Fairy Gifts are special items that can be located within each Episode, varying between clothing pieces, accessories, and room decor.

Many of the Flying Cupcake presents are recolors of these items.


Name Image Episode How to get Description
Pearl Necklace
Clothes Icon Pearl Necklace
1 Objective: Get $25, a photo ID and the registration form to finalize my registration.
Found in: Main Hallway
A black string necklace with a single pearl.
Rainbow Ball Bracelet
Clothes Icon Rainbow Ball Bracelet
2 Objective: Get Castiel's absentee note signed
Found in: Garden
A bracelet made from a rainbow of spheres.
Belly Button Ring
Clothes Icon Belly-Button Piercing
3 Objective: The toy, collar and leash are not enough, find a way to lure Kiki to you!
Found in: Gym
A Turquoise belly button ring.
4 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Garden
Black rim sunglasses
Sherlock Cape
5 Objective: Wait until the headmistress leaves the hall then go into the teachers’ lounge.
Found in: Staircase
A brown gingham cape for the shoulders with dark brown detail and buttons.
Horns or Halo

6 Objective: Buy writing paper and a pen and take them to Lysander
Found in: Classroom A
A sharp pair of black demon horns
A glowing gold halo.
Birdie, Bunny, or Panda Slippers
Clothes Icon Birdie Slippers

Clothes Icon Bunny Slippers

Clothes Icon Panda Slippers
7 Objective: Buy something to eat from the store and return to school to unblock a new objective.
Found in: Melody's Hallway
A pair of pink bunny, yellow birdie, or panda slippers.
Grilled, Jam, or Chocolate Toast
Clothes Icon Grilled Tost


8 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Classroom A
Toast coming in Plain, Jam, or Chocolate.
Swan Float
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9 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Northern Beach
A translucent float with a swan head and wings.
Gold Graduation Cap, Graduation Cap, or Text Book
Clothes Icon Gold Graduation Cap

Clothes Icon Graduation Cap

10 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Staircase
A black graduation cap with a gold ribbon or blue tassel, or a blue book.
Sports Bag
Clothes Icon Sports Bag
11 Objective: Find your teammate for the race
Found in: Student Council Room
A white and gray bag.
Clothes Icon Smartphone
12 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Locker Room
A black touch-screen phone.
Stereo System
13 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Locker Room
A silver music system with many features.
14 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Locker Room
Pink band with a white ear piece depicting a cupcake.
Vintage Dress/Camera

15 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Locker Room
A blue dress with dot print and a belt.
A brown camera hanging from a black strap.
Chocolate Bar Necklace
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16 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Locker Room
Necklace with a bitten chocolate charm hanging from a pink ribbon
Baseball Bat
Clothes Icon Baseball Bat
17 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Classroom B
A silver bat with a black wrapped handle.
Bunny Ears
18 Objective: Looking for Peggy, After rescuing rabbits
Found in: Gym, Student Council Room
Long white bunny ears with fluff at the bottom.
Blue Dot Clutch with Pink Flower
Clothes Icon Blue Dot Clutch with Pink Flower
19 Objective: Unknown
Found in: The Glasses Store
A blue dotted hand bag with flower clip.
Happy or Sad Mask
Clothes Icon Happy Mask

Clothes Icon Sad Mask
20 Objective: Go to quieter room/looking for Kim and Violette Two masks, one half colored blue or red. One mask looks happy, the other sad.
Found in: Classroom B
Riding Hood Basket, Alice Flamingo Club, or Rose Needle
Clothes Icon Riding Hood Basket

21 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Garden

A brown basket covered in a blue and white checkered cloth.

A white and red club with a pink flamingo on the end.
A pink rose wound around a long needle.

Adventurer's Hat
Clothes Icon Adventurer's Hat
22 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Classroom A
A brown adventure hat with a darker brown strap.
Panda Kigurumi
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23 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Science Room
A white and black one-peice pajama costume.
Robotic Cat or Dog
Robotic Cat
Robotic Dog
24 Objective: During the date with the boy of your choice
Found in: Register Area, Rodent Aisle
A white and orange robotic cat
A white and green robotic dog with a bone in its mouth.
Green Flask
Sample cadeau by little roisin-d8pjhf9
25 Objective: Find out where you can get your outfit for science class
Found in: Basement
A clear flask with bright green liquid inside.
Straw Hat
26 Objective: Go with Rosa to buy picnic supplies
Found in: Shops
A textured straw hat with a peach band around the middle.
Henna Hand Tattoo
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27 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Library
Brown ornate hand tattoo
Cupids Bow-and-Arrow
Cupid's bow and arrow temporary
28 Objective: Day after the date
Found in: Park
A red, brown, and gold bow and arrow set with feathers and heart designs.
Drawing Folder
Art Folder Temporary
29 Objective: Gather everyone to classroom B
Found in: Upstairs Hallway
A large emerald folder.
Bunny Sweater
30 Objective: Follow Lysander upstairs
Found in: Classroom A, Classroom B, Student Council Room
A black sweater with a bunny head that has x eyes.
Episode 31 fairy gift
31 Objective: Find Lysander's doctor and tell him the truth about Nina
Found in: Hospital Room 1
A black and silver stethoscope.
Hairnet Cap
32 Objective: Ask parents to let Rosa stay with you
Found in: Park Entrance
A dark blue and gold hairnet depicting the evening sky.
Party Pops
Episode 33 Fairy Gift
33 Objective: Bring the dishes to the living room, Isolate yourself to write down a dare
Found in: Garden
A crimson patterned party hat and a colorful mouth piece.
Spaghetti Bowl
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34 Objective: You can’t stay in the school cafeteria any longer. Go eat outside.
Found in: Basement
An upside-down plate/bowl of spaghetti with its contents spilled out.
Fairy Gift Episode 35 Temporary
35 Objective: Go back to the high school
Found in: Park Entrance at Night, Café at Night
A white square-like camera with several buttons.
Unicorn Mask
Episode 36 Fairy Gift
36 Objective: Pass the time by walking around town
Found in: The Shops
A unicorn mask with colorful curly hair and an ice cream cone horn
Cloud Purse
Episode 37 Fairy Gift
37 Objective: Meet the twins + boyfriend at the bus stop
Found in: Park at Night
A sparkly cloud purse with golden lightning bolts
Rainbow Wig
Episode 38 Fairy Gift Curly
Episode 38 Fairy Gift Short
Episode 38 Fairy Gift Long
38 Objective: Unknown
Found in: Cafeteria at night
Three rainbow wigs in the default hairstyles.
Glass Slippers
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39 Objective: Go to school for prom
Found in: Park at night
A pair of shoes that appear to be made of glass
Graduation Gown
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Objective: Go look for your friends and your boyfriend

Found in: Science Classroom

A long, black graduation gown
Golden Laurels
Golden Laurels

Objective: Go look for your friends and your boyfriend

Found in: Science Classroom

Golden laurels that wrap entirely around the head
Graduation Medal
Graduation Medal

Objective: Go look for your friends and your boyfriend

Found in: Science Classroom

A military style medal in red and gold, decorated with a cupcake on the ribbon.

Name Image Episode How to get Description
Student Bag
Student Bag

Objective: Return to your dorm from the café

Found in: Park

A red and brown cross-body bag
Makeup Bag
Makeup Bag
2 Objective: TBA
Found in: Dormitory Lobby
A transparent makeup bag full of cosmetics