Happy Hour is a time period generally on Friday nights between 11:00pm to 1:00am EST when AP and Dollars at the Bank are half price compared to the original costs. The day these events occur are random and as of now, it is not known what triggers them. When first logging in to the site, a popup is displayed to alert players of the current event and if clicked, it redirects the player to the Bank.

PopUp AS2

Just like normally, one has to choose their country from the drop down list, although this is generally already set with the country the player's account was registered with, before beginning the purchasing process. The available forms of payment differ from country to country, but all countries have a PayPal option. The payment options will look like the following depending on if AP or Dollars are chosen for purchase:

Happy Hour AP

When buying AP during Happy Hour

Happy Hour Dollars

When buying Dollars during Happy Hour

In your Candy's Apartment, there is also a smaller banner at the top of the page advertising Happy Hour. Unlike the larger banner, this one does not disappear until Happy Hour is over even after leaving the page.


Once the event is over, prices for AP and Dollars go back to usual so it is advised to finish the purchasing process in a timely manner so one doesn't accidentally miss the deadline and end up paying more for AP or Dollars than expected.


  • Even though the English version of My Candy Love refers to the action points as "AP", the Happy Hour banners still refer to them as "PA", like their French counterpart.

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