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Mini Games are small games that you can play in order to gain action points or game dollars. All of them can be accessed through your apartment. There are five games total: CA$H, Flower Pawer, Insect Rush, Break Basketball, and Mortal Pillow.


CA$H is a scratch card-like game. It costs $2 to play, and you can win $0, $2, $5, or $20.

Flower Pawer

Flower Pawer is a free way to get APs. You can only play it once per day. Rewards are "None at All" (0 AP), "A little" (2 AP), "A lot" (5 AP), "Passionately" (10 AP), and "To madness" (20 AP). The game is played by clicking a random petal on the flower and watching them fall off in a "She loves me, she loves me not" fashion.

Insect Rush

Insect Rush is another one per day game. It is free for members in the Gardening Club and costs 3 AP for those in the Basketball Club. It consists of a garden background and three colored insects (red, blue, and yellow) "running" across the screen. Players must click the coordinating spray and spray the bugs before they go off the screen. Players must be careful not to harm the ladybugs (who are also blue, red, and yellow), who will be harmed by either of the sprays. There are ten levels, with each level passed attributing money and/or APs. The rewards go approximately like so:

Break Basketball

Break Basketball is another one per day game. It is free for members in the Basketball Club and costs 3 AP for those in the Gardening Club. Refer to the above bullet points for AP and money awards.

Mortal Pillow

Mortal Pillow is a game revealed in Episode 7, however the user can only play this game until after they have unlocked the sleepover. Challenges are sent out randomly, and the ranking is reset every week. The player with the highest ranking will receive 350 APs, the player in second will receive 200 APs, and the player in third will receive 100APs. Players fourth through tenth will be awarded 50 APs. You can attack and defend. You get points for every successful attack, and your opponent get a point every time they attack successfully. The winner gets 5 points in addition to the amount of successful attacks. If somebody attacks 5 times and defends all their opponents moves, they get 5 points in addition to the 5 points you get for your successful attacks and the 5 points for winning. The maximum amount you can score in a match is 15 points. You can also bet on challenges. If you win, you get the amount of money you bet, but if you lose, your bet money goes to them!

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