Ken's Father
Gender Male Male
Height -
Weight -
Blood Type -
Birthday -
Sign -
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Favorite Color -
Likes His Family
Dislikes Amber and her friends, weakness
Professional statistics
Occupation Military Senior Officer
Relatives Manon Wife

Kentin Son

First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 21

Giles is Kentin's father. He is the one who sent Ken to military school when he was told about Amber bullying Ken. 


Giles and his wife Manon are one of those couples who are total opposites.

Giles military senior officer who gets angry easily when his wife is too kind. Being forced to leave regularly mission abroad, Kentin has not had the opportunity to see his father very often, and it was his mother who took care of his education. It was Giles' descision that Kentin was forced to go to military school, thinking it necessary to state that his son what he needed to show his son that he was the world of the army into a "man" against people like Amber.


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  • Giles
  • Frustrated Giles


No Illustrations of Giles as of yet.

Updated Appearance

None as of yet.


  • Giles is heavily based off of Guile from Street Fighter. 
    Street Fighter Guile


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