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Gender Male Male
Hair Color Grey
Professional statistics
Occupation Dollar Shop Owner and Seller
First Appearance
First Appearance Dollar Shop

Episode 9 (in game)

Louis is the owner of the Dollar Shop and while not much is known about him, he has been seen in episodes such as: Episode 9, Episode 17, and April Fools 2013 (Amour Sucre). He has often been seen wearing silly outfits such as a cupid's outfit for Valentine's Day to the "Evil Louis" costume for April Fool's 2013. He also appears as the vendor in Episode 9 that Leigh and Candy tried to figure out.



None as of yet.


Louis has short grey hair. He wears a grey shirt with plaid pattern and long sleeves under a yellow vest printed with colorful shooting stars and blue buttons.On the right side of his chest he has a badge with a picture of a purple gift box and his name written. He also wears a khaki pants.


Not much is known about his personality, but he seems to be polite and generous as he offered a fake mustache to your Candy without asking anything in return.

Friends and Family

Coming soon...


Coming soon...



  • You can see Louis in two different places in the city: On a poster pasted on the first floor hallway of the school, in which Louis is the same pose as the famous Uncle Sam saying "I WANT YOU in my shop"; And in a big announcement on the building near the Jewelry Store.
  • In the Christmas 2012 Special Episode, you can see Louis in a picture frame on the wall of the barn wearing a Santa Claus cap.
  • At the mall, there is a coffe shop called 'Chez Louis', which might be a reference to him.
  • Toasty
    On Valentine's Day events 2012 and 2013, Louis dressed up as Cupid and sold love potions, which you could use to increase boys' affinities.
  • An April Fools 2013 Special Episode (which was available on Amour Sucre only), which took place In a parallel world, Louis is a villain who turns other people into zombies. 
  • If you press 'Up, c, down, c, left, c, right, c, a, b, c, and enter' on your keyboard while on the mcl website Louis will pop up and say 'Toasty'
  • In the "Dream Of" app, tapping the screen repeatedly makes Louis pop up. Though, this only seems to work for some devices.

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