Isabelle is Iris' mother and first appears in Episode 21 at the school's open house.


Isabelle first appears in episode 21. Your Candy first sees her talking in the classroom with Violette's father. The two seem to get along well, and your Candy thinks that they both seem very nice. She is a very cheerful woman

Her profession is a childminder, or someone who watches children in her home much like a daycare.

When her divorce is brought up, Isabelle tries not to get upset about it and, instead, acts positively so not to dampen the mood. Since Isabelle lives alone with Iris, her son must live with her ex-husband.

In episode 3, Iris mentions that Isabelle loves to garden. She offers some of her seeds to the gardening club, which is why Iris was needed to bring back the box. 

In episode 19, when your Candy goes to the mall, Iris gives your Candy a coupon that was from one of Isabelle's magazines.


Isabelle has wavy orange hair that is pulled back so that she has no bangs. She wears a light blue polo shirt over a white collared shirt. The white shirt underneath also has three small buttons lining a grey strip that goes down the front of the shirt. The white undershirt goes down past the blue polo shirt by a couple inches. For pants, she wears simple dark grey pants.

Similar to Iris' original design, Isabelle can be seen smiling widely with her eyes closed.


Isabelle seems to be a more laid back parent, with the exception of not allowing Iris to attend Melody's sleepover in episode 7 because it was a school night. Otherwise, she doesn't come off as strict and seems to enjoy having some fun at the open house.

She seems to have a close relationship with her daughter, and this could be due to the divorce, which made her Iris' main caretaker.

Iris seems to have a lot in common with her mother, and this can be seen in the carefree and somewhat air-headed nature the two share. Isabelle is caring and holds her daughter in high esteem.