 38.

Alexy was initially pleased to meet Evan, but later found that he didn't like Evan's attitude or behavior, and felt that he was a bad influence, in particular towards Kentin. However, they have a real talk and patch things up in Episode 38.