Josiane is Lysander and Leigh's mother. Together with their father George, she lives in a rural town in the country side, while their sons moved out to live in the city after Leigh turned 18. George and Josiane never really understood their sons tastes, but regardless of that, they support them and are very proud of them.


The parents of Leigh and Lysander first appear in episode 21, but are briefly mentioned in earlier episodes too.

They are farmers and live in the countryside, while their sons live together in the city. Leigh and Lysander moved out of their parents' place because they prefer living in the city, but have a good relationship with their parents. Their sons visit them and tell them about their lives, and their friends. However, George and Josiane don't seem to come to the city very often. In fact, the first time they met Leigh's girlfriend, Rosalya, and her parents, was at the Shool's Open House Day in episode 22. But, they know about Rosalya, and Leigh has shown them her picture before.

As your Candy first meets them, Lysander lost them in the school and is looking for them with the help of Rosalya, Castiel and Your Candy.


George and Josiane appear to be a bit older than most character's parents. They both wear clothes that are common for farmers.

Josiane has dark green eyes and gray hair. Her hair is covered with a pink floral-printed shawl tied around her head. She is wearing a long sleeved green dress, and a white apron.


Much like her husband, Josiane is very friendly and easygoing.

They are a rather lively and cheerful pair, and often appear quite silly and comical. As their first appeared in the game, they got lost in the school and were talking to Nathaniel, whom they confused for Castiel, despite his denial. They also tend to mistake Your Candy for Rosalya.

Their bad memory is a lot like Lysander's, but they seem a bit more absent minded. Unlike both their sons, they appear to be somewhat outgoing.

This especially goes for Josiane, as she appears to possibly be a bit more outspoken than her husband. After Lysander introduces you to them, his mother asks him flat out if that wasn't the girl he said he likes. She also invites Nathaniel (thinking he is Castiel) to stay at their home for a few days as soon as she meets him.

The fact that they don't seem to object to their sons' choices and interest, even though they don't really understand them shows that they are quite open-minded and supportive parents.



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