Francis is Nathaniel's and Amber's father, and Adelaide's husband. He is known to be very strict towards Nathaniel.


He first appears in episode 21, but is also mentioned in earlier episodes by Nathaniel.

Francis works in a multinational company, where he is in charge of the Logistics Department.


Francis has short dark brown hair that he keeps pushed back, and a beard. His eyes are a dark brown color, matching his hair.

He wears a black tuxedo with a dark blue tie and a gray dress shirt underneath.


Francis is strict to the point that Nathaniel is afraid of him.

Nathaniel has mentioned in episode 7 that his father is the main reason that he focuses on his studies so much, and even with his perfect grades and his hard work as the student body president, it is never enough for his father. He doesn't even let Nathaniel do things like playing drums or do anything fun and is critical about his new clothes after he changed his image, as he doesn't consider it to be "exemplary behavior". He is less strict with Amber, however.

It is also said that Francis and Adelaide are both a bit impudent and arrogant.

However, after bumping into your Candy in episode 22, he acts surprisingly nice. He even politely apologizes and reaches his hand out to help her up, saying it was his fault. This is pretty much the only time when he is polite.

In episode 23 it is confirmed that he is abusive towards Nathaniel.