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Leigh Emotion 1
Gender Male Male
Height 5'10" (182 cm)
Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)
Blood Type B-
Birthday November 25th
Sign Sagittarius Sagittarius
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Likes His girlfriend, walks at night, Victorian-styled clothing, fashion
Dislikes Bright lights, cooking
Professional statistics
Occupation Owner of the Clothes Shop
Relatives Lysander (Younger brother)
Josiane (Mother)
George (Father)
First Appearance
First Appearance Clothes Shop; Episode 6

Leigh Sinclair Ainsworth is the owner of the Clothes Shop and is also Lysander's older brother by two years. Lysander states in Episode 9 that he lives with his brother in an apartment, since Leigh is over 18.


Leigh has short black hair with two wisps of hair framing his face and brown eyes. He enjoys wearing Victorian-style clothing (like his brother) and is always seen wearing them, even at the beach!


Leigh is a mature and kind person who is very thankful to those who help him, but he sometimes has problems showing his feelings. He also has a talent in fashion and loves it very much. He even quit school early to devote himself to it. Sometimes, he tends to freak out when he likes a girl. He cares a lot for Rosalya even though he has a hard time showing it.

In Episode 6 , it revolves around your Candy helping him with his love life with, Rosalya , you can choose to help Rosa, or try to steal Leigh. Regardless if you succeed in having him, he eventually makes up with Rosa in Episode 7





Rosalya is Leigh's girlfriend and always try to spend as much time together as possible. Due to his shy personality, Rosalya was the one who took the most initiative in the relationship. In addition, she is very jealous about him.


  • His full name is Leigh Sinclair Ainsworth, making him one of the very few characters in the game whose last name is known.
  • He was originally created before the game existed by ChiNoMiko's friend, avodkabottle, for a roleplay called Academy of Heroes


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