This page serves as a list of the various terms and game mechanics used throughout My Candy Love.

Action Points

Action Points (AP) is one of the core mechanics of the game. They allow the player to move from place to place in order to meet characters or complete objectives. If you run out of AP, then you can't proceed with the episode. Hovering the mouse over a heart will tell you which location you will end up as well as how many AP it will take to move there. Generally, every move takes two AP. The exception is the bus stop near your apartment and next to the school, which takes five AP. You can find out how many AP you have when you are logged in.

How to get Action Points

Action # of AP Steps Note
Logging in everyday 10 AP 1. Make sure you're not already logged on.
2. If you are, click the red “x” button.
3. Log in. The points will be automatically given.
Sign of the day 5 AP When you first register, you'll be given an opportunity to pick a horoscope sign for your Candy. The sign changes randomly from day to day. When the sign matches the one you gave your Candy, you will automatically be given five action points.
Playing Flower Pawer 0 AP
2 AP
5 AP
10 AP
20 AP
Read the steps here. You can only play this game once per day.
Whichever petal you click on, it will start at "a little."
Playing Insect Rush 0 AP
2 AP
5 AP
10 AP
20 AP
Read the steps here. You can only play this game once per day.
Playing Break Basketball 0 AP
2 AP
5 AP
10 AP
20 AP
Read the steps here You can only play this game once per day.
Playing Mortal Pillow Varies N/A Read more about it here.
Buying AP at the Bank/Happy Hour Self-choice N/A Learn more about the Bank here.
Sponsoring/Referring friends 30 APs
E-Mail Confirmation 15 APs
Gold Ring 20 AP Learn more here.
Daily Candy Varies
Running into Aunt Agatha Varies


Affinity is just as important as action points. It tells you how much a guy or girl likes/loves you. You can found out how much a character likes or dislikes you by checking the character page. Opposite of a portrait of each character will be a picture of a heart encapsulated in a circle. The circle is a progress bar which fills up or goes down. Overlapping this circle is a smaller circle that gives you a percentage. Each character starts at zero percent and affinity goes up or down depending on how you respond to them in-game. If you have a negative amount of affinity, the heart and circles become light blue and the heart broken. If you have a positive amount of affinity, then the heart and circles become pink and the heart full.

Affinity affects how the story will progress and which guy you get at the end of a given episode. However, there are exceptions for both cases.

The Guy You Date

If you've maxed out (gotten 100 affinity with) one or more of your guys' affinity, then whichever guy is listed first will be the guy you get at the end of an episode. For example, if both Armin and Castiel have 100 affinity, Castiel will be the guy you'll date at the end of the episode (provided the episode doesn't give you a choice). However, if you want to date Armin instead, the crush feature allows you to get around this.


If your affinity with certain characters is low enough, it's possible to lose extra dialogue with those characters in future episodes. Certain choices that you make can also affect your ability to raise a guys affinity. For example, if you choose to steal Leigh away from Rosalya in Episode 6, it will be very hard to raise Lysander's affinity in the beginning of Episode 7.


The Bank is an out-of-game feature that let's you buy either in-game dollars or action points. This requires actual, real life money. In order for this to work, you need a PayPal account/credit card or a phone that's able to receive texts. Any purchases made via the bank can take at least 24 hours before anything changes, so if you don't see an increase in your AP/game dollars, please be patient. Logging out of your account then logging back in can help as well. However, if it's been longer than two days and you still haven't received your AP/game dollars, then contact the Beemoov team. If you have any questions or need some help with the bank, go visit the help page or the assistance post in the forums.

How to Use the Bank

PayPal, ZONG, and Fyber
  1. Click on the bank button or, if your on “The City” page, click the building.
  2. If the country displayed isn't the one you live in, chose the correct country from a drop-down list.
  3. Choose which mode of payment that you'd like to use.
  4. Choose if you'd like AP or game dollars.
PayPal and ZONG
  1. Select the amount of AP or game dollars you want to receive.
  1. Once you're sure of your choice, click the “OK” button.
  2. A pop up will appear.
  3. More to come...
  1. Once you're sure of your choice, enter your cell's number into the box provided.
  2. More to come...
  1. More to come...


Crush is an optional mechanic and can only be found on your date page. Underneath each guys description is a pink button labeled "Crush." Clicking the button will give that guy ten more affinity points. A picture of a heart target with an arrow on it will appear over their picture and the button will turn gray. The first choice is free, but subsequent changes to your crush will cost you 100AP.

Date Outfits

Date Outfits are clothes that you can get during an episode. These can be a simple T-Shirt to a complete ensemble. Each set can correspond to one or more of the boys, be up to self choice, or be one outfit you must wear throughout the episode. In the case of there being more than one outfit, it's possible to miss a date due to picking the wrong one. There are a couple episodes that don't have any date outfits.

Dollar Shop

The Dollar Shop is a place where you buy game related objects in order to complete objectives. In some cases, a hidden gift can appear during an episode. When prompted to buy an item, you need to go to The City then click on the Dollar Shop. The item or items will already be available to buy. Pay for the item(s) then return to Sweet Amoris. Moving around a couple times or encountering a character will validate that objective. In later episodes, you visit the Dollar Shop in game to buy these items.

Fairy Godmother

Aunt Agatha, aka your Candy's "Fairy Godmother," is a character that you can meet during each episode. When encountered she offers either game dollars, action points, or clothes. Finding her is dependent on how willing you are on spending AP. While there are guides that say where and when in the episode you can find her, there's no guarantee that following these instructions will result in meeting her. It's also possible to find her, but not get what you were expecting. You can find out which episodes you've met her in by looking at the "My Episodes" page. To the right of an episode's progress bar will be a picture of Agatha. If the picture is faded with a blue filter, then you haven't met her in that episode. If the picture is colorful, then you have.

