Gender Male Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Professional statistics
Occupation Pilot
Relatives Castiel (Son)
Valerie (Wife)
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 21

Jean-Louis is Castiel's father, and Valerie's husband. He works as an airplane pilot, while his wife is a flight attendant. He first appears in episode 21.


Jean-Louis is a pilot, and his wife is a flight attendant. Due to this, Castiel's parents are often away from home. It is also the reason Castiel is legally independant.

Castiel's parents first appear in episode 21. As the principal first invited them to the shool's Open House Day, they said they couldn't come, because they didn't have time due to work. Hovewer, they agreed to visit after the principal insisted, like Nathaniel had suggested to her.

Castiel's parents don't get along well with Nathaniel's parents, as Adelaide and Francis were somewhat rude to them. But, they get along well with other parents and students they met, and are nice and friendly.


Jean-Louis has short black hair, and black eyes.

He is wearing a white shirt with a black tie, and jeans with a brown belt.


Jean-Louis is rather quiet and thoughtful. He is calm most of the time, even when his wife and son get angry or into arguments. He also seems less talkative than his wife, but is very polite.


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