Fairy Gifts are special items that can be located within each Episode, varying between clothing pieces, accessories, and room decor.

Many of the Flying Cupcake presents are recolors of these items.


Name Image Episode Location Description Use
Pearl Necklace
1 Classroom and Student Council Hallway A black string necklace with a single pearl. Accessory
Rainbow Ball Bracelet
2 Garden A bracelet made from a rainbow of spheres. Hand Accessory
Belly Button Ring
3 Gym A Turquoise belly button ring. Accessory
4 Garden Black rim sunglasses Accessory
Sherlock Cape
5 Staircase A brown gingham cape for the shoulders with dark brown detail and buttons. Jacket
6 Before giving Lysander the pencil and paper, go to the classroom. A sharp pair of black demon horns

A glowing gold halo.

Head Accessory
Birdie/Bunny/Panda Slippers
Episode 7
7 Melody's House Hallway after obtaining snacks. A pair of Pink bunnies/yellow birdies/panda slippers. Shoes
Episode 8
8 Classroom A Toast coming in Plain, Jam, or Chocolate. Accessory
Swan Float
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9 North Beach A translucent float with a swan head and wings. Accessory
Graduation Hat 1/2/Book
Episode 10
10 Staircase

(Object depends on your exam results from episode 8)

A black graduation cap with a gold ribbon or blue tassel.

A blue book.

Head Accessory
Backpack 11 Student Council Room A white and grey backpack. Hand Accessory
Smart Phone 12 Locker Room A black touch-screen phone. Hand Accessory
Stereo System 13 Locker Room A silver music system with many features. Desk Item
Headphones 14 Locker Room Pink band with a white ear piece depicting a cupcake. Head Accessory

Vintage Dress/Camera


Locker Room

(50% of getting either)

A blue dress with dot print and a belt.


A brown camera hanging from a black strap.

Chocolate Bar Necklace 16 Locker Room Necklace with a bitten chocolate charm hanging from a pink ribbon Acessory
Baseball Bat 17 Classroom B A silver bat with a black wrapped handle. Hand Accessory
Bunny Ears 18 Gym (‘Looking for Peggy’)/ Garden ('After rescuing rabbits’)/student council room Long white bunny ears with fluff at the bottom. Head Accessory
Hand Bag 19 Glasses Shop A blue hand bag with flower clip. Hand Accessory
Sad/Happy Mask 20

Classroom B (when looking for Violette and Kim)

Choice A: Sad, Choice B: Happy

Two masks, one half colored blue or red. One mask looks happy, the other sad. Accessory
Alice Flamingo Club 21 Garden (during 'Go back to the Gym') A white and red club with a pink flamingo on the end. Hand Accessory
Adventurer's Hat 22 Found in classroom A (‘It’s time for the treasure hunt!’ when looking for the first three items) A brown adventure hat with a darker brown strap. Head Accessory
Panda Kigurumi 23 Science Room ('Try to find Amber’) A white and black one-peice pajama costume. One-Piece Outfit

Robotic Cat/Dog


24 During 'date’ at the pet shop between the 'register and accessories’ and 'rodent aisle’.

A white and orange robotic cat.


A white and green robotic dog with a bone in its mouth.

Green Flask 25 Basement ('Find out where you can get your outfit for science class') A clear flask with bright green liquid inside. Hand Accessory
Straw Hat 26 Shops ('Go with Rosa to buy picnic supplies') A textured straw hat with a peach band around the middle. Head Accessory
Henna Hand Tattoo 27 Library (during and after 'Look for Nathaniel' and 'warn priya') Brown ornate hand tattoo Hand Accessory
Cupids Bow-and-Arrow 28 In Park/In front of Park (After date, during 'Go Back To School') A red, brown, and gold bow and arrow set with feathers and heart designs. Hand Accessory
Drawing Folder 29 Science Room ('Gather Everyone to Classroom B') A large emerald folder. Accessory
Bunny Sweater 30

Classroom B ('Follow Lysander Upstairs')

A black sweater with a bunny head that has x eyes. Top
Stethoscope 31 Hospital Room 1/Upstairs Hallway ('Find Lysander's Doctor and tell him the truth about Nina') A black and silver stethoscope. Accessory
Hairnet Cap 32 Park Entrance ('Ask parents to let Rosa stay with you') A dark blue and gold hairnet depicting the evening sky. Head Accessory
Party Pops 33 Garden ('Bring the dishes to the living room/Isolate yourself to write down a dare') A crimson patterned party hat and a colorful mouth piece. Accessory
Spaghetti Bowl 34 Basement ('Go Eat Outside') An upside-down plate/bowl of spaghetti with its contents spilled out. Accessory
Polaroid 35 Park Entrance/Cafe ('Go Back to the High School') at night. A white square-like camera with several buttons. Hand Accessory

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