Flower Pawer or Flower Power is a luck based mini game that you can play to gain action points. This game is only available once per day.

How to Access

Click on "My Apartment." At the end of the bed is a gaming console. Click on that to access the Mini Game page. Click on the pink play button. You will be taken to this screen:

Flower Pawer


Click on one of the petals, it doesn't matter which. Each petal will "fall off" until there isn't any left. Whichever petal it ends on, that's the amount of AP that you will get. It's common for petals to fall in groups of two or three.


You can get anywhere from no AP to 20 AP. The prize is broken down into this system:

  • A little: 2 APs
  • A lot: 5 APs
  • Passionately: 10 APs 
  • To Madness: 20 APs
  • None at all: 0 APs

Let's say that the last petal to fall says "A lot." This means that you gain 5 AP.


  • Because this is a luck based game, it isn't unheard of to have a really long losing streak. Don't be discouraged! It's supposed to be difficult.