Gender Female Female
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Pink
Professional statistics
Occupation Secretary
Relatives Capucine (Daughter)
Paul (Husband)
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 22

Georgia is Capucine's mother, and the wife of, Paul. She works as a secretary, and first appears in Episode 22.


Georgia is Capucine's mother.

She first appears in episode 22 after the play, as her and her husband Paul are talking to Capucine about how important her role as a prompter was.

She works as a secretary in the same law firm as her husband.


Georgia has long orange hair and pink eyes. She wears purple lipstick.

She is wearing a white blazer with a pink shirt underneath, along with a purple pearl necklace, and a purple pencil skirt.


Although Capucine remains their precious little girl, Georgia and Paul are said to be fairly strict parents, who make sure that she doesn't talk any nonsense, and don't really want her dating at school.


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