Game Dollars

Game Dollars (GD) or "In-game Money" is another important aspect of gameplay. They allow the player to pay for in- and out-of-game expenses, such as date outfits, quest items, items from the Dollar Store, clothing from the Clothing Shop, jewelry from the Jewelry Store, event outfits/paraphernalia, etc.

How to get Game Dollars

Action # of AP Steps Note
Logging in everyday $15 1. Make sure you're not already logged on.
2. If you are, click the red “x” button.
3. Log in. The money will be automatically given.
Sign of the day $5 When you first register, you'll be given an opportunity to pick a horoscope sign for your Candy. The sign changes randomly. When the sign matches the one you gave your Candy, you will automatically be given five game dollars.
Playing CA$H $0
Read the steps CA$H. This game costs $2 to play each time.
Play is unlimited.
Playing Insect Rush Varies Read the steps here. You can only play this game once per day.
Playing Break Basketball Varies Read the steps here You can only play this game once per day.
Playing Mortal Pillow Self-choice
Buying GD at the Bank/Happy Hour Self-choice
Sponsoring/Referring friends $30
E-Mail Confirmation $15
Daily Candy Varies
Running into Aunt Agatha Varies

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is an event exclusive to the bank. For a period of time, the prices for AP/game dollars are cut in half.


Illustrations are pictures that pop up while playing an episode. A majority of them come at the end of an episode, but it isn't uncommon for illustrations to appear during an episode. They are meant to represent a moment in your Candy's life. How many there are and how you get them varies from episode to episode. Sometimes it's a combination of picking the right dialogue, choosing the correct date outfit, and a high Love'o'Meter. Sometimes it's up to choice. In some episodes, an illustration will be automatic, meaning there aren't any conditions you need to meet in order to get them.


The Love o' Meter (L'o'M or LOM) is a meter shown on the right hand side of the game screen. It measures affinity which is shown as a redish-pink bar. While talking with a character, it's possible that the player will be presented with two or more dialogue options. Picking one will either raise, lower, or have no effect on that characters affinity.


Note: This mechanic is no longer in use.

Morale represents how well your Candy is feeling. The higher the number, the better your Candy is. However, if your morale gets low enough, you won't be able to play until your morale rises. Generally, interacting with Amber lowers morale, while talking with Iris raises it.


Objects are items that help you complete a given objective throughout an episode. They are either bought at the Dollar Shop or found within the background. Some of them are hidden gifts that can be kept and worn or put on your dresser.


Objectives are a series of goals that are given throughout an episode. They are meant to help aid you and give the player an idea as to how to proceed. An objective can simply be to move to a certain area or talk to a certain character. Sometimes you need to unlock a dialogue(s) with a specific character or several characters before you can complete an objective. There are times where an objective has to be completed later due to unlocking a new one. There are certain episodes that have “hidden” objectives: goals that can only be accessed by agreeing to a certain task given by a character or by self choice. These hidden objectives don't usually take long and, in some cases, agreeing to them can give you the opportunity to raise a characters affinity.


Replays allow you to replay an episode. It gives the player the opportunity to try out different dialogue options, get more illustrations, or find any hidden objects. After you first sign up, you are automatically given five free replays. Any additional replays need to be bought for $50. You can buy them on the replay page. There are two different types of replays: story and single.

Story Replay

This option allows you to write over previous choices. However, this means you need to replay any other episodes that came after it. For example, if you're at Episode 8 and want to rewrite your progress from episode 5, then you'll have to play Episode 6 and Episode 7 as well. Because of this, story replays are more time consuming and costly.

Single Episode Replay

This option allows you to replay an episode without messing up your progress. While this option is ideal if you wish to get hidden objects, it gets complicated where affinity and illustrations are concerned. For example, if you wish to get Kentin's illustration in episode 16, but your affinity at that point in the story is too low, then no matter how hard you try to raise it, there's no way you'll be able to with just a single episode replay. This is true for every episode.


Rings are an optional game mechanic. You can only wear one ring at a time. They are found in the Jewelry Store and are bought with action points or game dollars. There are two different types of rings:

Classic Rings

Note: It is unknown whether or not these rings work anymore.

When worn, they are supposed to help give you an advantage with finding one of the boys.

Name Price Boy Chance of that boy appearing
Black Ring with Green Edging $60 Lysander 5
Silver Ring $50 Nathaniel 5
Pink Plastic Ring $20 Ken 5
Purple Skull Ring $50 Castiel 5

Episode Rings

These rings unlock special episodes that were made for past events. Each ring's name tells you what event it was from as well as the year. There are two Halloween episodes, two Christmas episodes, and one Easter episode. These rings cost action points because you don't use AP while playing them. To access the episode, buy the ring, go into your apartment, click the “My Rings” box, select the ring, select the finger you want to place it on, then hit the confirm button. The episode will automatically start. You can leave the episode at any time and return to it through the school. When your done that episode, you'll be taken to the point in the main game that you left off and the ring you bought will disappear.

Other Rings

There are two other rings that you can have.

Gold Ring
This ring is automatically given to you when you register. It gives you an additional 20AP for every 100 days that you log in. You can find out the number of days by visiting your profile. In order to get the AP, put the ring on the day before the 100th. For example, if the number says “299”, then put it on that day. When you log in the next day, you'll get 20AP.
White Gold Ring with Diamonds
This ring gives you one more AP when you log in and it can be found in Episode 6. The ring is over $400. During a part of the episode, you will have to help Rosalya find her ring. You can find the ring within the game, or you can buy the ring at the Dollar Shop. Buy the ring, then go back to the episode. During the beginning of the next episode, Rosalya will give you the ring back since she found her's.

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