Animal Dog
Sex Male
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Owner Principal Shermansky
First Appearance
First Appearance Episode 3

Kiki is the principal's dog, best known for his role in Episode 3, in which he runs away and you have to spend most of the episode trying to catch him.


Kiki makes his debut in Episode 3 where he is seen running away from his owner, the principal. Ms. Shermansky is seen out of breath and orders Candy to catch Kiki. All throughout the episode Candy attempts to catch the fast and nimble canine.

His next appearance is during the open house play-that's if the player chose the option of Sleeping Beauty. Armin decides to go a different route with Maleficent's dragon and opted to have Kiki play as the dragon. Kiki was seen dressed in a green colored dragon suit. He opted to run off stage with the Principal upset at her dog's appearance and departure. For the play Little Red Riding Hood, he eats the cake the students prepared for the play and runs off the stage. In both cases, the Principal sends Amber after him.


Kiki appears to be a brown and white colored Cardigan Welsh Corgi.


Known to be playfully mischievous and considered to be downright awful among the students of Sweet Amoris. Kiki has a tendency to run away from his master whenever given the chance, and it is standard to have a student be tasked to catch Kiki.


Principal Shermansky

She adores her dog despite the fact he has a tendency to run away when given the opportunity. Despite his wanderlust, she loves him and hands off the task to catch him to an unfortunate student.


As your Candy reflects several times, Kiki seems to have traumatized pretty much all of the students with his running away.



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