Gender Male Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Professional statistics
Occupation Travelling Agency Director
Relatives Melody (Daughter)
Josefa (Wife)
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 22

Henry is Melody's father, and Josefa's husband. He first appears in Episode 22, after the play you chose.


Henry first appears in episode 22.

Your Candy sees him and Josefa talking to Nathaniel's parents, whom they were eager to meet because Melody often talked to them about Nathaniel.

He's the director of a travel agency.


Henry is semi-bald, he has white hair, thick bushy eyebrows, and a mustache that covers his mouth. His eyes are closed, but from the slightly visible color of his lashes, they appear to be dark blue. In his default expression, he seems to be smiling.

He's wearing an orange shirt with short sleeves, a white shirt underneath, and grey pants.


Not much is revealed about Henry's personality, except that he seems pretty friendly when talking to Nathaniel's parents.



  • His name is originally spelled Henri in French.

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