François-Xavier de Montherlant (also known as FXdeM or just François) is the owner of the Jewelry Shop. He doesn't appear in the game, and can only be found in the Jewelry Shop.


Francois Xavier de Montherlant by Kiwishu

FXdeM Original Drawing

François has blonde hair that is kept pulled back in a low, curly, ponytail and tied back with a blue bow. He has bright blue eyes and is seen with yellow sparkles emitting from his hands and body. He loves to wear Victorian-Styled clothing, much like Leigh and Lysander. He is also seen with a wide display of flashy rings on his fingers.



  • He is one of the few characters whose full name is known. 
  • He was originally created by Kiwishu (with help from avodkabottle) on deviantART, for a roleplay called Academy of Heroes.
  • According to the original creator, François-Xavier de Motherlant has a tattoo on his back (notably similar to Lysander's) of two wings - one white and one black. He also likes to giggle randomly, and for no apparent reason. He may also be a tad narcissistic sometimes. His birthday is on December 10th, and he is around 18 years old. However, none of this has been confirmed or denied through the My Candy Love universe.